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Inside Line Promotions – FREMONT, Ohio (Aug. 1, 2018) – Rob Chaney returned to the track for the first time in 11 weeks last Saturday when he captured a solid runner-up finish for CH Motorsports at Fremont Speedway.

Chaney led the entire race until slipping to second in traffic with two laps remaining.

“Looking at the big picture, we can’t really be disappointed with our performance after not racing for so long,” said Chaney, who was on the track for only the fifth night this year. “But you still hate to give up a win like that.”

Chaney was the quickest of 21 cars in time trials.

“When we hot lapped I felt like I hadn’t raced for a long time, which I hadn’t,” he said. “Then we made a few adjustments to the car. It felt really good and we cut a good lap.”

Chaney lined up fourth in his heat race.

“We were in a tough heat with some really good cars,” he said. “We got a decent start and were running third when a guy broke, putting us in second. We were able to maintain that to the finish.”

The inversion draw for the feature went well for Chaney.

“I rolled the dice and rolled a two, which I think is the first time in my life that I’ve rolled a two when there was a possibility of anything higher,” he said. “So that put us on the front row of the feature.

“We were able to get the lead right away in the feature and got through traffic pretty well. We had a red about halfway through and I felt like the track was kind of moving to the bottom, so I moved down and ran the middle to the bottom for the majority of the rest of the race. I just kind of hung myself up in traffic a few times with about five laps to go and let Cap (Henry) by me with about two laps to go.

“In hindsight, I know what I could’ve done and what I should’ve done, but didn’t do it. I just kind of made a mistake and didn’t get through traffic the way I needed to, which was a bummer. We haven’t raced much this year and it was still a good finish. But, man, I just don’t like getting beat.”

Chaney’s absence from racing may have had an effect on his performance.

“I felt a little rusty in hot laps and you only get a couple of laps,” he said. “After that I just kind of took it one lap at a time. If I’d raced more this year, I probably would’ve been better in traffic and gave myself a little better chance to win. But there are no ifs in this sport.”

While they had planned a limited schedule this year, busy schedules between Chaney and CH Motorsports co-owner Aaron Call have kept the team away from the track much more than expected.

“Both of our sons were high school seniors this year so we had all the graduation stuff to do,” Chaney said. “And my son ran the state track meet so we went through all of that. Then I went through a transition at work and Aaron’s been really busy with his company. So there have been some weekends where I could race and he couldn’t, and others where he could race and I couldn’t.

“But our schedules finally cleaned up now and it looks like we’ll be able to at least run the next two weekends. We plan to run Fremont again this weekend and, if everything goes well, we’ll go to Mansfield the following weekend. That’s about as far out as we’ve planned.”


July 28 – Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio – Qualifying: 1; Heat race: 2 (4); Feature: 2 (2).


5 races, 0 wins, 2 top fives, 2 top 10s, 2 top 15s, 4 top 20s


Saturday at Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio




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“Weld Wheels has had a long-standing partnership with CH Motorsports and have always given them a top-quality product,” Chaney said.

CH Motorsports would also like to thank J&J Auto Racing, KSE Racing Products, Wings Unlimited, Fisher Racing Engines, Winters Performance Products, FK Rod Ends, Slade Shock Technology, Astro Titanium, Simpson Race Products and ButlerBuilt Professional Seat Systems for their continued support.