By Chris Kail

On a beautiful Saturday evening in August, My Water Doctor presented the Twin 50’s for the Late Model’s and Modified’s, along with our other three regular Divisions, Micro Sprints, Dwarf’s and a Kid’s Gold Rush for regular admission. There were seventy cars and trucks pit side under mostly sunny skies and 81 degrees at race time.

The first Twin 50 was for the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s. Ryan Fleming, making the 1st start of his career at Midvale in the #1 from near Dayton OH, and Bryant Smith in the #1 brought the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. The duo remained side by side for a lap as Bryant cleared Fleming off turn two on lap 2. At the same time, last week’s feature winner, Cody Jaberg in the #22, spun to the infield and was done for the night. The Jaberg team was having transmission troubles that plagued them all night. The #710 of point leader Ryan Tedesco would take over third from Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 on lap 5 and then Tedesco would dispose of Fleming on lap 6 for second. While Tedesco was picking up spots, he had a shadow that was following his every move. Fastest qualifier Bubba Smith in the #12 was glued to the rear decklid of Tedesco. The first and only caution flew on lap 10, as the race leader ran two laps under his qualifying time, sending him to the tail. That put Tedesco and Bubba on the front row and this restart with 40 laps to go, would ultimately decide the event. Bubba, who has been dubbed “The Master of Restarts”, again got a good one. Tedesco hung in through turns one and two, but Bubba would clear him into turn three. On lap 12, Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 was able to get around Schneider and Fleming, to move up to 3rd. A few laps later, Bryant was able to take over 4th from Schneider and Fleming, but was quite a distance back of Stankiewicz. Bubba would pull out to a 1.2 sec lead over Tedesco by lap 35 and Tedesco would get no closer than seven tenths, despite Bubba losing a cylinder. Bubba would pull into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the 3rd time this season, tightening up the points race. Following the North Canton OH driver in the Finish Line Motors, Finish Line Designs, Smiths Auto Sales and Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #12 was Tedesco, Stankiewicz, Bryant and Schneider.

The next Twin 50 was for the Summit Racing Economy Modified’s. Derek Grewell was back in the #9 after a nasty accident last week, with Trey Williams in the #11 occupying the front row. Williams was able to clear Derek quickly and pull into the lead as Derek tucked in behind. Mack Gribble in the #12 was on a tear through the pack from his 6th starting position, taking over 4th on lap 2 and 3rd on lap 4. Mike Stone in the #331 was able to take over the second spot from Derek on lap 4 and he moved right up on the rear spoiler of Williams. The top 3 would remain nose to tail with the second 3 about four car lengths back. The first caution flew on lap 11 for the #11. Williams, who was holding down the top spot, exploded a motor coming off turn four. Stone would be the race leader with Gribble along side for the restart. They say cautions breed cautions. Those two would remain side by side until lap 12 when Lee McCreery in the #2 and the #23J of Phillip Cox got together. Cox admitted fault, sending him to the tail. Just after the next green flag flew, Derek had some more terrible luck, as the rear end of his machine stepped out on him in turn two. He tried to catch it, but it swapped ends on him, sending him hard into the back straightaway wall. Derek was ok. Back under green, Gribble would take the top spot and he pulled the #55 of Brandon Bailey and the #99 of Jason Grewell with him. Bailey was looking for 3 in a row and Jason was looking to break the string of bad luck for the Grewell Brothers. On lap 15, McCreery would spin in turn two, bringing out another caution. That put “The Rooster” on the outside of Gribble for the restart. On that restart, both driver’s were unwilling to give an inch and contact was made. Gribble’s night would end with right front suspension damaged. That put Grewell to the outside of Bailey with the #38 of Kevin McClintock in 3rd. McClintock, had a very badly damaged race car in a turn three accident with Derek Grewell the week prior. Bill Westlake stepped up and offered his machine that is for sale, to Kevin to use and initially, it was a handful in practice. But the crew kept working, making change after change until the car started to come to life. The team was also racing with heavy hearts, as the patriarch and Midvale Speedway Hall of Famer Ken McClintock had passed away earlier in the week. After the final restart with 35 laps to go, things settled down. “Rooster” flew the coup and was gone. Jason, McClintock and McCreery would put on an entertaining fight for the runner up spot, that eventually was won by McCreery. Bailey would build up over a 10 second lead as the laps clicked away. Bailey would pull into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the third week in a row. Completing the top 5 behind the Leesville OH driver in the Scio Car Wash, Vaughan’s Pub and Grill, Dover Hydraulics and American Family Insurance sponsored double nickle was McCreery, Grewell, McClintock and Stone.

The MAD Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Truck’s had Scott Lindell in the #14 and Barney Gerber in the #2T bringing the field down for the start. Gerber would jump out to the lead with Rich Schweitzer in the #84 following close behind. Schweitzer would stalk Gerber, looking inside and outside, until the opportunity presented itself on lap 5. Gerber pushed up the track and Schweitzer pulled the “top to bottom” crossover move to get along side off turn two. Schweitzer would inch away over the final 7 circuits to take another victory and increase his slim points lead. In Victory Lane, he dedicated the win to his late father-in-law Ken McClintock and thanked the fans for all their kind words, prayers and support for the family. Rounding out the finishing order behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Vanmeter Auto Repair, Federated Auto Parts, Alicia Manley MD, Consolidated Stitches Embroidery and Allen’s Muffler sponsored #84 was Gerber, Lindell and Roger Baucher. Colt Locker had mechanical issues in the heat and did not start.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s were up next for their 20 lapper with Bob Passwaters Sr in the #75 and Shawn Marder in the #25 leading the field to green. After an opening lap, side by side battle, Marder would clear Passwaters Sr off turn two to take the top spot. After a couple quick cautions for single car spins, Marder would find Bill Aubihl in the #31 on his outside for the restart. After a three lap battle, Marder would clear Aubihl and bring Kyle Grove in the #3 with him. Grove would set up the #25 for a few laps and then made the inside move to the lead on lap 9. Meanwhile, Kyle Rector in the #22 was able to get around Aubihl for third and followed Grove around Marder to second. After a quick caution for a spin by Bear Schwartz in the #77, Grove squirted out front on the restart. Rector was in the high lane and he tried to get to the bottom in turn one, but Marder was there. Rector and Marder would spin and the #22 was sent to the tail. With six laps to settle the race, Grove and Marder would restart side by side. Grove would jump put front and end his recent bad luck streak with his 4th win of 2018. Following the Uhrichsville OH driver in the El Pueblito Mexican Cuisine, Mission Nutrition, CNAC Financing, Red Dog Saloon, S&K Auto Detailing and Audio and Affordable Towing sponsored #3 was Aubihl, Marder, Josh Moss and Gabe Pringle.

The South Philly Pizza Compact 20 lap feature had “Little Animal” Tyler Eichel in the #4E and the #30 of Rob Scott on the front row. After a couple failed starts, Eichel took the top spot as the #69 of Dan Buckey took over second. On lap 2, Buckey shot past Eichel on the inside to take the race lead. “Little Animal” would spin in turn three on lap 4, bringing out the races only caution. Josh Peebles in the #78 would restart to Buckey’s outside. It would take almost two laps, but Buckey would finally clear Peebles and would set his sights on two wins in a row. Fastest qualifier Kyle Finlayson in the #15 had other ideas. Finlayson would jump to the outside of Eugene Kopp in the #19 for 3rd on lap 6. On lap 10, he went to the outside of Peebles for second. Once he got to the outside of Buckey, the momentum stalled. Over the final ten circuits, Buckey, Finlayson and Peebles would put on a whale of a show. They would be joined late by Bart Busby in the #31, but he was too late to the party. It was going to be between Buckey and Finlayson. In the Heat Race, Buckey had a Photo Finish with Brandon France, that was called a dead heat (tie). Buckey would inch out in front on lap 18, but Finlayson would lead lap 19 and lap 20. Following the Bolivar OH driver in the Finlayson Towing, Finlayson Trucking and Shutterbug Photography by Dana sponsored #15 was Buckey, Peebles, Busby and Eric Feister.

The Micro Sprints presented by Expert Auto Collision in Massillon had a small field, but were fun to watch. The 270 Micro’s powered by Alcohol had the #8H of Jacob Isenhart and the #19 of Tim Cecil on the front row. Cecil would lead lap 1 as the #99 of Mike Keefe worked around Isenhart off turn two on lap 2. Heading down the back straightaway, Keefe ripped to the inside of Cecil and took over the top spot. Keefe would inch away over ththe next 8 laps to take the victory. Following the Massillon OH driver in the Expert Auto Collision, Performance Dirt Racing and DBY Motorsports sponsored #99 was Cecil and Isenhart.

The 16 lap Dwarf feature presented by Jim Good Auto Repair in Suffield OH, had the #34 of Greg Davis and the #8A of Aaron Nitz leading the field to the stripe. These 750 Suzuki engine powered machines would put on a good show. Nitz would lead initially until the #31 of Jim Good took the lead off turn two. The #14E of Jake Eakin would take over the second spot before Nitz looped his machine off turn four, bringing out the caution. On the restart, a familiar face to Midvale, Nick Grubbs in the #24 jumped to second on the restart and the flew past Good for the top spot. Grubbs, a former Sport Stock competitor in the mid to late 2000’s, would start to pull away as his brother, a former Sport Stock and Late Model competitor at Midvale, moved to second in the #14. The caution flew on lap 6 for another spin by Nitz, putting the Grubbs Brother’s up front. Good’s machine slowed coming down the back straightaway under caution. A broken ignition switch ended his night. On the restart, Chris made some contact with the fastest qualifier, the #54 of Carson Miller. Miller would have a bad tire rub and be forced pit side, Chris would tag the tail. After the restart, it was all Nick Grubbs. He had the most experience at Midvale and it showed! Following the Robertsville OH driver in the Grubbs Racing #24 was Paul Miller Jr, Chris, Chase Nichols and Bill Shimko.

Thank you to EVERYONE that donated change for the Gold Rush and Thank you to Grewell Racing for donating a Gold Coin and a Bicycle and to the Troyer’s who donated a flat coin and $20 that was added to by fans for over $110 ,to the kid that found it!! INCREDIBLE!!

Also, Thank you to the Micro Sprints and Expert Auto Collision in Massillon and the Dwarf’s brought to you by Jim Good Auto Repair in Suffield for racing with us for the first time!!

Next week is the rescheduled Christmas In July Night that will now be called Christmas In August! We will have bicycle giveaways for different age groups, prizes for fans and Stuffed Backpacks for back to school kids, Leader’s will choose their lane on restarts and the CRS Truck’s will be back for their second visit….all presented by Federated Auto Parts and 99.9 WTUZ!! 6 Divisions of racing and a ton of giveaways for the fans, it should be another great night!!


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s

Fast Time: Bubba Smith 13.719

50 Lap Feature: Bubba Smith, Ryan Tedesco, Tom Stankiewicz, Bryant Smith, Bob Schneider Jr, Ryan Fleming, Bob Eichel, Burgess White, Tim Frederick, Cody Jaberg

Summit Racing Economy Modified’s

Fast Time: Lee McCreery 14.897

50 Lap Feature: Brandon Bailey, Jason Grewell, Kevin McClintock, Mike Stone, Phillip Cox, Jerry Devore, Shawn Kaufman, Corey Beatty, Mack Gribble, Derek Grewell, Trey Williams

Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Kyle Rector 16.078

Heat 1: Bill Aubihl, Josh Moss, Gabe Pringle, Kyle Grove, Kyle Rector, Bear Schwartz

Heat 2: Bob Passwaters Sr, Colton Ritchey, Shawn Marder, Curtis Collins, Bob Passwaters Jr

Feature: Grove, Aubihl, Marder, Moss, Pringle, Rector, Ritchey, Passwaters Jr, Passwaters Sr, Schwartz, Collins

MAD Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Truck’s

Fast Time: Colt Locker 16.375

Heat: Rich Schweitzer, Barney Gerber, Scott Lindell, Roger Baucher, Colt Locker

Feature: Schweitzer, Gerber, Lindell, Baucher. Locker – DNS

South Philly Pizza Compact’s

Fast Time: Kyle Finlayson 17.355

Heat 1: Brandon France and Dan Buckey, Josh Peebles, Bart Busby, Eric Feister, Eugene Kopp, Justin Renicker, Kyle Finlayson, Mike Stuber

Heat 2: Rob Scott, Bill Hilliker, Tyler Eichel, Laney Striejewske, Toby Cook, Ryan Alm, Eric Brokaw

Feature: Finlayson, Buckey, Peebles, Busby, Feister, Kopp, Stuber, France, Renicker, Cook, Scott, Eichel, Ryan, Striejewske, Brokaw, Hilliker, Savanna Alm

Expert Auto Collision Micro Sprints

Fast Time: Mike Keefe 14.740

Heat: Tim Cecil, Mike Keefe, Jacob Isenhart

Feature: Keefe, Cecil, Isenhart

Jim Good Auto Repair Dwarf’s

Fast Time: Carson Miller 16.004

Heat 1: Bill Shimko, Chase Nichols, Paul Miller Jr, Jake Eakin, Carson Miller, Nick Grubbs

Heat 2: Jim Good, Chris Grubbs, Aaron Nitz, Mark Suchan, Greg Davis

Feature: Nick, Miller Jr, Chris, Nichols, Shimko, Suchan, Nitz, Davis, Eakin, Carson, Good