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Even Mother Nature couldn’t beat Trent Stephens at Sandusky Speedway last night. After rain showers moved through the area Saturday afternoon the great crowd on hand saw some great racing.

As fast as the green flag fell, the red flag came out just as quick. As Ryan Winningham went into the front stretch wall as the field was coming down the straightaway, what started a chain reaction sending eight cars to the pit area to be repaired, including eventual feature Trent Stephens. After the track cleanup the cars were finally restarted with everyone returning except for the 64 of Jim Paller, the 39 of Jason Wells, the Bingo 5 of Kevin Feeney, the 92 of Larry Lehnert, and the 55 of Rich Reid.

Once the track was cleared the green was out once again and Talon Stephens jumped to the early lead. But it didn’t take long for the 19 of Trent Stephens to get to the front and he set sail to a huge lead. Talon was under a lot of pressure by the 72 of Danny Shirey as he was trying to find a way around. That’s when Mike McVetta started to show his muscle as he was able to get around Shirey on the high side and then get around the 30 of Talon Stephens by lap 17. Now McVetta was setting his sights on Trent Stephens who by this time had built up a huge lead. While McVetta was trying to track down the leader, Shirey was trying to get by Talon.

As the race came to the end, Mike McVetta was clearly making up ground on the 19 of Trent Stephens, but he ran out of laps. When the checkered flag fell it was Trent Stephens with the win followed by the 22 of Mike McVetta. Talon Stephens won the battle for third, Danny Shirey would have to settle for fourth, and AJ Lesiecki round out the top five.
Junior Grand Marshall- Michael
Adkins Glass Bike Raffle Winner-Carl
Note- The 11 of Kyle Edwards broke the rear end during his heat race
Special Thanks to:​
• Kevin and Bev Jaycox along with Chris Mize of Sandusky Speedway for working hard to get our race in due to none other than “the weather!”
• A long time Supermodified supporter wanting to give back to the Supermodified community with just a little something extra. What did he do, had 30 “yummy” pizzas delivered from Eats N’ Treats. Thank you anonymous supporter, your gesture made many peoples day. Thanks also to Rich Reid and Kate Lepley for coordinating!
• Another long time Supermodified supporter Steve, decided he wanted to donate $100 to the 6th Fastest Qualifier.
Again MSS thanks you all for your support!

Next up for Midwest Supermodified Series will be Midvale Speedway on Saturday, July 20th. Please come out and support the speedway and our series.

Heat Race 1- 1. Danny Shirey (72), 2. Mike McVetta (22), 3. Rich Reid (55), 4. AJ Leseicki (7), 5. Kevin Feeney (Bingo 5), 6. Jason Wells (39)

Heat Race 2- 1. Jim Paller 64, 2. Trent Stephens (19), 3. Talon Stephens (30), 4. Kyle Edwards (11), 5. Ryan Winningham (27), 6. Randy Wedell (71), DNS Larry Lenhert (92)

Feature- 1. Trent Stephens (19), 2. Mike McVetta (22), 3. Talon Stephens (30) 4. Danny Shirey (72) 5. AJ Leseicki (7), 6. Randy Wedell (71), 7. Ryan Winningham (27), 8. Jim Paller (64), 9. Kevin Feeney (Bingo 5), 10. Jason Wells (39), 11. Rich Reid (55), 12. Larry Lehnert (92), DNS. Kyle Edwards