By Tim Church


When Mother Nature forced the cancellation of the first race at Sandusky Speedway way back on May 12, everyone was really ready to finally see some supermodified racing.  Although she would almost force another cancellation, but the Midvale management decided to press on and that proved to be a great decision.

The field was led to green flag by AJ Lesiecki in the 77 and the 64 of Jim Paller.  Unfortunately, the yellow would come out immediately because the 7 of Preston Walker went into the wall causing heavy right front end damage and ending his very first feature in a supermodified before he could complete one lap.  After the 7 was removed from the track the field was reset for a complete restart.  The 64 and 77 ran down to turns one and two side by side with Paller getting the edge coming out of two.  Lesiecki wasn’t quite ready to give the position just yet as came back up side by side.  Finally Paller was able to make the pass stick and he set sail.  After a few laps Paller had built up a good lead and was continuing to pull away while the 77, the 30 of Talon Stephens, and the 19 of Trent Stephens were battling for the second place.

Trent Stephens was finally able to get around the 30 after making several attempts.  Then he quickly set his sights on the 77 of Lesiecki.  With 15 laps to go the 19 made it around the 77 to take over second place.  By this point Jim Paller had built up about a straight away lead but things all changed on lap 20 when Talon Stephens would spin between turns one and two.  Certainly, that was the last thing that Jim Paller wanted to see.  After the 30 was pushed back to the pits, done for the night the field was bunched up on the back bumper of the 64.  When the green flag came out going in to turn one the 64 slid up turn one and allowed the 19 to move on by.

The last ten laps went all green with Trent Stephens crossing the line winning the inaugural Midwest Supermodified Series feature.   Following the 19 across the finish line was Paller, AJ Lesiecki, the 22 of Mike McVetta, the 5 of Danny Shirey, and the 14 of Jonathon Lesiecki.

Earlier heat races were won by Jim Paller and Talon Stephens.  The next race will be at Lorain County Speedway on Saturday, June 16.
Fast Time:  Mike McVetta 12.188

Heat 1:  Jim Paller, Preston Walker, Mike McVetta, Danny Shirey, Rich Reid

Heat 2:  Talon Stephens, Trent Stephens, AJ Lesiecki, Jonathon Lesiecki, Matt Palmer, Mark Miller – DNS

Feature:  Trent, Paller, AJ, McVetta, Shirey, Jonathon, Talon, Reid, Palmer, Walker, Miller – DNS