For Immediate Release

June 16, 2020 – Amherst, OH

With our Grand Re-Opening slated for Sunday, July 5th we are pleased to host the Bonnema family while honoring former track owner, Nick Bonnema in a 50 lap main event for the Open Wheel Modifieds titled the “Nick Bonnema Memorial 50”.

Nick left his legacy at LRP and we plan to continue it on. He was a staple, a gentle giant and a very compassionate, passionate and loving individual and we at LRP are very honored to host this race for such a great man. Speaking from my perspective, I remember running around Lorain with my uncle and always asking questions about Nick, to be completely honest, I thought Nick was a superhero since he was a track owner and I was amazed at every little thing he did on race days. And now, my family is in the same position and we are honored and grateful to follow in such a great mans footsteps.

Last week I received a call from Nick’s son, Kevin Bonnema, who was the previous owner of the facility. He is willing to match any sponsorship to the race up to $5,000 in the sponsors name! That’s right, if your company sponsors $1,000, he will give another $1,000 and your company will be announced for giving $2,000! Isn’t that awesome?! Thank you so much Kevin and the Bonnema family, we are very grateful for you!

With that, we are now starting to seek sponsors for this event! The track is putting up the normal Modified purse and sponsors will add to it. Currently the payout stands at:

1st – $700

2nd – $400

3rd – $300

4th – $250

5th – $200

6th – $190

7th – $180

8th – $165

START – $150

Sponsors will not only pad the win total as our plan is to increase every position and make it one of the biggest purses in Open Wheel Modified racing in the state of Ohio! Let’s do this in honor of Nick Bonnema!!

If you are interested in sponsoring this amazing event, please get a hold of Randy Maggio Jr! 216 276 0522.