Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, September 21, 2019

By Mike Swanger

The 2019 race season came to a close at Wayne County Speedway Saturday night with the 7th Annual Ohio Dirt Blowout with great racing in all five class’ of cars. The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association was in town once again as Andrew Palker and OVSCA points leader Nick Patterson would bring the field to the green flag with Palker grabbing the early lead with Chris Myers, Patterson and Broc Martin trailing. The first of three red flags would fly on lap 5 when Nate Reeser rolled in turn four to stop the action and then again on lap seven when Trey Jacobs tumbled over in turn one as he was running sixth. With the green flag back out, Palker would open up a big gap from the rest of the field as Myers and Martin dueled for second with T J Michael close behind. Palker would go into turn one on lap 15 and suddenly the #57x broke and a big ball of fire erupted as he guided his sprinter into the infield as the fire and safety crew quickly got to him. Palker was able to get out of his sprinter as the safety crew got to him. Palker would be transported to the Orrville hospital and then taken to the Akron Children’s hospital with burns to about 20% of his body. As the race went back to green, Myers of Caldwell would start to pull away from Martin as Michael and Clay Riney raced for third and R J Jacobs and Jordan Ryan battled for fifth. With four circuits to go, Riney got by Michael for third and one lap later Ryan would edge past Jacobs for fifth as they would cross the finish line in that order. For Chris Myers, he would bring his Pine Tree Towing & Recovery and Kears Speed Shop into the Summit Racing Circle for the first time. Palker, Patterson and R J Jacobs bested the heat races as Keith Baxter captured the last chance race.

Wooster’s Doug Drown grabbed the lead from his outside front row of the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model main from Brett Bee and never looked back to score his 8th win of the season. Bee and Ryan Markham would have a tight race for second early on as Markham would take second on lap nine with Bee having Charlie Duncan and Matt Lux closing in. Lux would motor past Duncan on lap 13. With ten laps to go of the 30 lap feature, Lux would take third from Bee and it looked like it would be Drown, Markham and Lux for the top three but with two laps to go, Markham’s machine would roll to a stop to bring out the yellow flag and allow Lux a chance on the restart to swipe the win from Drown. As the green reappeared, Drown and his Ely Road Reel Company, Wooster Glass and 89 Homes #12 would keep Lux at bay for the win. Charlie Duncan slipped past Bee with seven to go to take third as Dave Hornikel posted a top five and collected the Kar Connection Hard Charger award after starting 13th. Heat winners were Lux and Markham.

Dusty Boley and Josh Morrow brought the Modifieds to the green flag with Boley taking the early lead with D j Miller and Kyle Moore in pursuit after one lap as Moore took second on the next lap and then took over the top spot on lap five with 8th starting D J Cline into second two circuits later. With a couple of cautions on laps nine and ten, the double file restarts would have Moore and Cline side by side and each time Moore would hold the point. Cline would keep the pressure on Moore and as they crossed the line ending lap 16, Moore would pull to the infield with mechanical issues, giving the lead to Cline. From that point on, Cline and his Cline Sweeper Service and Cline Auto Body #4 of St. Clairsville pulled away for his win. Rocky Kugel finished in the runner up spot as Dustin Daugherty, Larry Jarrett and Colton Shaw, who started 16th, filled out the top five. Cline and Moore secured the heat wins.

With a win and eight second place finishes, after leading many of those races late in the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks, Coshocton’s John Wilson put his Lity Scrap Yard and B &T Valley #7 back into victory lane as he lead all 25 laps for the win. Early on it was Matt Shroyer, Gary Hensel Jr and Chase Alexander in pursuit as Wilson pulled out to a six car length lead. With ten to go, Hensel Jr. would power past Shroyer for second and the field would bunch up after a caution on lap 18 for Nick Humphey and Justin Lorentz. On the return to green, Hensel Jr. would pester Wilson for the lead but never could make that one run on Wilson. Alexander would get past Shroyer also but Shroyer would return the favor two laps later. They would finish in that order with Bubba Smith rounding out the top five. Jeff Lanham won the last chance race as Hensel Jr., Shroyer and Wilson claimed the heat wins.

The biggest winners share of $2,500 was up for grabs for the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stocks Saturday night as Brad Hensel and Gary Hensel Jr. would run one and two for the 13 laps of the 25 lap feature when the red flag came out for Cody Rush with a fire under his hood, which was contained and no injuries. As the green flag waved, Jordan James out gunned both Hensel’s to grab the top spot. Kevin Markey and Doug Hensel were right behind the three top runners and the mechanical issues would start to take affect.Brad Hensel would be the first to go on lap 22 and on the next lap, race leader James would slow and pull off giving the lead to Gary Hensel Jr. and the Apple Creek driver and his D J Services #28h would finish out the race in first. Dale Beckett moved in to take second with Markey, Jeremy Hudson and Doug Hensel collecting the top five. winning the heat races were Doug Hensel, James, Hudson and Colton St. John as Steven Lester scored the last chance win. Johnny Bruce won the WhoFast Motorsports hard charger award.

Winning the Stake’s Shortstop ‘Summer Series’ for the Mckenzie Concrete Super Stocks was Gary Hensel Jr. while Brad Hensel collected the NewFast Motorsports ‘Summer Series’ for the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stocks.

All drivers were racing for the Contingency Connection ‘Racer Rewards’ for the night and the season.

Watch for information about the Wayne County Speedway Banquet in the next week.


Saturday, September 21, 2019


Heat   1   Andrew Palker, Steve Butler, Broc Martin, Clay Riney, Dean Jacobs, Lance Webb, Nathan Skaggs, Andy Fike, Travis Danford

Heat   2   Nick Patterson, Trey Jacobs, Chris Myers, Hunter Lynch, Jordan Ryan, Josh Davis, Jamie Myers, Nate Reeser, Henry Malcuit

Heat   3   R J Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, T J Michael, Shawn Hubler, Wayne McPeek, Keith Baxter, Dave Dickson, Cheyne Mixon

B Main    Keith Baxter, Josh Davis, Lance Webb, Jamie Myers, Nate Reeser, Henry Malcuit, Nathan Skaggs, Dave Dickson, Andy Fike, Travis Danford, Cheyne Mixon dns

Feature   Chris Myers, Broc Martin, Clay Riney, T J Michael, Jordan Ryan, R J Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Nick Patterson, Danny Mumaw, Jamie Myers, Hunter Lynch, Keith Baxter, Josh Davis, Steve Butler, Wayne McPeek, Lance Webb, Andrew Palker, Trey Jacobs, Shawn Hubler, Nate Reeser


Heat   1   Matt Lux, J R Gentry, Doug Drown, Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit, Shane McLoughlin, Dave Hornikel

Heat   2   Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Brett Bee, Jerry Aber, D J Miller, Ben Mott, Nick Cox, Ashlee Todd, Justin Chance dns

Feature   Doug Drown, Matt Lux, Charlie Duncan, Brett Bee, Dave Hornikel, Shane McLoughlin, Jerry Aber, Justin Chance, Brad Malcuit, Ben Mott, D J Miller, Nick Cox, Ryan Markham, Larry Bellman, J R Gentry, Ashlee Todd


Heat   1   D J Cline, Gary Hensel Jr., Josh Morrow, D J Miller, Joe Smith, Ronnie Schmitt, Dennt Benjamin, Jimmy Smith, Norm Aronhalt, Doug Drown

Heat   2   Kyle Moore, Mark Gardner, Rocky Kugel, Dusty Boley, Dustin Daugherty, Larry Jarrett, Jeremy Waite, Cody Basinger, Colton Shaw

Feature   D J Cline, Rocky Kugel, Dustin Daugherty, Larry Jarrett, Colton Shaw, Denny Benjamin, Ronnie Schmitt, Jeremy Waite, Mark Gardner, Kyle Moore, Josh Morrow, Dusty Boley, Joe Smith, Gary Hensel Jr., D J Miller, Cody Basinger dns, Jimmy Smith dns, Norm Aronhalt, dns, Doug Drown dns


Heat   1   Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rutt, Chase Alexander, Bubba Smith, Brandon Morrow, Dave Uhler, Jeff Lanham, Paul McVicker, Alan Radtkam Ken Catlette

Heat   2   Matt Shroyer, Doug Drown, Rob Smith, Seth Dickerson, Michael Amick, Darren Dawson, Travis Dawson, Brandon Dormaier, Jeremy Dickeson

Heat   3   John Wilson, Brandon Craver, Justin Lorentz, Nick Humphrey, Gary McGregor, Curt Zimmerman, Don Lehman, Virgil Masters, Bill Doll

B Main    Jeff Lanham, Jeremy Dickerson, Darren Dawson, Dave Uhler, Curt Zimmerman, Paul McVicker, Don Lehman, Bill Doll, Brandon Dormaier, Travis Dawson, Virgil Masters, Alan Radtka, Ken Catlette dns

Feature   John Wilson, Gary Hensel Jr., Matt Shroyer, Chase Alexander, Bubba Smith, Brandon Craver, Doug Drown, Don Lehman, Brandon Morrow, Darren Dawson, Nick Humphrey, Jeff Lanham, Gary McGregor, Curt Zimmerman, Seth Dickerson, Rob Smith, Justin Lorentz, Michael Amick, Dave Uhler, Jud Dickerson


Heat   1   Doug Hensel, Kevin Markey, Wyatt Zimmerman, Cliff Staley, Ryan Carder, Steven Lester, David Keagy

Heat   2   Jordan James, Briana Hensel, Clayton Evans, Travis Hutton, Coree Boyd

Heat   3   Jeremy Hudson, Brad Hensel, Michael Stewart, Kyle Petit, Dusty Long, Chaz Dawson, Zach Myers, Wes Staley

Heat   4   Colton St. John, Gary Hensel Jr., Dale Beckett, Cody Rush, Johnny Bruce, Mark Sibila, Phil King

B Main    Steven Lester, Mark Sibila, Chaz Dawson, Johnny Bruce, Ryan Carder, David Keagy, Dusty Long, Coree Boyd, Zach Myers dns, Wes Staley dns, Phil King dns

Feature   Gary Hensel Jr., Dale Beckett, Kevin Markey, Jeremy Hudson, Doug Hensel, Michael Stewart, Johnny Bruce, Travis Hutton, Clayton Evans, Mark Sibila, David Keagy, Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Cody Rush, Wyatt Zimmerman, Chaz Dawson, Colton St. John, Wayne Newbury, Steven Lester, Cliff Staley