Results courtesy Atomic Speedway Facebook page

Throwback Thursday – Results
May 23, 2019
Mike Goins

Thanks to all the teams for the cooperation during the rain delay and helping run the race track back in. We also want to thank Brian Phipps at Graphic Creations for the last minute work on the Tyler Carpenter Throwback wrap especially with the family emergency.

Impact Race Gear Late Models, (28 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: Jason Jameson 13.368

Heat Winners: Kenny Howell, Todd Brennan, Tyler Carpenter,

B Main Winner: Kevin Wagner,

Feature Finish: Tyler Carpenter, Steve Casebolt, RJ Conley, Jason Jameson, Rod Conley, Freddie Carpenter, Chris Garnes, Todd Brennan, Jeff Roth, Kenny Howell, Shannon Thornsberry, Ryan Cline, Billy Staker, Jason Brennan, Randy Wise, Randy Ross, Paul Stubber, Kevin Wagner, Clint Keenan, Kody Evans

C&M Racing Equipment Sport Mods, (28 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: Jamey Adams 15.684

Heat Winners: Jamey Adams, Kevin Spencer, Reed Bishop,

B Main Winner: Bud Frazier,

Feature Finish: Jamey Adams, Kevin Spencer, Jason Adams, Nick Snell, BJ Branham, Adam Jones, Blake Sheets, JD Broughton, Luke Jordan, Gary Griffith, Rick Neace, Brandon Gibson Jr, Casey Jones, Daniel Webb, Josh Harrington, Reed Bishop, Bud Frazier, Bob Crace, Gary Park, Cruz Vandall,

Ohio Valley Roofers Legend Car Series (21 entries)

Heat Winners: Josh Francis and Steven Partin

Feature Finish: Matt Issac, Nathan Skaggs, Tom Partin, Alec Fields, Blake Skaggs, John Gutman, Lane Staley, Steve Duderstadt, Steven Shell, Lauren Partin, Tyler Scott, Chris Smalley, Dustin Polley, Scotty Chaney, Greg Magill, Mike Morell, Josh Francis, Ashley Tackett, Steven Partin, Bobby Inlow, Mike Harmon