Henry tops Wayne County Speedway OVSCA feature; Drown hustles to second win; Wilson finds winners circle; Voshel becomes second lady feature winner

Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, June 13, 2020

By Mike Swanger

For the first time this season, all four class’ of cars were in action at Wayne County Speedway as over 100 cars and a huge crowd was on hand to witness Cap Henry take the lead on lap nine and never look back to pocket the $3,000 to win Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association’s first race of the season. Doug Drown took the lead with five laps to go to claim his second Super Late Model win of the year and John Wilson grabbed the lead on lap seven to secure his first win in the Super Stock class. Jolene Voshel became the second woman to win a feature during the crash marred Mini Stock main.

The OVSCA feature got off on a rough start as Wayne McPeek would flip as the field went into turn one ending his run as Dean Jacobs would sustain front wing damage and would have handling problems the rest of the race. Nate Dussel and Jordan Harble would bring the field back to the green flag with Dusseltaking the point as Henry would take over second from Harble on lap three and then chase down Dussell and over take him coming out of turn two and the Republic driver and his Beer Barrel Bourbon, Linder’s and F K Rod Ends #4 would lead the way to the checkered flag, his second win at WCS as he won the All Star race last September. As Henry distanced himself from the field, a good battle for fourth was going on between Cole Macedo and Brandon Spithaler would go back and forth behind Dussel and Harble. Dussel would give up second to Harble on lap 19 as Trey Jacobs joined the Macedo/Spithaler battle. With the five to go signal was given, Macedo was able to take third from Dussel but could not chase down Harble for second as the checkered flag waved. Dussel held on to fourth as Spithaler edged out Jacobs for fifth. Heat winners were Dean Jacobs, Macedo, Henry and D J Foos while Clay Riney and Jason Dolick captured the Last Chance races. Dean Jacobs also won the Australian Pursuit that was sponsored by Bob and Judy Schippers. The Milo Foundation Hard Charger award went to Trey Jacobs as Wayne McPeek was the Milo Foundation Hard Luck driver.

Brad Malcuit would use his pole position starting position and set the pace for the first lap of the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model main but fellow front row starting Will Thomas would take the top spot on the next circuit and build up a sizable lead as Wooster’s Doug Drown would start to track Thomas down after taking second from Malcuit on lap six. Drown and his Ely Road Reels Company, Wooster Glass and DJ Directional Services #12 would catch Thomas coming out of turn two with less than five laps to go and then scamper away to take his second win of the season at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’. Thomas held on to second as Cody Scott, the Hard Charger of the race, ran third for the last 13 laps. Matt Lux would power past Malcuit with four laps to go to finish fourth with Malcuit hanging on to fifth in front of Ryan Markham. The Pennsylvania duo of Thomas and Lux scored the heat wins. In the first heat race, Rick Conley took a big tumble in turn one at the start of the race that collected Corey Conley and J R Gentry as Gentry was the only one that was able to continue during the night. The Hard Luck Award would go to Larry Bellman

The start of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature only made it to turn one as the front row of Chase Alexander and Brandon Craver bumped that started a chain reaction that would end Alexander’s night along with Doug Drown and Michael Amick as all three went on the hook.  On the restart Don Baney would take the lead with John Wilson in pursuit and keep the pressure on Baney until lap seven when Wilson overpowered Baney for the top spot. Craver was trailing Baney for second but mechanical issues put him out on the white flag lap that brought out the caution. Wilson would keep the Coshocton based, Lity Scrap Yard and Tru Form Products #7 out front on the last lap for the win with Baney taking second. Mark Baier would post last chance win and the Hard Charger award with his third place finish followed by season best finish’s for Curt Zimmerman and Jimmy Humphrey. The heat winners were Tyler Wiles, Doug Drown and John Wilson.

It was an a tough night for the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks as several yellows and a red flag slowed the usually fast paced features. Cody Newbury and Dakota Graciani would lead the way to the green flaf with Newbury taking the point. Graciani would be involved in a caution on lap three as he and John Louis got together to finish their race. The restart would see Newbury staying out front with a big five car battle for second between Doug Hensel, Jolene Voshel, Cory and Wes Staley, and Johnny Bruce Sr. Hensel would take the lead away from Newbury when his car acted up as Voshel would be right on Hensel’s bumper. With the top five bunched together, contact was made that sent Wes Staley’s machine barrel rolling down the back stretch and over the tires and into the field behind the back stretch. He would be ok. As the green reappeared , Voshel would overtake Hensel for the lead and the West Salem teenager would keep her Winkler Tire, The Vault Bar and Grill and House of Hair #16j out front as the checkered flag waved to become only the second lady to win a feature at Wayne County Speedway. Hensel’s car would break with two laps to go which put Cory Staley into the second place finishing position. Travis Hutton, Kevin Markey and Chaz Dawson filled out the top five. Hensel, Newbury and Graciani bested the heat races with Michael Stewart claiming the last chance race. Kevin Markey won the Hard Charger award and Wes Staley was the Hard Luck award winner.

Next Saturday Night the Grandstand Promotions will hold the Buckeye Bash Demolition Derby beginning at 5 pm. Regular Racing will continue on Saturday, June 27th with the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints, the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks and the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks. Go to www.waynecountyspeedway.com or to the tracks Facebook page for more information on upcoming races at the track.


Saturday, June 13, 2020


Heat   1   Dean Jacobs, Jordan Harble, Max Stambaugh, Jamie Myers, Landon LaLonde, Nate Reeser, Tyler Street, Dylan Kingan, Frankie Nervo, Chris Myers

Heat   2   Cole Macedo, Nate Dussell, Tim Shaffer, Trey Jacobs, Clay Riney, Mark Imler, Tom Schinderle, Dave Dickson, Henry Malcuit, Ray Miller

Heat   3   Cap Henry, Wayne McPeek, T J Michael, Jack Sodeman Jr., Jason Dolick, John Ivy, Chad Wilson, Chris Myers, Wyatt Zimmerman, Hunter Lynch

Heat   4   D J Foos, Brandon Spithaler, Jordan Ryan, Ricky Peterson, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Chase Baker, Davey Jones, Bryan Nuckles

B Main 1   Clay Riney, Nate Reeser, Landon LaLonde, Mark Imler, Tyler Street, Frankie Nervo, Dylan Kingan, Dave Dickson, Ray Miller, Tom Schinderle, Chris Myers, Henry Malcuit

B Main 2   Jason Dolick, John Ivy, Danny Mumaw, Chad Wilson, Nick Patterson, Layton Wagner, Davey Jones, Chase Baker, Wyatt Zimmerman, Hunter Lynch, Bryan Nuckles

Schipper’s Australian Pursuit   Dean Jacobs, Clay Riney, Dave Dickson, Henry Malcuit, Trey Jacobs, Jason Dolick, Mark Imler, Danny Mumaw, Nate Reeser, Nick Patterson

Feature   Cap Henry, Jordan Harble, Cole Macedo, Nate Dussel, Brandon Spithaler, Trey Jacobs, D J Foos, Tim Shaffer, Max Stambaugh, Jordan Ryan, T J Michael, Jack Sodeman Jr., Dean Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Nate Reeser, Clay Riney, Ricky Peterson, John Ivy, Jason Dolick, Wayne McPeek


Heat   1   Will Thomas, Ryan Markham, Eric Wilson, Larry Bellman, Justin Chance, J R Gentry, Rick Conley, Corey Conley, Matt Short

Heat   2   Matt Lux, Cody Scott, Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Dave Hornikel, Aaron Phillis, Craig Hartong, Bob Chilcote

Feature   Doug Drown, Will Thomas, Cody Scott, Matt Lux, Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, Eric Wilson, J R Gentry, Aaron Phillis, Craig Hartong, Dave Hornikel, Larry Bellman, Bob Chilcote, Justin Chance dns, Rick Conley dns, Corey Conley dns, Matt Short dns


Heat   1   Tyler Wiles, Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Don Rutt, Paul McVicker, Mike McElravy, J T Horn, Matt Shroyer dns

Heat   2   Doug Drown, Brandon Craver, Chase Alexander, Curt Zimmerman, Dan Radtka, Todd Gallion, Alan Radtka, T A Perrine

Heat   3   John Wilson, Michael Amick, Don Baney, Gary Hensel Jr., Luke Sprouse, Mark Baier, Jimmy Humphrey, Austin Bright

B Main   Mark Baier, Todd Gallion, Jimmy Humphrey, Mike McElravy, J T Horn, Austin Bright, T A Perrine, Alan Radtka dns, Matt Shroyer dns

Feature   John Wilson, Don Baney, Mark Baier, Curt Zimmerman, Jimmy Humphrey, Tyler Wiles, Brad Hensel, Mike McElravy, Dan Radtka, Todd Gallion, Don Rutt, Brandon Craver, Gary Hensel Jr., J T Horn, Luke Sprouse, Jordan James, Chase Alexander, Doug Drown, Michael Amick, Paul McVicker dns


Heat   1   Doug Hensel, Jolene Voshel, Wes Staley, Cory Cecil, Kevin Markey, Jordan James, Briana Hensel, Ashley Evans, Clayton Evans, David Coffin, Dusty Long dns

Heat   2   Cody Newbury, Anthony Collins, Mitch Reichard, Robert Searls, Nick Humphrey, Steven Lester, Coree Boyd, David Keagy, Johnny Bruce Sr., Buddie Baker dns

Heat   3   Dakota Graciani, Cory Staley, Travis Hutton, Chaz Dawson, John Louis, Chad Young, Michael Stewart, Richard Snyder, Kyle Noel, Darrell Taylor dns

B Main   Michael Stewart, Johnny Bruce Sr., Jordan James, Steven Lester, Chad Young, Briana Hensel, Coree Boyd, Richard Snyder, Ashley Evans, Clayton Evans, David Keagy, Kyle Noel dns, David Coffin Dns, Buddie Baker dns, Darrell Taylor dns

Feature   Jolene Voshel, Cory Staley, Travis Hutton, Kevin Markey, Chaz Dawson, Johnny Bruce Sr., Mitch Reichard, Jordan James, Anthony Collins, Nick Humphrey, Doug Hensel, Robert Searls, Wes Staley, Michael Stewart, Cody Newbury, Dakota Graciani, John Louis, Steven Lester, Cory Cecil, Chad Young dns