Tuesday, April 28, 2020

FREMONT, Ohio – Due to the continued regulations imposed by the State of Ohio because of the COVID-19 pandemic, racing at Fremont Speedway will be postponed until further notice.

“We had hoped the governor would open up the state this coming weekend but that didn’t happen. We will continue to abide by the state orders and hopefully they will change soon. We want to go racing as much as all the race teams an fans…we need some fun and a distraction from all that’s going on. Hopefully the Track that Action Built will have action very soon,” said Ryan Schiets, Director of the Fremont Speedway Race Track Committee. “We pray everyone stays safe and healthy.”

Schiets aid the speedway is still looking at extending the racing season into October to make up for the missed dates because of the virus pandemic. Keep informed of Fremont Speedway’s schedule changes by going to or on Facebook at www.facebook/FremontSpeedway or on Twitter