Orrville, Ohio

Sunday, September 2, 2018

By Tyler Altmeyer & Mike Swanger

​An emotional victory for Demyan-Rudzik Racing crew chief, Cody Jacobs, the ‘Steel City Outlaw’ Tim Shaffer picked up right where he left two days prior and earned his second Arctic Cat Al Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 victory in three starts, this time earning the annual Pete Jacobs Memorial title at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway worth $10,000 on Spherion Mid Ohio and NAPA Jani Auto Parts night.

Dominating the feature field once taking command for the first time on lap 18 of 35, the Aliquippa, Pa. native earned his 64th-career All Star Circuit of Champions victory from the outside of row four battling his way into the top three as early as lap eight, eventually crossing under the final checkers ahead of the ‘Kunkletown Kid’ Ryan Smith and rising star, Gio Scelzi. The win was Shaffer’s third of the 2018 season and second of the year at WCS during All Star competition.

“Man, what an awesome race,” an excited Tim Shaffer said in Wayne County Speedway victory lane. “This place has always been kinda tough for me, but today being Cody’s (Jacobs) birthday, and this race honoring his great-grandfather, I really wanted to win it. This car was just awesome and I really drove the wheels off of it.”

“We were really close last year and ran second,” Cody Jacobs added, crew chief for the Demyan-Rudzik entry. “Like I said earlier tonight, this race isn’t about the $10,000. I’m really happy to get it for my family. We’re having a great year and we have some great people behind us. Everyone seems to be really working together and they are giving us great equipment. I believe I’m working with one of the best in the world and as long as I am able to do my job, I think we’ll always be OK.

Tim Shaffer’s path to victory lane was impressive. Although the first five laps were relatively quiet for the former All Star champion, Shaffer’s first big move of the evening occurred just after a lap six restart, actually picking up a pair of positions on lap eight that propelled Shaffer from fifth to third around Aaron Reutzel and Cap Henry.

Race leader and pole-sitter Ryan Smith, who survived an early duel with Reutzel for the top spot on lap three, escaped to a near three second lead after the lap six caution. Although he seemed invincible out front, lapped traffic, which came into play for the first time with 12 laps in the books, proved to be Smith’s demise, allowing Gio Scelzi, who forced his way into second after the lap six caution, and Shaffer to close the gap in a hurry.

By lap 16, Scelzi, aboard the Indy Race Parts #71, was right on the tail tank of Smith with Shaffer in tow. Before the caution flags could appear for the second time on lap 17, Shaffer had already worked his way around Scelzi to clinch the runner-up spot, thus setting up a restart with the “Steel City Outlaw” in Smith’s rearview mirror.

When green flag action returned, Shaffer was able to keep pace with Smith for the entire circuit, eventually setting up his winning move on lap 18. Using the turn two cushion, Shaffer got a great run down the backstretch and forced his way underneath Smith at the entrance of turn three. The move stuck, soon beating Smith in a drag race back to the flagstand to complete the 18th circuit.

Although the main event was halted on three more occasions for cautions on laps 20,21, and 25, two of which for stoppages and ultimately an open red, Shaffer remained untouchable at the front of the field, extending his advantage to well over two seconds, twice. The main event’s final caution on lap 25 gave Shaffer a clear track and clean air to work with for the final 11 circuits. Although the leaders reached traffic again on lap 31, Shaffer proved to be too strong, never faltering and crossing under the final checkers by a comfortable margin of victory.

The CorBon Super Stocks were also in action with McKenzie Concrete sponsoring the $1,000 to win feature as Wooster’s Doug Drown, driving the Bob Daugherty owned, Char’s Cars, Gionino’s Pizza and K & A Tree Service #21d would hold off T A Perrine for the trip to the Summit Racing victory circle. Those two would start on the front row as Perrine won the CorBon Dash to start on the pole. Using the low groove, Perrine would stay side by side Drown, who was running the high groove and they would battle all race long for the top spot with Don Baney right behind the two front runners with Matt Shroyer in tow. The races first caution came out on lap 12 as Don Rutt would spin and on the next lap, Shroyer would get into the retaining wall in turn two, ending his night. Perrine would be able to edge ahead on several laps but as each lap was recorded at the flagstand, Drown was the leader every lap to pick up his first CorBon Super Stock win. Baney finished third with Tyler Nicely taking fourth from his 7th starting spot. Chris Albright would fill out the top five. Baney and Shroyer claimed the heat wins.

The next action at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway will be Friday and Saturday, September 21st and 22nd for the Ohio Dirt Blowout. The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association Sprints, the Kar Connection Super Late Models, the CorBon Super Stocks, the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks and the Modifieds will all be in for the final week end of racing for the 2018 season at WCS. Further details will be coming out soon. Watch the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com for details about the race and banquet information also.



​Sunday, September 2, 2018



Fast Qualifier   Tim Shaffer  15.043 seconds

Heat   1   Lee Jacobs, Cap Henry, Parker Price-Miller, Jac Haudenschild, Brandon Wimmer, Jordan Ryan, Broc Martin, Brandon Spithaler, Dean Jacobs

Heat   2   Ryan Smith, Travis Philo, Andrew Palker, Cole Duncan, Cale Conley, Trey Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr., Clay Riney, Tyler Esh

Heat   3   Aaron Reutzel, Gio Scelzi, Dave Blaney, Paul McMahan, Brock Zearfoos, George Hobaugh, Henry Malcuit, Steve Butler

Heat   4   Hunter Schuerenberg, Chad Kemenah, Tim Shaffer, Carson Macedo, Max Stambaugh, Danny Mumaw, T J Michael, Nick Patterson

Dash  #1   Ryan Smith, Cap Henry, Hunter Schuerenburg, Travis Philo, Cole Duncan

Dash  #2   Aaron Reutzel, Gio Scelzi, Chad Kemenah, Tim Shaffer, Lee Jacobs

B- Main    George Hobaugh, Broc Martin, T J Michael, Brandon Spithaler, Danny Mumaw, Dean Jacobs, Clay Riney, Nick Patterson, Jordan Ryan, Trey Jacobs, Steve Butler, Jack Sodeman Jr., Henry Malcuit, Tyler Esh, Kris Davis

PETE JACOBS MEMORIAL FEATURE   Tim Shaffer, Ryan Smith, Gio Scelzi, Cap Henry, Aaron Reutzel, Chad Kemenah, Hunter Schuerenburg, Carson Macedo, Cole Duncan, Paul McMahan, Cale Conley, Brandon Spithaler, T J Michael, Max Stambaugh, Dave Blaney, Parker Price-Miller, Jordan Ryan, Lee Jacobs, Brock Zearfoos, Andrew Palker, Broc Martin, Travis Philo, Brandon Wimmer, George Hobaugh, Jac Haudenschild,



Heat   1   Don Baney, Dustin Daugherty, T A Perrine, Chris Albright, Trae Schonauer, Don Rutt, Gary McGregor, Dan Radtka, Dave McMillen

Heat   2   Matt Shroyer, Doug Drown, Mike Rose, Tyler Nicely, Brandon Gardner, Tim Myers, Paul McVicker, James Stanley, Paul Holmes

CORBON DASH   T A Perrine, Doug Drown, Don Baney, Matt Shroyer, Dustin Daugherty, Chris Albright, Tyler Nicely, Mike Rose dns

McKENZIE CONCRETE FEATURE   Doug Drown, T A Perrine, Don Baney, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, Brandon Gardner, Trae Schonauer, Tim Myers, Dan Radtka, Gary McGregor, Don Rutt, Paul McVicker, Dave McMillen, Matt Shroyer, James Stanley, Dustin Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Mike Rose dns