Story By Chris Kail


It was an absolute picture perfect day for week #9 of the 2018 season. Our five regular divisions were on hand for Adventure Harley Davidson and Finlayson Towing Mid-season Championship and Autograph Night along with the CRS Truck Series who were making up their date that was rained out back in May. Seventy Cars and Trucks made the trip and it was 77 degrees and sunny at race time.

The CRS Truck Series made its first of two visits to Midvale in 2018, Jusin Courtney in the #5 and Brandon Huff in the #21 started on the front row. Huff was able to lead the opening lap as Courtney dropped back into a battle with Robert Schraam in the #23. On lap 4, Schraam was able to complete the pass to move up to the second spot as TJ Stineman in the #37 was able to follow Schraam around Courtney to third before the first caution flew on lap 4. The #05 of BJ Wollerman was stopped up in turn two, his night would be over after mechanical issues. On the restart, Huff was the leader with Schraam and Stineman side by side for second. On lap 6, Stineman was able to take the position from Schraam just before the caution came out again. This time it was for the #27 of Bob Papuga, who spun off turn four and into the infield. After the restart, Stineman led lap 9 but Huff would come back to lead lap 10 and then he cleared the #37 heading into turn one. The fastest qualifier and defending CRS race winner at Midvale, Jeremy Wiggins in the #24, moved up to 4th on lap 13. On lap 16, Stineman got to the inside of Huff and took over the lead as Wiggins and the #112 of Mark Lushes battled hard for 4th. Lushes and Wiggins would make contact in turn three on lap 20, bringing out the third caution. Wiggins would admit fault and tag the tail. Stineman would continue to lead Huff over the middle stages of the event. A couple cautions on laps 31 and 33 slowed the field briefly but nothing changed up front. Schraam was able to finally get around Huff for the second position on lap 34. Huff would battle back and tried to take back the second spot, but the two made contact in turns one and two. That brought out the final caution with 14 laps remaining. Both drivers were called over to the back straightaway and asked by Official’s about the incident. Neither guy was willing admit fault, so they were both sent to the tail. That left Wiggins restarting to the outside of Stineman. After the final green flag flew, they were able to distance themselves from the rest of the field, with Stineman continuing to set the pace. With 5 to go, Wiggins started trying to press the issue and he over drove turns three and four on lap 47. Wiggins slipped up high and that would make Stineman’s job a little easier. Wiggins would get back to within a half of a truck length, but no closer. Picking up the Victory was the LaGrange OH driver in the Young & McCarthy, 137 Race Cars, Perfection Fabrication and HMS Industries sponsored #37. Completing the top 5 was Wiggins, Lushes, Schraam and Huff.

The first feature of the evening was the 20 lapper for the South Philly Pizza Compact’s. Billy Hilliker in the #2 started on the pole with the #86 of Josh Beall along side. Beall would race out to the early race lead with Hilliker right behind. Hilliker and the #78 of Josh Peebles got together in turn one on lap 2 and both dropped like a rock to the bottom of the pool. That moved the #175 of Justin Renicker to the second spot and the #41 of Britt Vanmeter into 3rd. On lap 7, the #38 of Brandon France took over 4th from fastest qualifier Mike Stuber in the #31, to continue his March towards the front. On lap 8, France took 3rd from Vanmeter as Renicker got to the inside of Beall for the race lead in lapped traffic. Beall put up a fight but Reniker was just a little bit better. Renicker would take the lead and France would follow in his tire tracks. These two seem to have been glued together all season long, no matter where they are running, they have been doing it together. The lead duo would start to pull away from Vanmeter, Beall and Kyle Finlayson in the #15. Finlayson was in Mike McDonald’s #16, after his machine broke in hot laps, with a #15 on the door. The only caution flew for the #17 of Laney Striejewske on lap 15, as she got high and made pretty hard contact with the wall in turn 4. She was a little sore, but ok. After the restart, Renicker was able to clear France into one. The #38 would give it everything he had, but tonight would be Renicker’s night. Following the Dover OH driver in the My Water Dr, Brown’s Heating & Cooling, Ember Complete Care and Buckey Mowing sponsored #175 was France, Vanmeter, Stuber and Peebles.

Gage Jaberg in the #21 and Bryant Smith in the #1 would lead the field to Chief Starter Chuck Barrett’s green flag for the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s. The duo stayed side by side on the opening circuit until Gage slipped off turn four, giving the lead to Bryant. Jaberg would pull pit side at the conclusion of the lap. Bryant was leading with Ryan Tedesco in the #701 in second. Bryant was clicking off some good laps, too good in fact. The caution flew on lap 7 as Bryant ran two laps under his qualifying time and was sent to the tail. That put Tedesco and Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 on the front row. Tedesco was able to clear Stankiewicz as the fastest qualifier Bubba Smith pulled his #12 to the inside of the #42 for second. Bubba would take over the spot as Bryant had worked his way back up to 4th. The front four raced nose to tail until Bob Schneider Jr spun his #17 off turn two on lap 15. On the restart, Bubba got a great launch in the high lane and rocketed into the race lead. Tedesco would stay within a car length of Bubba, but was not able to do anything with him over the latter stages of the event. Makingbanother visit to DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane was the North Canton OH driver in the Finish Line Motors, Finish Line Designs, Smith’s Auto Sales, Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #12. Rounding out the top 5 was Tedesco, Stankiewicz, Bryant and Cody Jaberg.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s were up next with Waylon Orr in the #28 and the #25 of Shawn Marder leading the field to the line. Marder would take the early lead. The fastest qualifier Bear Schwartz in the #77B got loose off turn two, got all out of shape, hit the outside wall slightly and then collected the #22 of Kyle Rector to bring out the first caution on lap 3. Both would continue. On the restart, Marder continued to lead Orr, Larry Smith in the #44 and Colt Locker in the #77. Smith would get to the outside of Orr on the front straightaway on lap 7. Heading into turn one, the two made contact, bringing out the yellow and Orr was sent to the tail. That put Smith to the outside of Marder for the next restart. Marder and Smith got together in turn one, all the drivers behind them did a nice job avoiding everyone in front of them. A couple machines received some minor damage, but were able to continue. Marder admitted fault for the accident and was sent to the tail. That put points leader Gabe Pringle in the #7 to the outside of Smith. Pringle was one of those machines that received damage, his to the right front suspension. Smith was able to continue out front as Pringle had his hands full with Locker. This was Locker’s second night in the #77 and again, he was impressive. Despite a caution on lap 16 that bunched up the field, Smith was fast like a cat…..a Ziffy Cat!! Smith would pick up the first win of the season for the #44 bunch. Following the Canton OH driver who supports his fellow competitors, in the Ziffycat Cat Condo’s and Joe’s Auto Service sponsored #44 was Pringle, Locker, Marder and Rector.

The 25 lap Summit Racing Economy Modified feature had the #23J of Phillip Cox and the #00 of Todd Ripley bringing the field down for the start. Ripley, who had some handling issues earlier in the night, raced out to the lead. On lap 4, Braden Swaney driving the #12 for Mack Gribble, got around Lee McCreery in the #2 for the 4th spot behind Brandon Bailey in the #55. On lap 5, Swaney would try to get to the inside of Bailey in turn three but wasnt quite along side. Swaney, cut some grass for Track Owner Kelley Chapman in the infield, before finally spinning off turn four to bring out the caution. Swaney was sent to the tail. On the restart, Todd was able to continue to lead as Bailey and Cox bounced off each other off turn two. That allowed Bailey to secure second and the #0 of Lucas Ripley to come up to 4th behind Cox. The top six machines were all nose to tail on lap 10. “The Rooster” was starting to put serious heat on Todd for the front spot. Bailey looked high and low, he was all over the rear decklid of the #00. On lap 18, “Rooster” took a shot in turn three. He got into the left rear quarter panel of Todd, moving him up the hill a little bit. Todd stayed in the gas and the two cars continued bounced off each other until they came off turn four with Bailey going airborne. In the end, Bailey admitted fault and went to the pit area. After another caution on the restart, Cox was forced to go pit side because of a flat right rear tire, his night was over after running in the top 3 all night. That put the Ripley family leading the field down for the restart. Todd had plenty of damage from that dust up with Bailey and “The Big Dog” was ready to eat in the high lane. When the green flag dropped, Lucas was easily able to take the lead away. Fastest Qualifier Kevin McClintock in the #38 methodically worked his way up to second on lap 20 from the 10th starting position. McClintock was all over the back of Lucas. He got to the outside with three to go and Lucas stalled his momentum. He then made a late charge as he drove his #38 deep into turn three on the final circuit, but “The Big Dog” was not to be denied. Following the Uhrichsville OH driver to his first win of the season in the LTR Industries, Ridgeco Pallet, D&B Machine, TVU Graphics and Full Throttle Mobile Blasting sponsored #0 was McClintock, Todd, Swaney and Lee McCreery.

The final feature of the evening was the Mad Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Truck 12 lapper. Scott Lindell in the #14 and Barney Gerber in the #2T started up front. After a failed start, Gerber was able to race into the lead as Rich Schweitzer in the #84 followed. On lap 3, Tim Scott in the #4 was able to get around Lindell and move to the 3rd position, bringing Kevin Locker in the #118 with him. Gerber and Schweitzer were out to almost a full straightaway lead on lap 4, that’s when Schweitzer started looking to the high lane. Schweitzer tried the outside a few times and each time, Gerber successfully defended. Schweitzer put his #84 in the high lane heading into turn one on lap 6, Gerber pushed up slightly in the center of the corner, Schweitzer cut hard left to the bottom and completed the crossover for the lead. Gerber would tuck in behind and that’s they way they would finish up front. Finishing off the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Vanmeter Auto Repair, Consolidated Stitches Embroidery, Allen’s Muffler, Federated Auto Parts and Alicia Manley MD sponsored #84 was Gerber, Locker, Scott and Lindell.

THANK YOU to the CRS Truck Series and to all of the driver’s and teams for participating in the autograph session at intermission, there were some really happy fans!!! Thank you Adventure Harley Davidson and Finlayson Towing for sponsoring the events.

Coming up THIS Saturday Night July 14th, Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg presents “The Buckeye State Shootout” for the Must See Sprint Cars. Modified’s, Street Stock’s, Mini Truck’s and Compact’s will all be in action!! We hope you will come join us, you dont want to miss Sprint Cars running 12 second laps around Midvale!!


CRS Truck Series

Fast Time: Jeremy Wiggins 14.497 (NTR)

50 Lap Feature: TJ Stineman, Jeremy Wiggins, Mark Lushes, Robert Schraam, Brandon Huff, William Lundberg, Mike Brooks, Jeff Smith, Bob Papuga, Justin Courtney, Josh Cahill, BJ Wollerman


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s

Fast Time: Bubba Smith 13.750

Heat 1: Ryan Tedesco, Bryant Smith, Bubba Smith, Bob Schneider Jr, Tom Stankiewicz

Heat 2: Gage Jaberg, Bob Eichel, John Sandquist Sr, Cody Jaberg

Feature: Bubba, Tedesco, Stankiewicz, Bryant, Cody, Schneider Jr, Eichel, Sandquist, Gage


Summit Racing Economy Modified’s

Fast Time: Kevin McClintock 14.778

Heat 1: Lee McCreery, Lucas Ripley, Kevin McClintock, Braden Swaney, Brandon Bailey, Trey Williams, Jerry Devore

Heat 2: Phillip Cox, John Tantarelli, Mike Stone, Mike Bowers, Todd Ripley, Corey Beatty

Feature: Lucas, McClintock, Todd, Swaney, McCreery, Jason Grewell, Williams, Devore, Beatty, Stone, Tantarelli, Bailey, Cox


Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Bear Schwartz 15.876

Heat 1: Larry Smith, Gabe Pringle, Colt Locker, Kyle Rector, Bear Schwartz

Heat 2: Waylon Orr, Shawn Marder, Bill Aubihl, Bob Passwaters Jr, Bob Passwaters Sr, Don Boron Sr

Feature: Smith, Pringle, Locker, Marder, Rector, Aubihl, Orr, Passwaters Sr, Passwaters Jr, Schwartz, Boron Sr


Mad Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Truck’s

Fast Time: Kevin Locker 16.444

Heat: Kevin Locker, Barney Gerber, Rich Schweitzer, Scott Lindell, Tim Scott, Roger Baucher

Feature: Schweitzer, Gerber, Locker, Scott, Lindell, Baucher


South Philly Pizza Compact’s

Fast Time: Mike Stuber 17.417

Heat 1: Josh Beall, Josh Peebles, Justin Renicker, Sam Bigham, Mike Stuber, Billy Hilliker, Britt Vanmeter, Kyle Finlayson, Brandon France

Heat 2: Laney Striejewske, Alan Clark, Kyle Lawson, Tyler Eichel, Aaron Nitz, Eric Brokaw, Andrea Brokaw

Feature: Renicker, France, Vanmeter, Stuber, Peebles, Finlayson, Beall, Hilliker, Bigham, Eichel, Eric, Andrea, Clark, Lawson, Striejewske