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Worlds Fastest Three Tenths Mile Paved Oval
For immediate release: 7-13-19

Racing Action at Shady Bowl Speedway

DeGraff OH: Shady Bowl Speedway got a full night of racing in the books on Saturday (7/13). The car counts were great in all divisions and fans were kept on the edge of their seats or on their feet all night. In the Dave Nagel Excavating late models eighteen cars took the green flag for the 110 lap Denny Shatto Memorial . The race is held annually to honor the the memory of the late Sidney OH car builder. The race paid $3110.00 to win.
Xenia OH driver Ryan Fleming dominated the race in his Muffler Brothers sponsored ride. Ryan crossed the finish line first to win his second straight feature. Mike Holland did a great job of driving to finish second. Matt Parsons, Jim Lewis Jr. and Buddy Townsend filled out the top five. Fleming set fast time, with Don Mahaffey Jr. winning the dash, Veteran drivers Bill Cantley and Scott Drake posted heat wins.

The Wootens Modified Series took to the oval next, with Chris Parker of Bellefontaine holding on to the lead to take the feature win in his Zimmerman Realty open wheeler . Chuck Lensman is the owner car. Fast qualifier Bill Burba was second, with Jerry Stapleton third, Logan McPherson fourth and Daniel McPherson fifth. Scott Jones won the dash, with Buddy Townsend taking the heat checker.

The Noble Armor Coating mini stocks filled the oval as they started their 40 lap feature with 29 cars taking the green. Austin Eaton of Belle Center took the win. A post race inspection led to Buck Purtee and Jimmie Huffman being disqualified. The win then went to Eaton.

Justin Pope, Ryan Barrett and BJ Shoffner claimed second thru fifth
Jeremy Niswonger won the dash, with Damien Weigel, Nick Hall and Corey Plunkett taking heat wins.

The 100 lap enduro closed out the nights action. Twenty eight cars took the green flag. It didn’t take long until there was action all around the oval. A grinding last lap crash left Kenny Terry’s car in sad shape. Gary Williams took the win in his Quick Parts sponsored ride. The win was the second enduro win for Williams, as he also won the Clunker Classic last fall. Tyler Mahaffey was second, followed by Terry, Nick Barrett and Isaiah Markey.

Next Saturday (7/20) will see the VORES series in action. It is sure to be the biggest night in the history of Shady Bowl Speedway as the 2nd annual Bowl Classic will be ran. Two time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip will take the wheel of a VORES car and race with the local drivers, USAC veteran Tom Bigelow will driver the pace car and sign autographs. Gates open at noon, practice at 4 and qualifying at 5:30. Racing will start at 7. The Wooten Modifieds will also be in action

Shady Bowl Speedway Kwik Results 7-13-19

Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models:
Fast Qualifier: Ryan Fleming 13.594
Dash winner: Don Mahaffey Jr.
Heat winners: Bill Cantley and Scott Drake
110 Lap Denny Shatto Memorial feature: 1. Ryan Fleming 2. Mike Holland 3. Matt Parsons 4. Jim Lewis Jr. 5.Buddy Townsend 6. Shawn Szep 7. Tyler Mahaffey 8. Bill Cantley 9. Josh Kempf 10. Curtis Noble 11. Daryl McKay 12. Jacob Muncy 13. Josh Sage 14. Josh Smith 15. Scott Drake 16. Donnie Hill 17. Burgess White 18. Brian Fries

Wooten Automotive Modifieds
Fast Qualifier: Bill Burba 13.927
Dash winner: Scott Jones
Heat winner. Buddy Townsend
Feature 30 laps: 1. Chris Parker 2. Bill Burba 3. Jerry Stapleton 4. Logan McPherson 5. Daniel McPherson 6. Doug Hewitt Jr. 7. Buddy Townsend 8. Mike Carroll 9. Rob Dutra 10. Scott Jones 11. Mike Schaeffer 12. Don Skaggs

Nobles Armor Coating Mini Stocks.
Fast Qualifier: Buck Purtee 16.767
Dash winner: Jeremy Niswonger
Heat winners: Nick Hall, Corey Plunkett and Damien Weigel
Feature 40 laps: 1. Austin Eaton 2. Justin Pope 3. Ryan Barrett 4. Jimmy McElfresh 5. B J Shoffner 6. Keven Baggett 7. Andrea Swink 8. David Asher 9. Damien Weigel 10. Rob Taylor IV 11. Dustin Hughes 12. Corey Plunkett 13. Talon Coppock 14. Bill Glasgow 15. Nick Hall 16. Nick Barrett 17.Alex Zerkel 18. Matt Kessler 19. Alan Smith 20. Jeremy Niswonger 21. Bryan Temple 22. Chet Armbruster 23. David Young 24. Alex George 25. Shelby George 26. Justin Kemp 27. Jacob Castle. Buck Purtee (03) and Jimmie Huffman (25) were disqualified when their cars failed a post race inspection.

100 lap Enduro: 1. Gary Williams 2. Tyler Mahaffey 3. Kenny Terry 4. Nick Barrett 5. Isaiah Markey 6. Nicholas Meade 7. Chester Frazier 8. Justin Durflinger 9. Dwayne Swink 10. Jordan South 11. Brett Smith 12. Jeramiah Jacob 13. Scott Hensen 14. Shawn Stephens 15. Lacey Young 16.Alex Young 17. Jeff Binkley 18. Hayden Swink 19. Brett Butler 20. Chris Jennings 21. Ryan Barrett 22. Matt Oppy 23. Bobby Klein 24. Jeremy Long 25. Kevin Stager 26. Devin Glassager 27. Jason Mahaffey 28. Zach Beatty.