With a stout field of cars, a packed house was treated to a great start to their 4th of July weekend with the Firecracker 150 Classic presented by Sarchione Ford Of Waynesburg. Mother Nature turned out be be kind, The Rolling Thunder Ohio Chapter 2 dedicated a Chair of Honor and Starfire Corperation put on another spectacular Fireworks Show. Eighty Eight machines made the haul from three different States and it was 81 degrees and mostly cloudy at race time.

The first feature to hit the 3/10 mile oval was the Open Modified 40 lapper. Tyler Shullick in the #61 and Rick Elkins Jr in the #51 brought the field down for the start. Shullick would clear Elkins off turn two of the opening lap to take the top spot, with Nathan Embree in the #10 running third. Elkins continued to be patient through the early stages of the event, following in Shullick’s tire tracks. Embree was under fire from Memorial Day Open Mod winner Stephen Klinect in the #97 and Kenny Phillips in the #15. The first caution flew on lap 7 as Doug Mate in the #14 and Brandon Lemmerman in the #64 got together in turn four. On the restart, Shullick was again able to clear Elkins off turn two to hang on to the lead. Phillips would take the 4th spot from Klinect and Doug Meyer in the #31 would slide into 5th. The cars at the front were very evenly matched and it was hard to make any moves, but the guys in the middle of the pack were dicing it up pretty good though the middle stages of the event. As the leaders worked their way through lapped traffic, Shullick and Elkins were able to put a little distance between themselves and the Embree, Phillips and Meyer trio. The second and final caution came out on lap 30 as Braden Swaney in the #27 stopped next to the wall in turn three. That gave Elkins one more shot on the restart at Shullick. As the green light clicked on, Shullick wasnt going to be denied. He powered into turn one with a slight advantage. Elkins would have a issue coming off turn two, allowing Embree and Meyer to take over second and third. With Elkins stumbling, that stacked everyone up slightly, making Shullick’s work for the win, not much more than a 10 lap practice session. Shullick would pick up his first win in a few years at Midvale Speedway, doing so, in dominating fashion. Finishing the top 5 behind the Vermillion OH driver in the Royal Purple sponsored #61 was Embree, Meyer, Elkins and Lucas Ripley.

The Outlaw Super Late Model 60 lap Feature had a pair of first time visitors to Midvale from Indiana, on the front row. The #89 Jeff Stetler and the #22 of Rich Boal led the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. Boal was able to clear Stetler off of turn two to take the top spot. The first caution flew on lap 2 as John Ambrose in the #19 and Tony Urdiales in the #88 got together in turn three. Urdiales night would be over early as Ambrose was able to continue at the rear. On the restart, Boal was able to clear Stetler off turn two once again. Legend Rich Rohrer in the #7 was hounding Stetler for the runner-up spot and was finally able to get around on lap 4. Bud Perry in the #10 was able to follow Rohrer past Stetler and into third. Fastest qualifier Brandon Short in the #18 was up to 5th from his 10th starting position by lap 5. Perry was starting to put pressure on Rohrer for the runner-up spot on lap 8 but Rohrer was able to fend off the challenge early on. The duo was able to reel in Boal for the race lead, despite their own battle. Rohrer looked to the inside of the leader, but Boal closed the door. That stalled their momentum and Perry blasted around them both on outside and into the lead on lap 10. In three short laps, Perry had already built up a half straightaway lead, as Rohrer tried to find a way around Boal. The battle for second became a three horse race as one of the “Young Guns” joined the Veterans. Short dropped his machine to the inside of Rohrer on lap 16, right behind the #22. Rohrer got a good run in the outside lane, and took over the second spot on lap 18. Short would follow two laps later. Perry meanwhile, was in heavy traffic. The guys were doing a good job of giving way to the race leader, but it was definitely hurting him. Rohrer starting clawing into the lead, cutting it from over 4 seconds, to under 3. The problem for Rohrer though, was it appeared the handling of his machine was starting to go away. That allowed Short to close right up on the rear decklid. Boal, Albert Francis in the #33, Bob Schneider Jr in the #17, Gary Whipkey in the #59 and George Riddle in the #0 were having a great nose to tail battle for the 4-8 positions. The problem was, the leader was breathing down their necks. The race had just crossed over the halfway mark, with Perry leading the Rohrer and Short battle by 4.9 seconds. Perry was being very patient trying to get through the traffic. Schneider got moved out of line and him and Riddle would fall a lap behind the leader, just before the second caution of the event came out on lap 40. Short had a good run off turn four to the outside of Rohrer. Heading into turn one, Short may have gotten in a little to deep and the car swapped ends on him, bringing out the yellow. Six cars remained on the lead lap. On the restart, Mack Gribble in the #07 got out of shape off turn two and collected the #23 of Kevin Sauer. The accident may have knocked a hole in the oil cooler of Sauer and he put a small stream of oil down as he made his way pit side, unfortunately, ending his night. The track crew did an outstanding job of getting the oil cleaned up for the final restart. Rohrer would have one more shot at Perry. As the green flag flew for the 9 lap shootout, Rohrer hung tough for 3/4 of the lap, before Perry was able to clear him off turn four. Smokin Bud Perry was able to inch away from Rohrer and find Naak Tuning Victory Lane once again. Following the Edgerton OH driver in the Boerger Electric, Keyhole Pizza, Seger Trucking, Logan Service, Meyer’s Garage & Drive Thru and Redskin Motorsports sponsored #10 was Rohrer, Short, Boal and Francis.

After the Fireworks Show, the Open Street Stock’s hit the Speedway for their 30 lap Feature. They had some fireworks in store of their own. Josh Caranci in the #47 and the #07 of Zach Myers led the field down for the start. Caranci cleared Myers off turn two to take the early lead. Will Wiggins II in the #48, Billy Roberts in the #87 and Colt Locker in the #118 battled for third. The first caution flew on lap 2 as Earl Goldy in the #08 and Jeremie Wiggins in the #6 got together in turn three. The restart was the exact same as the initial start for the opening lap. On the second, the leaders headed into turn one, Myers and Caranci got together battling for the lead. Caranci spun around and the field piled in. After a lengthy cleanup, Myers, Roberts, Will and Jeff Kuykendall were all too damaged to continue. Caranci, Goldy and Greg Barnard Jr were all able to continue with damage. Parker Ennes had a mechanical issue on the opening lap of the restart and was eliminated as well. That put Caranci back up front with “Goldy Locks” Locker in the outside lane. Locker would lead lap 4 by a nose. The two raced side by side until Locker slipped on lap 6. That allowed the #2 of Joe Coursen and Jeremie in the #6 to slip by. The third and final caution flew on lap 8, when Coursen got a run into turn three on Caranci, but wasnt quite far enough alongside. Caranci spun and Coursen was sent to the tail. The final restart had Caranci and Wiggins on the front row. Wiggins was able to clear Caranci off turn four. Fastest Qualifier Dennis Wood in the #88 and the #21 of Mark Lushes were able to get around Caranci to move to second and third. Locker was able to move back up to 4th on lap 10 and Goldy to 5th on lap 11. As the laps clicked away, Wiggins was able to hang on to a 3 or 4 car length lead. The gap never grew, but Wood wasnt able to reel him in either. Both drivers did a terrific job of negotiating traffic without losing ground. Lushes was able to pick his way through the traffic as well, but unfortunately he wasnt able to reel in the front two. Wiggins would cross the finish line 1st, but was disqualified in post race tech. Dennis Wood would pick up his second straight Open Street Stock victory. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Barberton OH driver in the Nephews Painting, Canton Auto Salvage, Scott’s Automotive, Quality Lawn Care, Automotive Electric, Truline Asphalt and Patty’s Busy B’s sponsored #88 was Lushes, Goldy, Locker and Coursen.

The final event of the evening was the 25 lap Open Compact Feature and it was a doozy!! Alan Clark in the #0 and Will Scott in the #72 started on the front row. Clark was able to take the top spot with Scott trying to hang on the outside. Mike Stuber in the #44 and the #23 of Karl Phillips were battling side by side for third. Stuber decided to thread the needle up the middle of Phillips and Scott to take over second. Scott got way up high and checked up the field. The #22 of fastest qualifier Kyle Rector got turned and spun through the infield. Rector made contact with one of the yuke tires, ending his night. On the restart, Clark and Stuber started side by side. Clark was able to hold the point and Brandon France in the #38 worked the outside lane to get around Stuber. Scott got some contact from behind and got into Josh Peebles in the #78, sending him spinning wildly, bringing out the races final caution on lap 6, ending both their nights. That put France outside Clark for the final restart. Clark would hang tough, but France was just a little better and was able to take over the top spot. Brent Shreffler in the #24 started 12th, and was blistering through the pack, following France around Clark to second. France would hang on to the lead, with Shreffler lying in the weeds like a Lion stalking his prey. On lap 14, Erik Johnson in the #47 was able to make an outside pass of Clark for 3rd, but it was a half straightaway behind the leaders. With 5 laps remaining, Shreffler hit the go button. He was able to get a good run and pass France on the inside on lap 22. Everyone thought “Welp….that’s it”. Boy were they wrong! France got deep into turn three and took the top spot back with 2 laps to go. Over the final 2 laps, France and Shreffler traded the lead and more paint than they will atbDaytona on Saturday night. Even though they traded paint, neither driver was dirty or took the other one out. They just raced hard, refusing to lose. Shreffler had the lead heading into turn three for the final time. France got DEEP into the corner and slid up in front of the #24. But France slid up to far and Shreffler hooked the bottom, passed him back and rolled into Naak Tuning Victory Lane. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Canton Auto Salvage, Bowling’s Used Cars, About Your Comfort Pest Control, Paw Print Vinyls, Shutterbug Photography by Dana, Stock Boarding Kennels and Finlayson Towing sponsored #24 was France, Johnson, Phillips and Clark.

THANK YOU to Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, Rolling Thunder Ohio Chapter 2, Starfire Corperation, Driver’s, Team’s, Official’s, ALL of our partners and THE FANS for coming out and spending the start to the Holiday weekend with us at Midvale Speedway.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Left Turn Photoworks, Asphalt Aspects and OVDTR for their coverage!! And of course our very own Mid-Vid Video, who will have the entire night available on DVD!!

There is no racing this Saturday July 6th, but there is a Party in the Pits!! Antique and Craft Show, Swap Meet, Food Vendors and a few concerts will take place from 10am – 10pm!!

Next up on the racing schedule is Christmas in July Night on Saturday July 13th. Kid’s Bicycle and Backpack giveaways and other prizes for the fans presented by Federated Auto Parts!! If you would like to donate a bicycle, a backpack or something else to giveaway to the fans, please contact track owners John and Kelley Chapman. It should be another GREAT FAMILY NIGHT at “Thunder In The Valley”!!

– Story by Chris Kail


Outlaw Super Late Model’s

Fast Time: Brandon Short 13.563

60 Lap Feature: Bud Perry, Rich Rohrer, Brandon Short, Rich Boal, Albert Francis, Gary Whipkey, Bob Schneider Jr, Mack Gribble, Jeff Stetler, Jeff Taylor, George Riddle, Kevin Sauer, Bob Eichel, John Ambrose, Korey Herron, John White, Tony Urdiales

Open Modified’s

Fast Time: Preston Walker 14.477

Heat 1: TJ Stineman, Bob Sibila Jr, Brandon Lemmerman, Doug Mate, Zack Leasure, Shawn Lewis, Bob Page

Heat 2: Dave Dobbins, Spencer Stineman, Braden Swaney, Zack Miller, Norm Taylor, Shawn Marder, Andy Booten

35 Lap Feature: Tyler Shullick, Nathan Embree, Doug Meyer, Rick Elkins Jr, Lucas Ripley, Kenny Phillips, Stephen Klinect, Preston Walker, Brandon Bailey, TJ, Miller, Taylor, Dobbins, Sibila Jr, Page, Spencer, Mate, Leasure, Marder, Lewis, Booten, Swaney, Brad Copen, Lemmerman. DNS – Justin Courtney, Todd Ripley, Tyler Nuckles, John White

Open Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Dennis Wood 15.599

Heat 1: Jeff Kuykendall, Joe Coursen, Jeremie Wiggins, Parker Ennis, Mark Lushes, Dennis Wood

Heat 2: Josh Caranci, Will Wiggins II, Colt Locker, Zach Myers

Heat 3: Greg Barnard Jr, Earl Goldy, Bob Lusetti, Scott Richardson, Gabe Pringle, Luther Hurley

30 Lap Feature: Wood, Lushes, Goldy, Locker, Coursen, Caranci, Lusetti, Barnard, Pringle, Will, Kuykendall, Roberts, Myers, Ennes. DQ – Jeremie Wiggins

Open Compact’s

Fast Time: Kyle Rector 16.982

Heat 1: Erik Johnson, Brandon France, Kyle Rector, Josh Peebles, Kevin Renicker, Don Rufener III, Brent Shreffler

Heat 2: Eddie McLean, Alan Clark, Mike Stuber, Mike McDonald, Eugene Kopp, Karl Phillips, Will Scott

Heat 3: Scott Kitchen, Jimbo Roup, Toby Cook, Gavin Roup, Jeremy Sallinger, Derek Robinson, Shawn Donnalley

25 Lap Feature: Shreffler, France, Johnson, Phillips, Clark, Renicker, Stuber, Kyle Finlayson, McLean, McDonald, Kopp, Cook, Gavin, Jimbo, Kitchen, Robinson, Sallinger, Donnalley, DRIII, Peebles, Scott, Rector