PORTSMOUTH, OHIO (October 19, 2018) – Brian Shirley and Jonathan Davenport will make up the front row for the 38th Annual Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship presented by Optima Batteries at Portsmouth Raceway Park.

Friday night’s Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event saw two rounds of passing point heats. Shirley and Davenport, the 2018 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Champion, earned the two highest point totals to earn their coveted starting spots for Saturday night’s $100,000 to win main event.

The first heat on Friday night saw the 2011 DTWC winner, Don O’Neal charge from his third starting position to win the race. O’Neal took the lead from Jason Jameson as he pulled away for the win. Jared Hawkins; who finished fifth in last year’s DTWC; finished in second, followed by Boom Briggs and Jameson.

The second heat in round one saw another third-place starter charge to the front and the win. Ricky Thornton, Jr.; who is subbing for Hudson O’Neal; took the lead from Delmas Conley and then stormed away for the victory. Gregg Satterlee came from fifth to finish in second-place, with seventh-place starter Bobby Pierce coming home in third. Chris Ferguson was fourth at the finish.

The third heat in the first round went to Brian Shirley as he bolted to the lead from his outside front row starting spot. Shirley pulled away for the win. Dennis Erb Jr. finished in second with Darrell Lanigan and Chase Junghans completing the top four.

In heat number four, Dale McDowell became the first pole sitter to win a heat. He took the lead at the start of the race and led the entire distance. Zack Dohm; who started alongside McDowell in row number one; finished in second followed by 2018 Portsmouth Raceway Park Late Model track champion, Eddie Carrier Jr. Josh Richards, the defending DTWC winner, came through the field to finish fourth after starting tenth.

The final heat race of round one belonged to Mike Marlar, who grabbed the lead at the start of the race and went unchallenged for the win. Jonathan Davenport came from fifth to take second behind Marlar at the finish. Doug Drown was third with World 100 winner, Tim McCreadie taking fourth.

The second round of heat races began with Josh Richards and two-time DTWC victor, Brandon Sheppard on the front row. The two had a spirited battle for the lead in the early going until Sheppard pulled away. Richards finished in second with Robbie Scott edging out Boom Briggs at the finish line to claim third. Briggs was fourth.

The second heat race of round two was taken by three-time DTWC winner, Scott Bloomquist who pulled away from Devin Moran to get the victory. Moran placed second followed by Tim McCreadie and Jared Hawkins.

In heat number three of round two, the 2018 Hillbilly Hundred winner, Brandon Overton held off Jason Covert for the win. Covert crossed the line in second with Eddie Carrier Jr. and Gregg Satterlee trailing.

The fourth heat saw the 2018 Boone Coleman Memorial Gator 50 winner, Brandon Fouts pulled the upset defeating Jonathan Davenport. Trailing Fouts and Davenport at the line were Dennis Erb Jr. and Kyle Bronson. Erb passed Bronson at the flagstand to get third on the final lap.

The fifth and final heat of the night saw another home-track racer Shannon Thornsberry pick up the win over 2007 DTWC winner, Chub Frank. Brian Shirley and Ricky Thornton Jr. completed the top four.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Friday, October 19, 2018
Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship presented by Optima Batteries
Portsmouth Raceway Park – Portsmouth, Ohio

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 – ROUND ONE Finish: Don O’Neal, Jared Hawkins, Boom Briggs, Jason Jameson, RJ Conley, Shannon Thornsberry, Brandon Fouts, Ronnie Whitt, Austyn Mills-DNS, Jackie Boggs-DNS

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 – ROUND ONE Finish: Ricky Thornton Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Bobby Pierce, Chris Ferguson, Ben Adkins, Brandon Overton, Stephen Breeding, Charlie Jude, Josh Bocook, Delmas Conley

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 – ROUND ONE Finish: Brian Shirley, Dennis Erb, Jr., Darrell Lanigan, Chase Junghans, Robbie Scott, Kyle Bronson, Scott Bloomquist, Dave Hess, Jr., Billy Gullion, Lee Logan

QA1 ROUND ONE Heat Race #4 – ROUND ONE Finish: Dale McDowell, Zack Dohm, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Josh Richards, Jason Covert, Rod Conley, Jimmy Owens, Colten Burdette, Mike Benedum, Devin Moran

Rhino Ag Heat Race #5 – ROUND ONE Finish: Mike Marlar, Jonathan Davenport, Doug Drown, Tim McCreadie, Earl Pearson, Jr., Brandon Sheppard, Colton Flinner, Chub Frank, Jose Parga

Eibach Springs Heat Race #1 – ROUND TWO Finish: Brandon Sheppard, Josh Richards, Robbie Scott, Boom Briggs, Bobby Pierce, Don O’Neal, Jimmy Owens, Dave Hess, Jr., Jose Parga, Ben Adkins

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 – ROUND TWO Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Devin Moran, Tim McCreadie, Jared Hawkins, Mike Marlar, Chris Ferguson, Chase Junghans, Colten Burdette, RJ Conley, Delmas Conley-DNS

Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 – ROUND TWO Finish: Brandon Overton, Jason Covert, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Earl Pearson, Jr., Darrell Lanigan, Jason Jameson, Doug Drown, Lee Logan, Jackie Boggs-DNS

QA1 Heat Race #4 – ROUND TWO Finish: Brandon Fouts, Jonathan Davenport, Dennis Erb, Jr., Kyle Bronson, Rod Conley, Zack Dohm, Charlie Jude, Josh Bocook, Austyn Mills-DNS

Rhino Ag Heat Race #5 – ROUND TWO Finish: Shannon Thornsberry, Chub Frank, Brian Shirley, Ricky Thornton Jr., Stephen Breeding, Billy Gullion, Dale McDowell, Mike Benedum, Colton Flinner, Ronnie Whitt

Penske Racing Shocks B-Main #1 Line Up (# Laps = # Cars Start, Top 3 Transfer):

Bobby Pierce 32 18S Robbie Scott
Zack Dohm 17d 14 Darrell Lanigan
Kyle Bronson 40B 1* Chub Frank
Chase Junghans 18J 12d Doug Drown
Devin Moran 9 20 Jimmy Owens
Billy Gullion 11G 44 Dave Hess, Jr.
Colten Burdette 44B B1 Josh Bocook
Ronnie Whitt 11R 11L Lee Logan
Jackie Boggs 4B    

FAST Shafts 
B-Main #2 Line Up (# Laps = # Cars Start, Top 3 Transfer):

Scott Bloomquist 0 17m Dale McDowell
Brandon Fouts 81 22F Chris Ferguson
Earl Pearson, Jr. 1 12J Jason Jameson
Rod Conley 71R 99Bx Stephen Breeding
RJ Conley 71c 21 Ben Adkins
Charlie Jude CJ1 4T8 Colton Flinner
Mike Benedum 25B 66P Jose Parga
Austyn Mills 1AM 71d Delmas Conley

Rhino Ag Dirt Track World Championship – Presented by Optima Batteries Feature Line Up
(100 Laps):

Brian Shirley 3s 49 Jonathan Davenport
Ricky Thornton Jr. 20RT 28 Dennis Erb, Jr.
Josh Richards 1R 22 Gregg Satterlee
Mike Marlar 157 10C Eddie Carrier, Jr.
Jared Hawkins 11H 5 Don O’Neal
Brandon Overton 76 72C Jason Covert
Boom Briggs 99B 1S Brandon Sheppard
Tim McCreadie 39 17T Shannon Thornsberry
B-Main Transfer 17TH 18TH B-Main Transfer
B-Main Transfer 19TH 20TH B-Main Transfer
B-Main Transfer 21ST 22ND B-Main Transfer
LOLMDS Provisional 23RD 24TH LOLMDS Provisional
Track Provisional 25TH 26TH Track Provisional