By Chris Kail

It was almost a perfect night. We honored our past history on “Old Timers Night” presented by Rt. 39 Auto Salvage. We Inducted our 3rd class, 1st since 2008, into the Midvale Speedway Hall of Fame. We capped it off with some great, side by side racing on a perfect weather day (76 degrees and partly cloudy at race time). The only bad was, it was a full moon and that wreaked a little havoc, but for the most part, it was perfect. Fifty five cars and trucks were present with a bunch of “Old Timers”, Hall of Famers and their friends and family.

The 30 lap Buckey Mowing Street Stock feature led off the evening. Curtis Collins in the #66 and Bob Passwaters Sr in the #75 brought the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. Collins would race his Cuda out front early as Passwaters Sr would continue to battle on the outside until lap 6, when he finally began to fade. Bill Aubihl in then #31 was able to move to second on the bottom and Shawn Marder in the #25 followed Aubihl. The first caution flew on lap 7 for the #7 of Gabe Pringle, who cut a tire and stopped in turn three. You know what they say about cautions breeding cautions, right? Well, I’ll spare you some of the details, we will just say that the full moon was in full effect. On the restart, Aubihl was able to lead lap 8 by inches in the outside lane over Collins. Collins got deep into turn one and was unable to hold his car on the bottom and he got into Aubihl, who spun, resulting in a caution. Collins was sent to the tail and Larry Smith in the #44 was outside Aubihl for the restart. Instead of writing about the cautions, I’ll just write about the great job Aubihl did on each and every restart. Aubihl and Smith were even at the line in turn four coming to the green. Each time, Aubihl kept his cool and didnt over drive his machine. He didnt get into Smith and Smith didnt get into him. They raced clean up front and that was the story of the night, really. The worst incident was the final caution on lap 24, when Kyle Grove in the #3 spun in turn one and made hard contact with the outside wall with the driver’s side. It appeared that he cut a right rear tire and the car snapped quickly, sending him into the wall. Kyle was transported to the hospital via ambulance after he was able to climb out under his own power. No details of his injuries were known at the time of the press release and all of us wish him a speedy recovery. On the final restart with 6 laps to go, Rector was able to get around Smith for second. Through the yellow, tonight was all about the purple and orange. Aubihl was able to pick up his first feature win in a couple of seasons, after switching to a part time role. Following the Dover OH driver in the Angry BBQ, M&D Designs, Canal Street Diner, Expert Auto Collision and Pringle’s Body Shop sponsored #31 was Kyle Rector, Pringle, Jimmy Beatty and Colton Ritchey.

Next up was the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s for their 30 lap feature. Bryant Smith in the #1 and Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 started on the front row. Bryant was able to jump out to the lead, pulling Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 with him to second. On lap 2, Bubba Smith in the #12 took over the third spot, bringing Ryan Tedesco in the #701 with him. Those 4 would run nose to tail, just getting laps on the board, until a lap 11 when Tedesco jumped to the outside of Bubba. On lap 12, Bubba and Tedesco made wheel to wheel contact while they were side by side in turn three. A couple weeks ago, Bubba admitted fault in an accident and gave Tedesco his spot back. Tonight, it was payback time. Tedesco admitted fault and Bubba got his spot back. Contrary to what some may think, the spinner – spinee rule works if drivers respect each other and show some integrity. Because in the end, the officials arent to blame for an accident, the people behind the wheel are. On the restart, Bryant jumped out front and Bubba had a good run off turn two at Stankiewicz. Heading into turn three, Bubba knew he didnt have enough to get along side and he jumped on the binders. When he did, he got sideways, almost spinning out on the rumble strips. That stacked up the inside lane and allowed Tedesco to shoot around them all and back into 3rd. After a caution on lap 17, Tedesco was able to follow Bryant around Stankiewicz and into second. It looked as though we would have a 12 lap shootout between the rivals. Then, in turn four, the #1 machine broke loose on his own, sending him spinning and sending Tedesco into the lead. Tedesco would hold off an aggressive Stankiewicz on the final two restarts, to preserve the win. Completing the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Sugar Valley Meats, DLP Commercial Maintenance, Walnut Creek Glass, Vanmeter’s Auto Repair, McIntosh Oil, RV Parts Express and Boulevard Lanes sponsored #701 was Stankiewicz, Bubba, Bryant, Cody Jaberg, Schneider Jr and Bob Eichel.

The South Philly Pizza Compact’s were up for their 30 lapper. Rob Scott in the #30 and the #8A of Aaron Nitz brought the field down for the start. Scott took the early lead with Dan Buckey in the #69 and Billy Hilliker in the white deuce, following behind. The first caution flew when Buckey and Hilliker got together, sending Buckey to the tail. Hilliker shot out of a cannon on the restart and into the lead. On lap 7, Eric Feister in the #78 started his March to the front, on the outside lane. He brought the #38 of Brandon France with him. On lap 10, fastest qualifier Bart Busby in the #31 and the #15 of Kyle Finlayson got around Hilliker and they set their sights on the front two. The final caution waved on lap 15 as the #23 of Karl Phillips slowed on the front straightaway. The top 4 would Duke it out over the final half of the race. Busby tried and tried to pass Feister on the outside, but couldnt get it done. France had a couple shots as well. Neither could do anything with the #78. Feister pulled into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the first time in quite awhile. Following the Midvale OH driver in the C&K Auto, Keith’s Cars and Lee’s Famous Recipe sponsored #78 was France, Busby, Finlayson and Justin Renicker.

The full moon was back on full display as the Summit Racing Economy Modified’s pulled on to the Speedway for their 25 lap Feature with Mike Stone in the #331 and Derek Grewell in the #9 on the front row. Stone was able to lead the opening circuit until the outside opened up for “The Rooster”. Brandon Bailey in the #55 shot around them both on lap 2 and took over the top spot. The first caution flew on lap 3 as Doug McMillen in the #54 was up to the second spot, Lucas Ripley in the #0 was third. After a couple of cautions and restarts, Kevin McClintock in the #38 was able to work his way around Stone, Mack Gribble in the #12 and Lee McCreery in the #2 to take over 4th on lap 19. The racing up front, despite the problems of a couple drivers, was really good. Everyone knows there is a rivalry brewing between Lucas and Rooster, and it was fun to watch them run side by side and restart the race several times and doing it cleanly and with respect. On lap 21, McClintock was able to get around McMillen for third, but tonight, “The Rooster” was awake and crowing at the full moon. It was pretty special that the top 4 finishers in the Mod feature, all had a father or grandfather Inducted into the Midvale Hall of Fame that night!! Following the Leesville OH driver in the Scio Car Wash, Dover Hydraulics and American Family Insurance sponsored #55 was Lucas, McClintock, McMillen and Gribble.

The final race of the evening was the 12 lap Mad Bros Games and Hobbies Mini Truck 12 lap feature. Scott Lindell in the #14 and the #99 of Ryan Shreffler led the field to the stripe. Lindell had the lead off turn two, until Barney Gerber in the #2T pulled the “over/under” move and took him to the inside in turn three. Gerber would take the top spot as Tim Scott in the #4 took over second. Gerber and Scott had worked up a half straightaway lead by the halfway mark, when Jimmy Beatty in the #118, finally got by Lindell. Beatty wasnt going to touch the top two. Scott had a couple shots at Gerber, but the #2T was headed back into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane!! Following the Dover OH driver in the RV Parts Express, Swiss Auto Mart, Pied Piper Muffler and Brake, Bud and Tooties, Club Mckay and Badstone Band sponsored #2T was Scott, Beatty, Lindell and Rich Schweitzer.

We cannot THANK everyone who came out to take part in the evening!! From all the old faces and Hall of Famers, to the new faces and next generation of fans, that’s what racing is supposed to be about!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 3RD HALL OF FAME CLASS!!! It truly was an honor to have you and your families there and we are looking forward to seeing the ones that couldnt make it due to prior commitments. A date for their recognition will be coming soon!!
We hope everyone enjoyed the evening!

This Saturday Night August (yes, I said August) 4th is Kid’s Ride In Race Car’s Night presented by Mad Bro’s Games and Hobbies. We will also have Driver’s Choose Your Lane Night and its Pittsburgh Circle Track Club (PCTC) Night. It should be another great night of racing as we get into the final full month of the 2018 Season.

-Story by Chris Kail


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s

Fast Time: Bubba Smith 13.750

Heat: Bubba Smith, Ryan Tedesco, Bryant Smith, Cody Jaberg, Bob Schneider Jr, Bob Eichel, Tom Stankiewicz

Feature: Tedesco, Stankiewicz, Bubba, Bryant, Jaberg, Schneider Jr, Eichel, George Riddle – DNS

Summit Racing Economy Modified’s

Fast Time: Kevin McClintock 14.726

Heat 1: Brandon Bailey, Mack Gribble, Lucas Ripley, Lee McCreery, Kevin McClintock, Corey Beatty, Doug McMillen, Jeff Dunfee III

Heat 2: Phillip Cox, Jason Grewell, Jerry Devore, Derek Grewell, Dan Harding, Mike Stone, Trey Williams

Feature: Bailey, Ripley, McClintock, McMillen, Gribble, Dunfee III, Jason, Stone, McCreery, Cox, Harding, Williams, Devore, Derek, Beatty

Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Kyle Grove 15.905

Heat 1: Larry Smith, Colton Ritchey, Gabe Pringle, Kyle Grove, Kyle Rector, Jimmy Beatty

Heat 2: Bill Aubihl, Kenny Feister Jr, Curtis Collins, Bob Passwaters Sr, Shawn Marder

Feature: Aubihl, Rector, Pringle, Beatty, Ritchey, Passwaters Sr, Collins, Smith, Grove, Feister Jr, Marder

Mad Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Truck’s

Fast Time: Dan Rummes 16.450

Heat: Barney Gerber, Tim Scott, Dan Rummes, Scott Lindell, Ryan Shreffler, Roger Baucher

Feature: Gerber, Scott, Rummes, Lindell, Rich Schweitzer, Shreffler, Baucher

South Philly Pizza Compact’s

Fast Time: Bart Busby 17.386

Heat 1: Brandon France, Mike Stuber, Eric Feister, Josh Peebles, Kyle Finlayson, Justin Renicker, Bart Busby

Heat 2: Billy Hilliker, Dan Buckey, Rob Scott, Savanna Alm, Toby Cook, Karl Phillips, Aaron Nitz

Heat 3: Tim Frederick, Laney Striejewske, Andrea Brokaw, Brendan Nealey, Eric Brokaw, Jayden Richards

Feature: Feister, France, Busby, Finlayson, Renicker, Stuber, Hilliker, Scott, Buckey, Frederick, Cook, Nitz, Alm, Striejewske, Andrea, Richards, Phillips, Nealy, Peebles, Eric