by Chris Kail

It was another beautiful evening in Midvale Ohio for the Vanmeter Auto Repair Season Championship. Big Season Championship race trophies were on the line and Champions were crowned. Seventy Two cars and trucks made the tow and it was mostly sunny and 75 degrees at race time.

The one Championship still to be decided, was the final event of the evening. The Finlayson Towing Compact’s were up for their 20 lap Feature with Kyle Finlayson holding a 38 point lead over Jeffrey Orr coming into the event. If Orr was able to take home the win, Finlayson would need to finish 18th or better out of the 21 car field to capture the title. Eric Feister in the #38 and Connor McLean in the #443 brought the field to the stripe. McLean would race out front with Feister running second, until Dan Buckey in the #69 got to his outside on lap 2. Those three would continue to mix it up as Brent Shreffler in the #24 was once again, making his march to the front. Shreffler is one of the few guys who isnt afraid to put his machine in the 3rd and sometimes the 4th groove. He started 10th and was up to 4th prior to the only caution on lap 7. The #007 of DRIII got knocked to the infield and stopped. On the restart, McLean and Buckey would continue their battle. Back and forth, great and clean racing for the big trophy. On lap 10, McLean was finally able to clear Buckey for the lead momentarily. Buckey would battle back and take the lead himself on lap 12. That appeared to be a good thing for Buckey, in hindsight, it wasnt. That allowed the #8 of Jeffrey Orr to take the second spot and Shreffler to take third. Orr, desperately wanted the win, just in case Finlayson faltered. But that “handsome dude” driving the #24 had other ideas. He was able to get by Orr and then dispose of Buckey on lap 15. Shreffler would drive away to his 4th win of the season with Orr in second. Finlayson would finish 9th, taking home his first Championship after multiple second place finishes, despite having a flat tire the last several laps. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Canton Auto Salvage, Bowlings Used Cars, About Your Comfort Pest Control, Shutterbug Photography by Dana, Stock Boarding Kennels, Finlayson Towing and Paw Print Vinyls sponsored #24 was Orr, Buckey, Josh Peebles and Mike Stuber. During the heat race, Andrea Brokaw in the #44 took a hard hit, when she spun into a stopped Mike McDonald. She walked to the ambulance under her own power, but was transported to the hospital for observation with neck and back pain. At the time of this article, she was still getting some test done, but was doing well.

The CRS Super Trucks took to the 3/10 mile oval for the Ed & Company 50 with Brandon Huff in the #21, who all but sealed up the Championship prior to tonight and Brad Copen in the #50 bringing the field to green. Copen was able to take the lead via the outside lane as Huff dropped into second. On lap 3, Spencer Stineman in the #37 moved to the outside of Huff for second. Stineman was able to complete the pass on lap 5 as the top five raced nose to tail. Fastest qualifier Bailey Delfosse in the #04 took over third on lap 7 and the front three started to pull away from Huff in 4th. Copen would continue to hold the top spot with Stineman peeking periodically to the outside. The first caution waved on lap 18 as the #00 of Mike Brooks got high in turn three and spun around. On the restart, Stineman shot out of a cannon to the race lead with Copen tucking in behind. On lap 22, Delfosse got his nose under Copen to take second as Stineman was starting to put some distance on the field. The second yellow came out right at the halfway mark, as Copen cut a tire as he exited turn two. He did a complete 360 in front of Brian Brewer in the #20. Somehow, Brewer managed to avoid him and everyone continued on. Copen and Huff would pit for fresh rubber and they rejoined the tail end of the field. That put Delfosse to the outside of Stineman for the restart. Stineman again, shot out to the lead in turn one, but Delfosse made a beautiful crossover move and got to the inside of the #37 as they entered turn three. Delfosse would take the top spot with Stineman dropping in behind. Brewer was in 3rd and Huff was able to climb back to 4th before the 3rd caution flew on lap 31. Brewer broke something in the right front suspension and he stopped entering turn one, ending his night. On the restart, Delfosse was able to lead with Stineman battling in the high lane. The final caution came out on lap 35 as the runner-up in points, Brian Taylor in the #32, cut a right front tire. He would continue after making a pit stop, but he was at the tail of the field. Delfosse has had some good runs at Midvale, but luck hasnt been on his side in the past. As the final green flag waved, Delfosse was able to race out front with Stineman right on his rear decklid. As the laps clicked away, Stineman appeared to be struggling with rear grip and Delfosse was glued to the track. As the white flag waved, Stineman made one final attempt to the outside, but Delfosse wasnt to be denied. He would make his first visit to Naak Tuning Victory Lane and he picked up his first win of the season. Huff was able to soldier home to a 4th place finish, to claim the 2019 CRS Super Truck Points Title. Completing the top 5 behind the Grafton OH driver in the Republic Services, BMT Firearms, Fletcher Motorsports, Jager Brigade Racing sponsored #04 was Stineman, Copen, Huff and Brooks.

Chris Grubbs in the #25 and Jonathan Reitter in the #48 led the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model’s down for their 25 lap Feature. “The Mountain State Missile” was able to take the lead early. Cody Jaberg in the #22 made an outside pass of Grubbs for second on lap 2. The only caution flag flew on lap 3, as the #88 of Tony Urdiales and Grubbs got together in turn four. George Riddle in the #0 was involved as well, causing an oil line to bust loose. Unfortunately, we were under a little delay, as he put down a lot of fluid. The track crew did a great job, as they always do, and we were back racing safely in no time. Unfortunatly, Grubbs and Riddle were done for the evening. After a 1 lap battle, “The Codeman” was able to take the lead from Reitter, pulling Ryan Tedesco in the #701 with him. On lap 5, Urdiales was able to take 3rd and a lap later, the 2019 Late Model Champion, Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 took 4th. Jaberg was able to build up a 5 or 6 car length lead before Tedesco got around Reitter. But the cagey veteran ran down the race leader on lap 11. He took a peek to the outside, but slipped in some of the residual speedie dry and lost several car lengths. With 5 laps remaining, Tedesco caught the Young Gun once again. He made a few attempts to get around Jaberg, but Cody was poised to take home the hardware. Rounding out the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Rt. 39 Auto Salvage, T&L Mowing, Rick Watson Trucking sponsored #22 was Tedesco, Urdiales, Schneider Jr and Reitter.

The 25 lap Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified Feature had Dan Harding in the #65 and Jerry Devore in the #4 bringing the field down for Chief Starter Terry Colletti’s green flag. Harding would lead lap 1, with Rick Sibila in the #02, taking second and Brandon Bailey in the #55 taking 3rd. On lap 3, the former Late Model Champion Sibila, took the lead with a nifty inside pass and Doug McMillen in the #54 was able to get by Bailey for 3rd. The first caution flew on lap 5, as the #67 of Bob Page was dumping fuel out of the back of his machine. On the 1st attempt at a restart, Harding didnt get a good start, causing the outside lane to stack up. Rookie Louis McGrath got into the back of Mike Stone, sending him around. Phillip Cox in the #09 and Corey Beatty in the #7 were also involved. The only car that wasnt able to continue was McGrath. On the next attempt, The Points Champion Lucas Ripley got into Devore, sending him spinning. Both would continue. On the restart, Sibila would move out front as “The Rooster” hit the “Go Button” behind him. He would make a hair raising, 3-wide move, splitting McMillen and Harding. The move paid off, getting Bailey up to second. As close as this field is, sometimes you have to take those kind of chances. “Rooster” would get to the outside of Sibila for the lead as Ryan Tedesco in the #27 worked on McMillen for 3rd. Tedesco would slip in the high lane and Mike Stone in the #331, would work to the inside of McMillen. The second caution would fly on lap 20, as the Champion appeared to bust a radiator hose off turn four, ending his night. After the mess was cleaned up, “Rooster” was able to jump back out front with Sibila in second and Stone in 3rd. Cox, who was the fastest qualifier, got out of the groove in turn one and lost a couple spots. He tried to find a hole to get back into off turn four, but Tedesco was already there. The contact brought out the final caution on lap 22, sending Cox to the tail. On the final restart, Bailey was able to continue out front as Stone and Kevin McClintock in the #38, were able to get around Sibila for second and third. But it was all Bailey after the hairy 3-wide move to get him to the front and ultimately in Naak Tuning Victory Lane. I’d be remiss if I didnt mention that it was his first win as a Husband. Following the Leesville OH driver in the Scio Car Wash, Dover Hydraulics sponsored #55 was Stone, McClintock, Page and Sibila.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stocks put on a good 20 lapper to cap off their season. Scott Richardson in the #95 and Kylee Wood in the #22 started on the front row. Wood would race out front with “Camaro Hair” Colt Locker in the #118 moving to second. Dennis Wood in the #88 was able to take 3rd on lap 3 and the Double Champion of 2019, Lucas Ripley in the #67, took 4th. The 1st caution waved on lap 6 as the #28 of Frank Boychi got into the back of Richardson. On the restart, Locker would battle hard in the high lane, but Kylee was impressive on the bottom. The two youngsters traded the lead back and forth until Kylee would pull back in front on lap 10. Her Dad Dennis, would take second from Locker on lap 14, just prior to rookie Chase Burky in the #54 spinning off turn four. Daughter and Father would restart side by side, with Daughter getting the better of her Dad. Kylee would clear Dennis off turn four. That allowed Locker to get back to the inside of Dennis for second. It appeared that Kylee was going to pick up her first career Street Stock victory. But, Burky looped his machine in turn two, bringing out the 3rd and final caution. That set up a green-white-checkered finish. Kylee and Locker in the 1st row and Dennis and Ripley in the second row. Kylee would slip just a little bit off turn two, allowing Locker to lead bu a nose as the white flag flew. Kylee again slipped off turn two on the final lap, Dennis had to check up and got down into the infield. That allowed Locker to take home the hard fought win. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Somerdale OH driver in the My Water Doctor, Dover Hydraulics, Townhouse Drive Thru, Black Diamond Earthworks, Drunken Uncle Bar and Grill and Team Big Buck Down sponsored #118 was Ripley, Kylee, Gabe Pringle and Bob Passwaters Sr.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the 66th Season at Midvale Speedway a success! From the Driver’s, Team’s, Official’s, Track Worker’s, Ticket Takers, Concession Stand Workers, Volunteers, FANS and everyone in between. We couldnt have done it without each and every one of you!

Congratulations to the Champions on a well deserved campaign.

Next up at Midvale Speedway is the 2-day Club Loose II Thrash Bash on September 28th and 29th.

The final event of the 2019 Season in the Buckey Mowing Fall Classic on October 12th and 13th. Information should be out in the next week or so, as we will cap it all off with the Season ending Trailer Race.

-Story by Chris Kail


CRS Super Trucks

Fast Time: Bailey Delfosse 14.681

Ed & Company 50: Bailey Delfosse, Spencer Stineman, Brad Copen, Brandon Huff, Mike Brooks, Brian Taylor, Mike Sheppard, Steve Hursey, Brian Brewer, Eddie Valette.

Champion: Brandon Huff

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models

Fast Time: Ryan Tedesco 13.911

Heat 1: Tony Urdiales, Cody Jaberg, George Riddle, Ryan Tedesco, Bob Schneider Jr

Heat 2: Bob “The Animal” Eichel, Jonathan Reitter, Chris Grubbs, Korey Herron

Feature: Jaberg, Tedesco, Urdiales, Schneider Jr, Reitter, Animal, Herron, Grubbs, Riddle

Champion: Bob Schneider Jr

Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified’s

Fast Time: Phillip Cox 14.878

Heat 1: Brandon Bailey, Lucas Ripley, Louis McGrath, Mike Stone, Kevin McClintock, Phillip Cox, Bob Page, Doug McMillen

Heat 2: Ryan Tedesco, Rick Sibila, Jerry Devore, Corey Beatty, Dan Harding, Bobby Devore II

Feature: Bailey, Stone, McClintock, Page, Sibila, McMillen, Tedesco, Cox, Jerry, Beatty, Bobby, Harding, Ripley, Don Rufener III, McGrath

Champion: Lucas Ripley

Buckey Mowing Street Stock’s

Fast Time: Dennis Wood 15.873

Heat 1: Robbie Kordiac, Lucas Ripley, Dennis Wood, Gabe Pringle, Colt Locker, Frank Boychi

Heat 2: JD Lawson, Bob Passwaters Jr, Kyle Lawson, Chase Burky, Scott Richardson, Mike Martin, Kylee Wood

Feature: Locker, Ripley, Kylee, Pringle, Bob Passwaters Sr, Boychi, Kordiac, Passwaters Jr, JD, Kyle, Burky, Dennis, Martin, Richardson

Champion: Lucas Ripley

Finlayson Towing Compact’s

Fast Time: Karl Phillips 17.131

Heat 1: Gavin Roup, Jeffrey Orr, Kyle Finlayson, Mike Stuber, Karl Phillips, Josh Peebles, Brent Shreffler, Don Rufener III

Heat 2: Toby Cook, Jamie Leslie, Eric Feister, Eugene Kopp, Derek Robinson, Dan Buckey, Connor McLean, Curtis Finlayson

Heat 3: Billy Hilliker, Alan Clark, Shawn Donnalley, Dan Sharpless, Jeremy Sallinger, Mike McDonald, Andrea Brokaw, Eric Brokaw

Feature: Shreffler, Orr, Buckey, Peebles, Stuber, Feister, Robinson, Phillips, Kyle, McLean, Leslie, Roup, Rufener III, Cook, Clark, Hilliker, Kopp, Sallinger, Donnalley, Sharpless, Curtis. DNS – Andrea, Eric and McDonald

Champion: Kyle Finlayson