By Jay Pees

Conneaut, OH (July 27, 2018]: The Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods were the spotlighted class at Raceway 7 Friday. 103 cars crowded the pit area with 31 Economods ready to “duke it out” for the winner’s purse of $1000, the highest-paying event of the year for the 2-barrel speedsters. At the end of the night it was Max Blair, in his first appearance of 2018, Joel Watson, for the fifth time this year, Mike Clark for his first win of the season, Eric Wilson, second time in ’18, and Dillon Speer , also his second of the year, standing in Victory Lane

The first feature on the card was the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models with Matt Latta and Matt Sipes on the front row. Latta took the lead at green with Max Blair coming to second. Joe Long spun in turn four as the leaders were completing the lap, slowing the event under yellow. Latta again led after green with Blair and Breyton Santee in hot pursuit. At the end of lap three six cars spun in turn four but all were able to continue after the clean-up. On lap four Lon Emerick spun coming out of turn two. Latta, Blair, Santee, Darrell Bossard, and Matt Sipes brought the field back to green with Latta continuing to lead. Blair was alongside Latta at lap seven but Latta was ahead again at eight. Blair again pulled even with the leader at nine with Latta holding a narrow led at halfway then Blair edging ahead at eleven laps, and in complete command at twelve complete. Bossard was challenging Santee for third at thirteen laps with Bruce Hordusky Jr up to fifth. With five to go Bossard, the points leader, was solidly in third. At the checkers it was Blair, Latta, Bossard, Santee, and Hordusky Jr. It was Blair’s first race of the season at Raceway 7, where he started his career at the age of 15 in E-Mods.

Scott Gill and Alexis Vogt brought the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks to green but Vogt got into the turn one wall on lap one, calling for a complete restart and moving Kyle Adkins to the outside front row. Adkins came to the lead at green. Coming out of four on lap one Scott Gill spun into the infield but righted himself and continued under green. At three laps Tom Spencer Jr was next to the leader while dragging a bumper cover, then falling back to third behind Dillon Speer. At lap five Tim Callahan came to a stop in turn two after contact with Jason Easler, who had come from 22nd in the lineup. For this green it was Adkins, Speer, Spencer Jr, Easler, and points leader Jim Haefke Jr. Spencer got too high in turn one on the restart, sliding into the retaining wall, and again slowing the race. After green Speer was challenging for the lead and on lap seven Adkins went too high in turn one, sliding into the wall. Emily Stoyer also stopped at the pit entrance. Speer again took off to the lead with Easler, Haefke Jr, Zoey Gill, and Justin Bailey following. Bailey got to fourth with two laps to go. Speer went on to the win, his second of the year, over Easler and Haefke Jr. Gill made an attempt to get back to fourth but Bailey edged her out for the spot at the checkers.

The $1000 to win Economod feature started with Steve Simon and Eric Wilson, looking for his second win of the year, in row one. Wilson grabbed the lead at green over Simon with Lee Patrick third. Patrick slowed on the front straight at the end of two laps, falling back and coming to a stop in turn three, slowing the race under yellow. For the next green it was Wilson, Steve Simon, Zack Lenart, Eric Reinwald, and Mark Titus. After another lap of green Lenart was second with Reinwald challenging Simon for third when Devin Henry spun in turn four. At four laps Matt Alexander was in the top five and was fourth at five laps. Wilson was increasing his lead while Lenart and Reinwald were engaged in a side by side battle for second. Bud Watson slowed and headed into the infield while points leader Steve Haefke spun in turn two. Alexander was third at lap nine behind Wilson and Reinwald with Lenart and Josh Ferry (from eighth at the start) filling out the top five. Ferry was fourth at twelve laps. At fifteen laps Wilson had a quarter lap lead over Reinwald. Wilson went on to the win by a margin of 5.574 seconds. Alexander, Ferry, and Lenart filled out the top five.

Paul Davis and Mike Clark brought the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock fifteen lap feature to green with Clark jumping out to the lead and opening an eight car length lead at two laps. In turn one on lap four Charlie McMillen spun, slowing the race under yellow for the first time. Points leader Paul Schreckengost retired pitside under the caution with a flat tire but was able to rejoin the event before the green waved. Clark was the leader at halfway with Tim Deutsch and Paul Davis nearly side by side for second with Shane Applebee and Larry Kugel fourth and fifth. McMillen again spun in turns one and two with eight complete. Schreckengost had climbed all the way to ninth at this point. Kugel came to fourth after green. At the finish it was Clark over Deutsch, Davis, Kugel, and Applebee. Schreckengost, all the way from the back after the restart, got by Jimmy Kennerknecht on the final lap for sixth.

The final feature of the night was the Bonnell’s Collision Service E-Mods with Mike Kinney and Gary Eicher on the front row. Eicher led from the start with Joel Watson coming to second at the end of two laps from sixth on the grid. At four laps complete Jesse Gould spun in turn four. At this green Mike Kinney got by Watson for second and nearly took the lead but Eicher and Watson were again at the front at six laps. At seven laps Eicher had a very narrow lead, less than a foot. Watson took over at the front just as Dan McDonald spun in turn two, restoring Eicher to the lead. Kinney got the lead this time on green with Watson edging ahead of Eicher for second at nine laps when caution again appeared, for Amanda Stiffler spun in turn four. At halfway Eicher was the leader of the three way battle over Watson and Kinney with Brent Rhebergen up to fourth. Watson was next to Eicher in the turns for the next several laps but Eicher was able to pull ahead on the straights until lap fourteen when Watson was approximately half a foot in the lead, the pulled ahead at five to go. Rhebergen and Kinney were side by side for third when Stiffler again spun, this time in turn two. At the finish it was Watson for his fifth win of the season over Eicher, Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, and Kinney.


Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer, Cory Sines, Lon Emerick

Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Airgood, William Pinckney, Bob Schwartzmiller, John Stockdale, Brandon Porter

Heat 3: Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Matt Sipes, Ward Schell, Joe Long, Gary Troyer

Feature: Max Blair, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Bruce Hordusky, Matt Sipes, Kyle Zimmerman, Khole Wanzer, Ward Schell, Gary Troyer, William Pinckney, Corey Sines, Bob Schwartzmiller, John Stockdale, Brandon Porter, Joe Long, Lon Emerick, Dave Airgood (DNS)

Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

Heat 1: Joel Watson, Brent Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Bill Taylor, Hunter Hulley, Ed Wilson

Heat 2: Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Mike Kinney, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Amanda Stiffler, Rick Pratschler

Feature: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Brent Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Casey Bowers, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Rick Pratschler, Ed Wilson, Bill Taylor, Amanda Stiffler, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Hunter Hulley

Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Paul Schreckengost, Larry Kugel, Paul Davis, Anthony Marotto, Joe Stajnrajh, Shaun Hooks

Heat 2: Shane Applebee, Garrett Calvert, Jesse Brock, Art Edwards, Charlie McMillen, Tony Spaghetti

Heat 3: Tim Deutsch, Mike Clark, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Ron Boardman, Jamie Duncan, Brian Lacey

Feature: Mike Clark, Tim Deutsch, Paul Davis, Larry Kugel, Shane Applebee, Paul Schreckengost, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Garrett Calvert, Ron Boardman, Anthony Marotto, Jamie Duncan, Joe Stajnrajh, Jesse Brick, Art Edwards, Shaun Hooks, Charlie McMillen, Tony Spaghetti, Brian Lacey

Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods 2-Barrel Rumble:

Heat 1: Lee Patrick, Matt Alexander, Josh Ferry, Dustin DeMattia, Steve Haefke, Nate Young, Jason Brightman, Keith Felicity

Heat 2: Eric Reinwald, Mike Boyd, Zack Lenart, Charlie Steinle, Bob Vogt Jr, Kyle Reinwald, Casey Harmon, Brandon Blackshear

Heat 3: Bud Watson, Devin Henry, Steve Simon, Rusty Wheeler, Gary Miller, Dwayne Clay, Jeremy Double, Chris Runyon

Heat 4: Eric Wilson, Mark Titus, Mike Harmon, Dennis Dellinger, Gary Murphy, Bob Bellinger, Jim Muma

B-Main: Nate Young, Dwayne Clay, Jeremy Double, Brandon Blackshear, Jason Brightman, Kyle Reinwald, Casey Harmon, Jim Muma, Keith Felicity, Bob Bellinger (DNS), Chris Runyan (DNS)

Feature: Eric Wilson, Eric Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Josh Ferry, Zack Lenart, Nate Young, Steve Simon, Dustin DeMattia, Mike Boyd, Rusty Wheeler, Brandon Blackshear, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Jr, Steve Haefke, Lee Patrick, Gary Murphy, Dwayne Clay, Mike Harmon, Dennis Dellinger, Bob Vogt, Jeremy Double, Bud Watson, Gary Miller, Devin Henry

Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks:

Heat 1: Kyle Adkins, Tom Spencer Jr, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Zoey Gill, Jacob Peterson, Jeremy Start

Heat 2: Dillon Speer, Joe Campbell Tim Callahan, Jim Haefke Jr, Logan Kenny, Emily Stoyer, Jessica Harvey (DNS)

Heat 3: Alexis Vogt, Phil Powell, Derrick Tuttle, Lane Reinwald, Chuck Rush (Orlando, FL), Ana Vassen, Justin Bailey

Feature: Dillon Speer, Jason Easler, Jim Haefke Jr, Justin Bailey, Zoey Gill, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Jacob Peterson, Alexis Vogt, Emily Stoyer, Chuck Rush, Ana Vassen, Jeremy Start, Kyle Adkins, Tom Spencer Jr, Logan Keney, Tom Callahan, Phil Powell, Joe Campbell, Jessica Harvey, Lane Reinwald, Derrick Tuttle (DNS)