For Immediate Release: 6/13/20

DeGraff OH (6/13); Shady Bowl Speedway played host to its third night of racing Saturday. The Noble Armor Coating Late Models, The Heath and Son’s Farms Street Stocks, The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts and Pines Home Solutions Thunder Cars were all on hand and provided fans a great night of racing,

The 35 lap late model main saw Caleb Reschar lead the first twelve counters. Jim Lewis Jr took over on lap thirteen and looked to be headed to his second win of the season. Lewis ran out front until Ryan Fleming and Josh Smith joined him for a three car breakaway. The three ran the next laps side by side and bumper before Fleming took over the point. Fleming put his Lee Raymond tribute car in victory lane to notch his first win of the season in his Muffler Brothers of Xenia backed ride. Lewis held on for second with Smith third. Fast qualifier Don Mahaffey Jr picked up fourth place money and Matt Parsons fifth. Smith was the dash winner with heat checkers going to Reschar and Doug King.

The Thunder Cars were led into turn one by Eddie Noble. Noble had his Ford out front until lap five when Christiansburgs Patrick Wood put his beautiful stocker out front and survived a wild race slowed by crashes and spins to take the win. It was the first career win for Woods in his Duncan Oil sponsored Monte Carlo. Brad Blue, Scottie Marquis , Hunter Hicks and Justin Kemp filled out the top five. Steve Fowler was fast qualifier, with Blue taking the dash win.

The street stock 25 lap feature rolled out next. Richard Roush led the field into turn one at the start. Richard Roush led until lap three when Jacob Heckman motored by to take over the point. Heckman led two laps before giving way to Rodney Roush. Roush led only one lap before Quincy driver Josh Smith took over. Smith, who also was fast qualifier was pressured by Buck Purtee in the final laps. Purtee drove perhaps one of his best races. He was forced to the rear of the field after being involved in a spin. He made it all the way to the second spot. Rodney Roush battled his way to third after pitting and restarting at the tail. Chris Parker and Jeremy Wiggins rounded out the top five. The dash win went to Rodney Roush, with Rob Schaeff and Robert Roush winning heat races.

The thirty lap feature for the compacts was a smooth quick event, not like last weeks that saw the first 12 laps take nearly an hour to run. Dustin Higginbotham led the first four laps before yielding to Alec Young. Young led until lap eight when Mike Wintrow took over. Wintrow of Piqua led the remainder of the event in his Jennings Construction ride. Wintrow was pursued by fast qualifier Jimmy McElfresh in second, Alec Young third, Josh Foltz fourth and Zach Doolin fifth. Young was the dash winner with heat honors going to Bryan Temple and Foltz.


Shady Bowl Speedway Summary 6/13/20

Pines Home Solutions Thunder Cars

Fast Qualifier: Steve Fowler 16.132

Dash winner: Brad Blue

Feature 20 laps: 1. Patrick Woods 2. Brad Blue 3. Scottie Marquis 4. Hunter Hicks 5. Justin Kemp 6. Steve Fowler 7. Landen Jones 8. Eddie Noble 9. Dylan Pippin


Noble Armour Coating Late Models

Fast qualifier: Don Mahaffey Jr. 13.622

Dash winner: Josh Smith

Heat winners: Doug King and Caleb Reschar

Feature 35 laps: 1. Ryan Fleming 2. Jim Lewis Jr 3. Josh Smith 4. Don Mahaffey Jr. 5. Matt Parsons 6. Buddy Townsend 7. Tyler Mahaffey 8. Doug King 9. Caleb Reschar 10. Bill Cantley 11. Ralph Harrod 12. Dearl Parsons 13. Corey Wooten


Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast qualifier: Jimmy McElfresh 16.997

Dash winner: Alec Young

Heat winners: Brian Temple and Josh Foltz

30 lap feature: 1. Mike Wintrow 2. Jimmy McElfresh 3. Alec Young 4. Josh Foltz 5. Zach Doolin 6. Tony Heath 7. Chase Lang 8. Dillon Higginbotham 9. Bryan Temple 10. Andrea Swink 11. Dustin Higginbotham 12. Jason Price 13. Rodney George Jr. 14. Melissa Sterwolf 15. Austin Eaton 16. Justin White 17. Levi Frazier 18. Nick Glasgow 19. Scott Henson


Heath and Sons Farms Street Stocks

Fast qualifier: Josh Smith 14.627

Dash winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winners: Robert Roush and Rob Schaeff

Feature 25 laps: Josh Smith 2. Buck Purtee 3. Rodney Roush 4. Chris Parker 5. Jeremy Wiggins 6. Jacob Heckman 7. Robert Roush 8. Richard Roush 9. Jason Drummond 10. Bill Endsley 11. Nick Frazier 12. Phil Gussler Jr. 13. Rob Schaeff