For Immediate Release

May 18, 2020 – South Amherst, OH

The Cavalcade event and date of October 23-25 has already been out since our Facebook Live announcement about a week and a half ago. We are very pleased to now announce our second official date to our 2020 Lorain Raceway Park schedule. Saturday, August 1st LRP will be racing with a Kids Night including an Autograph Session during Intermission and a Kids Bike Giveaway. As far as on track action, the main event of the night will be the Josh Neff Wiggins Memorial 50 Presented by Wiggins Construction in a Street Stock Showdown!

We are very excited to host this event in honor of a great man, Josh Neff Wiggins and display the love he had for our sport and the raceway. The Wiggins family are staples at “The County”. Mr. Wiggins was a track champion at Lorain in the Street Stock division in the 1980s, Jeremie Wiggins was in the 1990s and Wil Wiggins plans to make his mark at “The County” as well. Josh Neff Wiggins, born on April 25, 1976 and passing away on February 25, 2018 of lung cancer left behind several siblings, three children, Courtney, Brooke and Josh along with grandson, Landen and granddaughter, Hadley. Josh absolutely loved racing, and going to the race track with his brother Jeremie. Even if the two were fighting, Josh would still show up to the races, sitting in the stands to still see his older brother race. Lorain held a special place in Josh’s heart, it was home to his family’s racing careers, however, Bristol Motor Speedway was his favorite track and race weekend. Now two of Josh’s brothers race, Wil and Jeremie. Josh never had the chance to watch Wil race, however, he would have loved to see both of his beloved brothers battling on the track.

The Josh Neff Wiggins Memorial 50 Presented by Wiggins Construction on Saturday, August 1st will feature a $10k total purse as the payout will be as follows: 2,500-1,500-1,000-750-600-450-300-175 to start. The purse can possibly go up as well! LRP is supplying the normal base payout as sponsors will be filling the rest of the payout to our awesome drivers. If you would like to sponsor this purse please get ahold of Wil Wiggins or Randy Maggio Jr. Sponsors of this race will be on T-Shirts, event flyers and posters and the Victory Lane banner along with race day announcements on the day of the race and events leading up to the race and social media posts! Lap money is also a possibility and will be released at a later date closer to the event.

Stay tuned for other press releases coming in the next few days regarding the 2020 Lorain Raceway Park schedule. Other information regarding the 2020 season will also be released within the next few weeks. Thank you all for your continued support. It has been breathtaking and absolutely amazing.