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It was a picturesque Saturday Night for the CRS Super Truck Series “Big Mac 50” and Frisbee Race #2 at “Thunder In The Valley” presented by Ferris Chevrolet. All the Divisions came together and put on another outstanding night of racing. Seventy five cars and trucks made the haul to Midvale and it was 81 and sunny at race time.

Mike Sheppard in the #73 and Bobby Schraam in the #23 led the field of CRS Super Trucks down for the start of the “Big Mac 50”. On the initial start, the #50 of Chad Duensing checked up in turn two and current points runner-up Billy Lundberg in the #42 had no where to go. He got into the right rear of Duensing and that inflicted a lot of damage to the left front of the Dark Horse Racing #42. Lundberg’s night would be over before it really ever got started. Duensing was able to continue. After the green flag flew for the second time, Sheppard and Schraam had all kinds of contact in turn two, allowing the #32 of Brian Taylor to take them three wide for the lead. Taylor was able to clear the duo into turn three to lead the opening stanza. The first caution flew on lap 2 for a quick spin by the #4 of Steve Hursey. On the restart, Taylor and Schraam banged doors a few times before Taylor was able to scoot back out front. Brandon Huff in the #21 was also able to take second from Schraam. On lap 4, Mark Lushes in the #2 and fastest qualifier Spencer Stineman in the #37 were able to pick their way up to 3rd and 4th respectively as Huff was all over the tailgate of Taylor for the lead. The caution would wave on lap 8 as the #68 of Shawn Bubsey hammered the wall at the exit of turn four. That put Huff to the outside of Taylor for the restart. Taylor would lead by a nose at the line and was able to clear Huff off turn two, Stineman would follow Taylor up to second as the #21 of Huff appeared to have an issue and he faded in a hurry. On lap 12, Stineman threw his 137 Race Truck in the outside lane and took over the race lead from Taylor. Lap 14 would be the turning point in the event. The reason Huff faded was that he had a tire going down. He would bring out the caution with a spin in turn two. On the restart, the #46 of Gregg Schraam had the throttle hang wide open off turn two. He hit the turn three wall a ton. The #0 of Tim Ice was involved along with a few others. Ice and Schraam were the two that were done for the night. Under the red flag, everyone was so concerned with the accident, that nobody noticed, the race leader Stineman, had to go to the pits for a hub issue that should have ended his night. The crew had just enough time to change the hub assembly and get him back out at the tail of the field. That put Taylor back up front with Bailey Delfosse in the #04 running second. Shortly after the restart, Stineman was on the move. He took third on lap 16, second on lap 18 and he was able to get by Taylor for the lead on lap 19. The final major caution flew on lap 20 as the #00 of Mike Brooks pounded the turn one concrete and stopped just shy of the pit chute. All the drivers in the accidents were thankfully, ok. Back under the green, Stineman seized control of the race. The only thing that slowed him were a few late cautions. Huff was able to climb up to second after changing tires a few times, but on this night, the best truck won. He picked up the bonus for leading lap 26, he was the fastest qualifier and Spencer Stineman would raise the “Big Mac 50” Championship Belt in Naak Tuning Victory Lane. Following the LaGrange OH driver in the 137 Race Cars, Young & McCarthy sponsored #137 was Huff, Brewer, Delfosse and Taylor.

The first Feature on the Speedway was the 30 lapper for the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s. The #25 of Chris Grubbs and the #07 of Mark Enos brought the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. Grubbs would race out to the early lead, leaving Enos to battle with Cody Jaberg in the #22 for second. The first caution flew for the #47 of Dave Mcallicker, who spun in turn one. Jaberg would shoot past Grubbs on the restart to take the point. Rich Rohrer in the #7 was able to follow in “Codeman’s” tire tracks to take second. On lap 3, the #0 of George Riddle, the #88 of Tony Urdiales and the #18 of fastest qualifier and new track record holder Brandon Short in the #18 would get around Grubbs to move into the top 5. The legend would fill up the mirror of the young gun for the race lead. Lap after lap he would try to find a way around. On lap 10, Rohrer had a run to the inside, but wasnt quite up far enough. The two made contact, Jaberg spun and the caution waved for the second time. Jaberg would restart with Riddle to his outside. Jaberg would get the jump as Urdiales and Short would follow him to second and third respectively. The final caution waved on lap 13 as Enos looped his machine in turn three. Jaberg got another good restart as he jumped out in front as Short and Urdiales raced side by side for second. Short was able to get past Urdiales and quickly jumped to the outside of Jaberg for the lead. On lap 17, Short was able to clear Jaberg and he started to inch away from the field. Urdiales would have something break on lap 22, that forced him pit side. Over the closing laps, Short was able to stretch out his lead to pick up his 6th win of the season. Following the North Royalton OH driver in the Amsdell Companies, Direct Detail, Earnest Performance and Hutter Race Engines sponsored #18 was Jaberg, point leader Bob Schneider Jr, Rohrer and Riddle.

Phillip Cox in the #09 and Mike Stone in the #331 led twenty Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified’s down for the start of their 25 lap Feature. Cox would lead lap 1 by inches. The first four laps, the top two remained side by side until Cox was finally able to clear Stone off turn four. Bob Page in the #67 moved underneath Stone who was caught in the outside lane. Page was able to clear Stone on lap 6. The top five were all nose to tail until lap 10, when Brandon Bailey in the #55 was able to get around Rick Sibila in the #02 for 4th. The first caution flew on lap 12 when the #99 of Derek Grewell spun in turn two. That put Page and Cox side by side for the restart. Cox was able to continue out front until Grewell spun in turn four on lap 14, which brought out another caution. Page would battle hard in the outside lane, but Cox was hooked up in the bottom lane. “The Big Dawg” Lucas Ripley was able to move up to 3rd after getting around Stone. Bailey and fastest qualifier Kevin McClintock in the #38 were able to dispose of Stone a lap later to take over 4th and 5th before the final caution waved on lap 23. The #54 of Doug McMillen cut a right front tire and stopped in turn four. That set up a green-white-checkered finish, giving Page another shot at his first Asphalt Feature win. Page was able to stay along side Cox as they came to the white flag, but Cox was just too strong. He would pull into Naak Tuning Victory Lane for the second time in 2019 as Ripleynwas able to nip Page at the line for second. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Sherrodsville OH driver in the Ohio Billing, Swan Racing Fabrication, Double J Restoration and Finish Line Designs sponsored #09 was Ripley, Page, Bailey and McClintock.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s pulled onto the Speedway for their 20 lap Feature with Frank Boychi in the #28 and Kylee Wood in the #22 bringing the field down for the start. Boychi was able to clear Wood off turn four to take the race lead as Lucas Ripley in the #67 was able to take over second. On lap 2, Ripley would put his machine in the high lane to take over the top spot off turn two. Jeff Kuykendall in the #12 was able to take second from Boychi on lap 3 as the first caution flew for Kylee Wood, who spun in turn four. On the restart, Boychi and Colt Locker in the #118 got together in turn two, bringing out the races final caution. Kuykendall would restart on the outside of Ripley. Kuykendall would hang on for a lap, but the “Big Dawg” was a little bit better in the bottom lane. Kuykendall would drop in behind Ripley with Dennis Wood in the #88 and “Camaro Hair” right behind. On lap 11, fastest qualifier Gabe Pringle in the #7 moved around Bob Passwaters Sr in the #75 to move into the top 5. Out front, the point leader would inch away from Kuykendall to take home his 3rd win of the season in the Tantarelli owned #67. Following the Uhrichsville OH driver in the Herron Heating & Cooling sponsored #67 was Kuykendall, Dennis, Locker and Pringle.

The final Feature of the evening was for the 20 lap Finlayson Towing Compact’s. A pair of young guns started on the front row, Derek Robinson in the #15 was on the pole with Curtis Finlayson in the #53 along side. Finlayson was able to get deep into turn three to take the top spot. On lap 2, Allen Clark in the #0 was able to take second from Robinson and Mike Stuber in the #44 was able to take third. Stuber would move to the high lane along side Clark. The duo would battle for three laps, until Stuber was able to take the spot on lap 6. While Stuber and Clark battled for second, Finlayson was able to build up a 6 or 7 car length lead. Stuber was able to erase that deficit in a few short laps. He would pressure the Rookie into a slight mistake on lap 9. Finlayson slipped up high and Stuber shot by on the inside. Fastest qualifier Kevin Renicker was on the march to the front, as he moved along side Dan Buckey in the #69 for 4th. The two made contact on the front straightaway, sending Buckey to the infield on lap 12. That brought out the only caution of the event. On the restart, Stuber was able to quickly clear Finlayson to take control once again. Clark was able to take second, Jeffrey Orr in the #8 and Kyle Finlayson in the #15 were able to follow Clark to 3rd and 4th. As the laps clicked away, Stuber was able to check out. Kyle and the #38 of Brandon France were able to get around Clark and Orr, but Stuber was well on his way to his second visit to Naak Tuning Victory Lane. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Bowerston OH driver in the My Water Doctor, Buckey Mowing and Keith’s Cars sponsored #44 was Kyle, France, Orr and Clark.

THANK YOU to the CRS Super Truck Series and the Strehle family for putting on a great show in memory of a great man. The Gift Baskets, Chinese Auction and the 50/50 benefited the V.A. Fisher House in Cleveland. Thank you to all the Driver’s, Team’s, Official’s and FANS!!

This Saturday Night August 10th, the Super Cup Stock Car Series will pull into Midvale Speedway for their annual trip to the 3/10 mile oval. They will be joined by the OPEN Modified’s for a 50 lap, $1,000 to win Feature! Street Stocks, Mini Truck’s and Compact’s will also be on the docket, presented by My Water Doctor.

– Story by Chris Kail


CRS Super Truck Series

Fast Time: Spencer Stineman 14.711

“Big Mac” 50 – Spencer Stineman, Brandon Huff, Brian Brewer, Bailey Delfosse, Brian Taylor, Bobby Schraam, Mike Brooks, Tim Ice, Greg Schramm, Mike Sheppard, Mark Lushes, Chad Duensing, Shawn Bubsey, Steve Hursey, Billy Lundberg

McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s

Fast Time: Brandon Short 13.568 (NTR)

Heat 1: Cody Jaberg, Rich Rohrer, Bob Schneider Jr, Tony Urdiales, Mark Enos, George Riddle, Brandon Short

Heat 2: Chris Grubbs, John Sandquist Sr, Bob Eichel, Korey Herron, Rick Kapple

Feature: Short, Jaberg, Schneider Jr, Rohrer, Riddle, Sandquist Sr, Grubbs, Enos, Herron, Urdiales, Eichel, Mcallicker. DNS – Kappel

Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified’s

Fast Time: Kevin McClintock 14.891

Heat 1: Nick Grubbs, Todd Ripley, Louis McGrath, Doug McMillen, Kevin McClintock, Lucas Ripley

Heat 2: Mike Stone, Phillip Cox, Bob Page, Bill Aubihl, Rick Sibila, Ryan Tedesco, Trey Williams

Heat 3: Jerry Devore, Derek Grewell, Dan Gasser, Zack Leasure, Bobby Devore II, Larry Ennis

Feature: Cox, Lucas, Page, Bailey, Kevin McClintock, Grubbs, Sibila, Stone, McGrath, Todd, Tedesco, Aubihl, Gasser, Jerry, Grewell, Leasure, Ennis, Williams, McMillen, Bobby

Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Gabe Pringle 15.851

Heat 1: Lucas Ripley, Dennis Wood, Jeff Kuykendall, Gabe Pringle, Bob Passwaters Sr

Heat 2: Rich Schweitzer, Frank Boychi, Bob Passwaters Jr, Colt Locker, Kylee Wood

Feature: Ripley, Kuykendall, Dennis, Locker, Pringle, Passwaters Sr, Kylee, Boychi, Passwaters Jr, Schweitzer

Finlayson Towing Compact’s

Fast Time: Kevin Renicker 17.146

Heat 1: Kyle Finlayson, Mike Stuber, Brandon France, Jeffrey Orr, Josh Peebles, Karl Phillips, Kevin Renicker, Eugene Kopp, Britt Vanmeter

Heat 2: Gavin Roup, Alan Clark, Derek Robinson, Dan Buckey, Eric Brokaw, Andrea Brokaw, Connor McLean, Curtis Finlayson

Feature: Stuber, Kyle, France, Orr, Clark, Vanmeter, Peebles, Phillips, Buckey, Curtis, Renicker, McLean, Robinson, Roup, Eric, Andrea, Kopp