By Jay Pees

Conneaut, OH (August 24, 2018]: The annual “Topless Challenge” produced exciting racing in all divisions at Raceway 7 but Damian Bidwell dominated the action in the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Model 30-lapper, leading from the drop of the green flag through to Victory Lane. In other action Troy Johnson went to the Bonnell’s Collision Center Victory Lane for the second time in ’18, Tim Deutsch got his third Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock win of the year, Bud Watson collected his second Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod won of the season, and Dillon Speer clinched the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stock Championship with his fourth feature triumph of the season. Action got wild in the first Street Stock heat as Joe Stajnrajh spun coming out of turn two. Jimmy Kennerknecht clipped the Stajnrajh machine and an infield-marking tire, sending Kennerknecht into a barrel roll, destroying the defending champion’s car. Both drivers were ok but Kennerknecht’s car was destroyed. Stajnrajh was able to continue.

Zoey Gill and Dillon Speer brought the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks feature to green with points leader Speer leading at lap one and sixth starting Zach Downes coming to second by lap two. Trevor Jimerson stalled on the front straight at three laps. For the restart it was Speer, Downes, defending champion Joe Campbell, Casey Burch, and Gill as the top five.  The top four remained the same at halfway with Brad Cole, a former champion, up to fifth. Speer increased his lead over the waning laps. Downes settled for second with Campbell, Burch, and Cole filling out the top five.

Points leaders Troy Johnson and Gary Eicher were on the front row for the E-Mod feature with Johnson taking the immediate lead. With the two only separated by five points at this late date in the season, every point is paramount in the season championship. Eighth starting Joel Watson was up to third at six laps when caution flew for Jesse Gould, spun in turn four. Randy Hall came to fourth at seven laps with Watson and defending champion Eicher battling hard for the runner up spot at eight laps. Watson held the spot at nine complete. Brent Rhebergen came to the top five at twelve laps, then Amanda Stiffler spun in turn two, slowing the race under yellow. On the lap thirteen restart Randy Hall and Percy McDonald spun in turn one with Jeff Johnson, Josh McDonald, and Justin Carlson also becoming involved. All but Jeff Johnson were able to continue. Troy Johnson again led under green with Watson second, Eicher third, Kinney fourth, and Brent Rhebergen fifth at fifteen laps. Watson closed to  one car length at sixteen laps complete but Johnson began pulling away at eighteen laps. Watson was able to challenge at the white flag but came up half a car length short (.072 second) at the checkers. Eicher was third with Kinney and Rhebergen filling out the top five.

The 30-lap, $1200 to win “Topless Challenge” for the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models had Damian Bidwell and points leader Darrell Bossard on the front row of the twenty-six car starting field. Bidwell led from the start with Bossard and Dennis Lunger second and third. At three laps Bruce Hordusky and Kevin Santee got together in turn three with both spinning. Khole Wanzer also was involved. Bidwell again led after green with Lunger coming by Bossard for second. One lap after this green Wanzer spun in turn four with a flat right rear. Under the yellow John Stockdale stopped in the back straight. Stockdale and Kevin Santee spun in turn two on the first lap back under green. On the back straight Dave Lyon and Chad Sines got together, coming to a stop and slowing the race again. Six cars piled up in turn one on lap seven, including Andy Proper, Jared Kane, Dave Airgood, Wanzer, Corey Sines, and Stockdale. Dillon Goodman spun in turn one on the restart with Lee Patrick spinning to avoid contact. At ten laps complete Bidwell was extending his lead over Lunger with Bossard, Latta, and Kevin Santee following. With fourteen laps down Bolyard spun in turn two, allowing Lunger and Bossard to again be right behind the leader for the restart. At halfway the order was the same and Bidwell was again opening his lead. With five laps left Lunger was closing the gap with lapped traffic looming. Bidwell held on through lapped traffic for the win by .618 second. It was Bidwell’s first win at Raceway 7. Lunger, Bossard, Latta, and Breyton Santee filled out the top five.

Matt Alexander and Bud Watson brought the Economods to green with Watson leading Alexander, Kyle Reinwald, Mike Boyd, and Dustin DeMattia. Keith Felicetty spun in turn three before a lap could be completed. Several cars got crossways in turn one on the green with Pat Drennan coming to a halt, setting up another complete restart. John Saltesz spun in turn four prior to green. With the inability to get a clean start a single file restart was mandated, and it worked until two laps were complete when George Vestal spun in turn three. At four laps complete Alexander and Watson were side by side at the line with Alexander holding a slight lead, then caution fell again as points leader Eric Reinwald spun in turn two. Alexander again led after green with Kyle Miller third over Dustin DeMattia and Mike Boyd. Watson challenged for the lead through halfway when DeMattia took over third from Miller. Lapped traffic came Into play on lap twelve, allowing Watson to get a run at Alexander and run side by side again at lap thirteen then take over the lead on the back straight coming to the white flag. Watson went on to his second win of the season with Alexander, DeMattia, Miller, and Boyd completing the top five.

Post-race inspection on the apparent winner of the Economod feature at Raceway 7 revealed a rules infraction. With the infraction, Bud Watson was stripped of the win and all monies and points awarded. Matt Alexander, the apparent runner-up has been declared the winner, his first-ever win at Raceway 7. Alexander had led from the start of the event up to the back straight on lap fourteen with Watson scored as the leader at the conclusion of that lap.

Steve Yokum and Chris Withers were the front row for the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock feature with Withers, a former track champion, leading the way from the start. Tim Deutsch came from sixth on the grid to second at two laps complete and was next to Withers on lap six. On lap seven Withers was out front by three lengths. At eight laps in Sid Snyder spun in turn two. Withers led again after green with points leader Paul Schreckengost coming to third. With five to go Deutsch was again trying for the lead with Schreckengost also looking for a way around the leaders. Deutsch took over at the front on lap twelve and began opening a lead. With two to go Paul Davis was challenging Schreckengost for third. At the white flag Bill Applebee spun in turn four, setting up a one lap shootout, eliminating Deutsch’s lead. At the checkers it was Deutsch still at the front for his third of the season over Withers, Schreckengost, Davis, and Leigh Wheeler.



 Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models: 

            Time Trials: 

                        Group 1: Kyle Zimmerman 19.160, Chad Sines 19.265, David Lyon 19.674, Damian Bidwell 19.677, William Pinckney 19.838, Andy Proper 20.066, John Stockdale 20.244, T J Downes 20.720

                        Group 2: Darrell Bossard 19.026, Dennis Lunger 19.081, Dave Airgood 19.466, Ward Schell 19.684, Corey Sones 19.801, Matt Sipes 19.904

                        Group 3: Andy Boozel 19.432, Kevin Santee 19.745, Jared Kane 19.901, Dylan Goodman 20.161, Breyton Santee 20.240, Joe DeFazio 20.486,

                        Group 4: Matt Latta 19.134, Bruce Hordusky Jr 19.387, Khole Wanzer 19.772, Jason Genco 19.837, Brandon Porter 20.510Ed Bolyard 20.700, Jacob Peterson 23.186

Heat 1: Damian Bidwell, Chad Sines, Kyle Zimmerman, William Pinckney, T J Downes, John Stockdale, Andy Proper

            Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Dennis Lunger, Dave Airgood, David Lyon, Ward Schell, Matt Sipes, Corey Sines

Heat 3: Andy Boozel, Breyton Santee, Kevin Santee, Jared Kane, Dylan Goodman, Joe DeFazio, Brandon Porter

            Heat 4: Matt Latta, Jason Genco, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer, Lee Patrick, Jacob Peterson

            Dash 1: Damian Bidwell, Darrell Bossard, Matt Latta, Dennis Lunger, Jason Genco, Andy Boozel, Chad Sines, Breyton Santee

            Dash 2: Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Kevin Santee, David Lyon, Khole Wanzer, Will Pinckney, Dave Airgood, Jared Kane

            Feature: Damian Bidwell, Dennis Lunger, Darrell Bossard, Matt Latta, Breyton Santee, Kyle Zimmerman, Andy Boozel, Ward Schell. Dave Lyon, Andy Proper, William Pinckney, Chad Sines, Kevin Santee, Matt Sipes, Joe DeFazio, John Stockdale, Jason Genco, Ed Bolyard, Dylan Goodman, Dave Airgood, Jared Kane, Corey Sines, T J Downes, Brandon Porter, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Jacob Peterson (DNS)


Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods: 

            Heat 1: Mike Kinney, Randy Hall, Troy Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Bill Taylor, Percy McDonald, Ron Seeley, Rick Pratschler

            Heat 2: Joel Watson, Dan McDonald, Brent Rhebergen, Gary Eicher, Amanda Stiffler, Justin Carlson, Jesse Gould, Josh McDonald

            Feature: Troy Johnson, Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Mike Kinney, Brent Rhebergen, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Bill Taylor, Justin Carlson, Percy McDonald, Randy Hall, Amanda Stiffler, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Rick Pratschler, Ron Seeley (DNS)


Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks: 

            Heat 1: Paul Schreckengost Leigh Wheeler, Sid Snyder, Joe Stajnrajh, Jesse Brock, Jimmy Kennerknecht. Brad Stoeger

            Heat 2: Paul Davis, Chris Withers, Steve Yokum, Troy Norman, Larry Kugel, Garrett Calvert, Brian Lacey

            Heat 3: Jason Covey, Shane Applebee, Tim Deutsch, Bill Applebee, Terry Wheeler, Tony Spaghetti, Troy Dezarn

Feature: Tim Deutsch, Chris Withers, Paul Schreckengost, Paul Davis, Leigh Wheeler, Jason Covey, Shane Applebee, Troy Norman, Joe Stajnrajh, Steve Yokum, Garrett Calvert, Terry Wheeler, Larry Kugel, Jesse Brock, Brian Lacey, Sid Snyder, Bill Applebee, Tony Bruno, Troy Dezarn, Jimmy Kennerknecht (DNS), Brad Stoeger (DNS)


Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods: 

            Heat 1: Steve Haefke, Matt Alexander, Keith Felicetty, Gary Murphy, Jim Muma, Casey Harmon, Pat Drennan

            Heat 2: Bud Watson, Mike Boyd, Kyle Reinwald, Mike Harmon, Chuck Steinle Sr, Zack Lenart, Dennis Dellinger

            Heat 3: EricReinwald, Dustin DeMattia, Kyle Miller, George Vestal, Brian Huffman, John Soltesz, Dan McEwen

            Feature: Bud Watson, Matt Alexander, Dustin DeMattia, Kyle Miller, Mike Boyd, Steve Haefke, Chuck Steinle Sr, Gary Murphy, Eric Reinwald, Todd Canter, Mike Harmon, George Vestal, Jim Muma, Dan McEwen, John Saltesz, Brian Huffman, Kyle Reinwald, Pat Drennan, Dennis Dellinger (DNS), Casey Harmon (DNS), Zack Lenart (DNS)


Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks: 

            Heat 1: Brad Cole, Jim Haefke, Zoey Gill, Trevor Jimerson, Emily Stoyer, Tom Spencer, Ana Vassen, Travis Creech

            Heat 2: Rick Feely, Zach Downes, Justin Bailey, Joe Campbell, Alexis Vogt, Wes Stull, Lane Reinwald

            Heat 3: Dillon Speer, Casey Burch, Kyle Adkins, Jessica Harvey, Mike Barr, Scott Gill, James Rowe

Feature: Dillon Speer, Zach Downes, Joe Campbell, Casey Burch, Brad Cole, Kyle Adkins, Jessica Harvey, Rick Feely, Zoey Gill, Justin Bailey, Scott Gill, Wes Stull, Mike Barr, Tom Spencer, Emily Stoyer, Alexis Vogt, Lane Reinwald, Ana Vassen, Jim Haefke, Trevor Jimerson, James Rowe (DNS), Travis Creech (DNS)