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Back to School Night – Results
Mike Goins

Thanks to the VARC club for coming and showing off their vintage racecars and congratulations to John Lawhorn for the win over Butch Evans and Terry Wells in their 15 lap feature event.

Impact Race Gear Late Models, (16 Entries)
Fast Qualifier: Zach Milbee 14.171

Heat Winners: Zach Milbee, Clint Keenan,

Feature Finish: Clint Keenan, Zach Milbee, Shane Bailey, Mike Foggin, Brian Eaton, Darren Kattine, Randy Ross, Caiden Black, Matt Yates, Jamie Lawson, Cameron Logan, William Rose, Chase Frohnapfel,

C&M Racing Equipment Sport Mods, (21 Entries)

Fast Qualifier: Kevin Spencer 15.900

Heat Winners: Aaron Hopkins, JD Broughton, Gary Griffith,

Feature Finish: Adam Jones, Jamey Adams, Aaron Hopkins, Landon Barker, JD Broughton, Kevin Spencer, Bud Frazier, Gary Griffith, Miles Cook, Bob Crace, Tonka Harris, Josh Harrington, Sterling Packer, Keith Lowe, Adam Travis, Gary Park, Joel Richendollar, Dan Disinger, David Landman,

Newman Auto Service Compacts (9 Entries)

Heat Winners: Clyde Pack,

Feature Finish: Devin Puckett, Clyde Pack, Jason Blake, James Hopkins, Briar Arrington, Travis Polson, Seth Fout, Jeremiah English,

Mark Frazier CPA & Associates NexGen Sport Mods, (3 Entries)

Heat Winners: Morgan Fannin

Feature Finish: Zack Forcum, Morgan Fannin, Clayton Groff,

MODLITEs, (4 Entries)

Heat Winners: Joe McFee,

Feature Finish: Joe McFee, David Seitz, Shawn Wince