by Chris Kail

On Kid’s Night at Midvale Speedway presented by 99.9 WTUZ, some young guns were hot on the 3/10 mile asphalt. The Kid’s enjoyed an inflatable obstacle course, “Thunder Express” rides, Mascots and RACE CAR RIDES!! Fifty Eight cars and trucks made the haul under mostly cloudy skies and 79 degrees at race time.

The first feature that pulled on to the Speedway was the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s for their 25 lapper. Chris Grubbs in the #25 and George Riddle in the #0 brought the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. Grubbs would lead the opening lap as Riddle had to fend off Cody Jaberg in the #22. Coming off turn two, Riddle hit the afterburners beside Jaberg and shot around Grubbs and into the race lead. Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 and new track record holder Brandon Short in the #18 followed Riddle in the outside lane. Kaberg would bypass Grubbs and the foursome up front would put on a good show. Riddle was able to hang on with Schneider and Short side by side for second and Jaberg all over them in 4th. On lap 7, Schneider slipped just enough coming off turn two, that allowed Short the room he needed to thread the needle. Short went from the bottom lane around Schneider, to the top and around Riddle for the race lead on lap 8. Schneider would follow Short around the outside to second on lap 10. Jaberg was applying the heat to the rear decklid of Riddle, but was having a hard time getting around. On lap 13, Jaberg pulled along side, but Riddle was determined to keep that podium spot. Meanwhile out front, Short had a 2.1 sec lead over Schneider as they began to lap traffic. Short was able to get around Riddle a little quicker than Schneider early on and he was a tick better in traffic than Schneider was late in the going. That allowed the youngster to pick up his third Feature win of the season and in his career. Following the Brookpark OH driver in the Direct Detail, Amsdell Companies, Earnest Performance and Hutter Race Engines sponsored #18 was Schneider, Riddle, Jaberg and Grubbs.

Next up was the Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified’s for their 25 lap Feature. Rick Sibila in the #02 and Mike Stone in the #331 brought the field down for the start. Sibila was able to lead lap 1 with Stone tucking in behind. Phillip Cox in the #09 and Bob Page in the #67 battled side by side for third. The first caution waved on lap 2 as the #65 of Dan Harding looped around in turn one. On the restart, Sibila was again able to clear Stone off turn two, with the #331 following in behind. Lucas Ripley in the #0 was able to move up to battle Page for 4th. It took a couple circuits, but “The Big Dawg” was able to take over the spot, which allowed the fastest qualifier Brandon Bailey in the #55 to follow him to the outside of Page. Sibila was able to distance himself from Stone and was looking like he might be on his way to back to back feature wins. That was until lap 11, when the caution flew. A three car accident in turn one slowed the field and gave everyone another chance at Sibila. The #02 was able to keep out front as Stone and Cox got together for the second week in a row, this time in turn three. Cox was sent to the tail as Stone would have another shot at Sibila. He made the most of that shot, as he was able to wrestle the lead away off turn two. Ripley was able to follow Stone around the outside of Sibila for second, a lap later. “The Rooster” was able to move his #55 to third and Kevin McClintock in the #38 to 4th, dropping Sibila back to 5th by lap 16. The front four would pull away from the field. Ripley worked the back of Stone several times but the youngster was hanging on to the point. Then the game changer happened on lap 21. The final caution for a DRIII spin in the #69 off turn four. That would set up the 4 lap Shootout with Ripley on the outside of Stone. Stone got a good restart but Ripley was a rocket through turns one and two. The #0 was able to clear Stone into turn three and that was all she wrote. “The Big Dawg” would pull into Naak Tuning Victory Lane for the second time in 2019. Completing the top 5 behind the Uhrichsville OH driver in the LTR Industries, D&B Machine, Mustang Trucking and Hammer Construction sponsored #0 was Stone, Bailey, McClintock and Sibila.

Tim Scott in the #4 and Barney Gerber in the #2 led the Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck’s down for the start of their 10 lap feature. Gerber was able to clear Scott into turn three on the opening circuit. As Scott settled in behind Gerber, Eddie McLean was peeking to the outside of Scott. On lap 3, McLean was by the #4 and was working on the outside of Gerber. Just after the halfway mark, fastest qualifier Scott Lindell was able to get by Scott for 3rd and McLean was able to lead at the line, despite Gerber’s hustle on the bottom. Gerber tried and tried to get back around, but McLean had his machine bolted in the second groove. McLean was able to clear Gerber and pick up his second consecutive win. Following the Carrollton OH driver in the Peebles Racing, Columbiana Auto Parts, JOMAC Truck Body’s, Jason Shaw @ O’Reilly Auto Parts and Keith & Robin Brady sponsored #443 was Gerber, Lindell and Scott.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stock 20 lap feature had the #48 of Will Wiggins II and the #118 of Colt Locker on the front row. On the initial start, Wiggins pushed up off turn two and got into Locker. Locker checked up and Bob Passwaters Sr in the #75 had no where to go. Passwaters made contact with the turn two wall, ending his night. That would be the only blemish during the 20 laps. On the complete restart, Wiggins was able to lead lap 1 with Locker still in the second lane. Coming off turn two on lap 2, Wiggins cleared Locker and the #67 of Lucas Ripley followed him to second. Locker would drop into a dogfight with fastest qualifier Robbie Kordiac in the #55. Kordiac would take the spot and settle in behind Ripley. The #67 took several looks at the Wiggins machine, high and low. Ripley would slip up on lap 5, which allowed Kordiac to pounce and take over second. As the laps clicked away, the top 3 would pull away from the rest of the field. Wiggins, in only his third career feature start, was getting a ton of pressure from Kordiac. Bob Passwaters Jr in the #74 and Gabe Pringle in the #7, had a nice battle for 4th, until Pringle took the spot despite fighting fuel issues the last couple weeks. Kordiac tried and tried to get around Wiggins, but lessons learned from his Dad and his brother, Wiggins was able to pick up his first career feature victory. Completing the top 5 behind the Elyria OH driver in the Wiggins Construction & Home Improvements, Warners Restoration, Wigged Chassis, Schaeffer’s Oil & Lubrication and Eco Mechanical sponsored #48 was Kordiac, Ripley, Pringle and Passwaters Jr.

Last but never least was the Finlayson Towing Compacts for their 20 lap event. The #69 of Dan Buckey and the #0 of Alan Clark brought the field to the line. Buckey would lead lap 1 by inches and would continue to lead the early laps with Clark to his outside. Don Rufener III in the #07, the #38 of Brandon France and the #8 of Jeffrey Orr were all battling for the third spot. Buckey was finally able to clear Clark on lap 4 for the lead. A few laps later, DRIII was able to get by Clark on the inside and whip his machine to the outside lane beside Buckey. Fastest qualifier Karl Phillips in the #23 was up into the top 5 after starting 10th. The racing all through the 21 car field was incredible. It was clean, hard, close racing for almost every position. Rufener was able to clear Buckey for the lead on lap 9 as Orr moved to the outside of Buckey for second. The lone caution flew on lap 11 as Clark had some contact with Mike Stuber in the #44, relegating him close to the wall, stopped in turn one. DRIII would nail the restart, leaving Orr to battle with Buckey, France and Phillips. As the laps wound down, the top 4 would put on a great display of back and forth racing. The only constant was the #07 out front. DRIII would go on to put the Rufener name back in victory lane for the first time in a few seasons at Midvale Speedway. Following the Uhrichsville OH driver in the Rufener Racing #07 was Orr, Phillips, France and Buckey

SPECIAL THANK YOU to 99.9 WTUZ, Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, Automatic Fire Protection Systems in Freeport, Shoney’s in Dover, Centre Supply in Midvale, “Mine-ding” Midvale’s History and The Texas Roadhouse in New Philadelphia for catering to the Kid’s yet again!!!

THANK YOU to all the Drivers, Teams, Sponsors, Officials and FANS for another awesome night of racing!!
**THANK YOU to the driver’s who came out for the Race Car Rides and with treats for the Kids…..I’m sure you could see the impact YOU ALL make on them!! Isnt that really, what it’s all about!!

This Saturday Night June 15th we welcome The Midwest Touring Compact’s. Late Model’s, Modified’s, Street Stock’s and Mini Truck’s will accompany the MWTC and our Compact Driver’s are encouraged to compete with them!! We had 2 regular competitors finish in the top 10 last yr. They will run a B-Main if there are enough entrants. Head over to the MWTC FB page or contact Drew Jack and sign up!!

-Story by Chris Kail


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s

Fast Time: Brandon Short 13.595 (NTR)

Heat 1: Brandon Short, George Riddle, Cody Jaberg, Bob Schneider Jr

Heat 2: Chris Grubbs, Bob Eichel, John Sandquist Sr, Korey Herron

Feature: Short, Schneider Jr, Riddle, Jaberg, Grubbs, Sandquist Sr, Eichel, Herron

Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified’s

Fast Time: Brandon Bailey 14.764

Heat 1: Lucas Ripley, Phillip Cox, Brandon Bailey, Bob Page, Dan Harding, Kevin McClintock, Lee McCreery, Louis McGrath

Heat 2: Nick Grubbs, Dan Gasser, Mike Stone, Corey Beatty, Jerry Devore, Rick Sibila, Don Rufener III, Zack Leasure

Feature: Ripley, Stone, Bailey, McClintock, Sibila, Page, Cox, McCreery, McGrath, Grubbs, Harding, Leasure, Devore, Rufener III, Beatty, Gasser

Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Robbie Kordiac 15.826

Heat: Lucas Ripley, Colt Locker, Bob Passwaters Sr, Robbie Kordiac, Bob Passwaters Jr, Will Wiggins II, Gabe Pringle

Feature: Wiggins II, Kordiac, Ripley, Pringle, Passwaters Jr, Locker, Passwaters Sr

Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck’s

Fast Time: Scott Lindell 16.256

Heat: Barney Gerber, Bill Scott, Scott Lindell, Eddie McLean, Tim Scott

Feature: McLean, Gerber, Lindell, Tim. DNS – Bill

Finlayson Towing Compact’s

Fast Time: Karl Phillips 17.211

Heat 1: Kyle Finlayson, Mike Stuber, Kevin Renicker, Jeffrey Orr, Brandon France, Eugene Kopp, Justin Renicker

Heat 2: Josh Peebles, Alan Clark, Ryan Alm, Dan Buckey, Curtis Finlayson, Savannah Alm, Don Rufener III

Heat 3: Gavin Roup, John Hidey, Jimbo Roup, Andrea Brokaw, Eric Brokaw, Toby Cook

Feature: Rufener III, Orr, Phillips, France, Buckey, Kyle, Kevin, Stuber, Gavin, Savannah, Peebles, Ryan, Clark, Curtis, Cook, Jimbo, Hidey, Jeremy Sallinger, Kopp, Andrea, Eric