Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, July 11, 2020

By Mike Swanger

Another full night of racing is in the books for Wayne County Speedway as Orrville’s Mitch Caskey continues his hot streak by leading all the way in the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models for his first win at WCS. Driving the Dan Weaver Trucking, Millersburg Tire and A &K Welding #18, Caskey beat Ryan Markham into turn one on the start but would have to do it twice as the only caution of the race came out before the first lap was completed as Larry Bellman tagged the guardrail in turn four. Caskey would repeat his performance on the restart and quickly pulled away. Markham and JR Gentry would duel for second for all of the race with Markham holding off several attempts by Gentry. Having more than a straightaway lead, Caskey encountered some slower cars with five laps to go and was content to not get around them and that would allow Markham and Gentry to close the gap but could not get close enough to challenge Caskey, who had won at Midway Speedway the week before and had finished second at Wayne County Speedway two weeks ago. Corey Conley finished fourth as Justin Chance took fifth. Starting 15th because of a flat tire in his heat race, Cody Scott powered his way to sixth to claim the Accu-Force Shocks Hard Charger award. Chance and Markham posted the heat wins.

It was a long tough night for the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks as several cautions kept the racing action slowed up and the caution that took out several contenders came on lap eight when Matt Shroyer went for the lead and coming out of turn two got sideways and collected Chase Alexander and Bob Daugherty, ending their race. The race would start with Brandon Craver setting the pace for the first three laps before giving way to Daugherty and then the red flag waved on lap five when Craver’s car began leaking gas. A caution for a couple of spun cars on lap eight would set up the big wreck on the restart. Don Rutt and Tyler Wiles would battle the next two laps for the lead as Wiles would bounce off the guardrail in turn two to give the lead to Rutt but Coshocton’s John Wilson, who missed the lap eight wreck barely, would steal the top spot away as the white flag waved and then take the Lity Scrap Yard and Tru Form #7 around one more time to grab his second win of the season. Rutt would end up second followed by Wiles, Brad Hensel and Luke Sprouse. Heat winners were Daugherty, Wiles and Wilson.

Mansfield’s Kyle Moore was unstoppable Saturday night in the Modified action as he was the fast qualifier that earned him $200 thanks to Buckeye Auto Care and Pine Tree Towing, then won his heat and from his fourth starting position grabbed the lead coming out of turn two on the opening lap and never looked back to put the Moore’s Used Tires, Kepling Flooring and Arnold Motorsports #1* into victory lane at “Orrville’s Historic Oval” for the second time this season. DJ Cline would run second and on the two cautions restarts,would be the closest he could get to Moore. It was a tight race for third place as Chris Basich, Carl McKinney, Mark Gardiner and Colton Shaw deuked it out. Basich, the other heat winner, would spin out at the halfway mark and would battle his way back to finish fifth while Colton Shaw would get into Gardiner on lap 14 and Shaw would go to the tail and Gardnier would get his spot back and the last six laps he would go back and forth with McKinney for third with McKinney winning third place at the finish line.

Jordan James set the pace for the opening two circuits of the JoyRide Transport Mini Stock feature but fifth starting Doug Hensel motored his way to the front and took the lead coming out of turn four on the third lap and then kept the Bad Boyz Tree Service and NewFast Motorsports out front the rest of the way to park in victory lane for the third time this year. James to take fourth would fend off challenges by Cory Staley to finish second as Brad Hensel started 20th and worked his way to grab fourth as Chaz Dawson finished a season best fifth. Dawson, Staley and Hensel bested the heat races as Ryan Carder topped the last chance win.

Newton Fall’s David Innes started on the pole of Mod Lite feature and after a couple of early challenges from heat winner Cody Stillion, Innes would pull away for his first win at WCS. Driving the D K Materials and Ebie Show Stock # 18 Innes was followed by Stillion with Joe Burkhead out dueling Colton Shaw for third with Jon Preston rounding out the top five.

Racing will continue next Saturday night, July 18th with the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints returning to action along with the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks, the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks and the Modifieds.


Saturday, July 11, 2020


Fast Qualifier   Cody Scott  17.159 seconds

Heat   1   Justin Chance, Mitch Caskey, Brett Bee, Larry Bellman, Wes Morrison, Craig Hartong, Kyle Weiser, Cody Scott

Heat   2   Ryan Markham, Corey Conley, JR Gentry, Brad Malcuit, Jerry Aber, Jason Skelly, Keith Tish

Feature   Mitch Caskey, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Corey Conley, Justin Chance, Cody Scott, Brad Malcuit, Jerry Aber, Wes Morrison, Brett Bee, Craig Hartong, Keith Tish, Jason Skelly, Kyle Weiser, Larry Bellman


Fast Qualifier  Bob Daugherty  20.232 seconds

Heat   1   Bob Daugherty, Don Baney, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, JT Horn, Mike McElravy, James Alleman, TA Perrine dns

Heat   2   Tyler Wiles, Chase Alexander, Jimmy Humphrey, Dan Radtka, Mark Baier, Ken Catlette, Jordan James, Virgil Masters dns

Heat   3   John Wilson, Matt Shroyer, Seth Dickerson, Brad Hensel, Luke Sprouse, Paul McVicker, Pete McCune

Feature   John Wilson, Don Rutt, Tyler Wiles, Brad Hensel, Luke Sprouse, Seth Dickerson, TA Perrine, Virgil Masters, Ken Catlette, JT Horn, Don Baney, Bob Daugherty, Chase Alexander, Matt Shroyer, Paul McVicker, Mark Baier, Dan Radtka, Jimmy Humphrey, Mike McElravy, Brandon Craver, Pete McCune, Jordan James, James Alleman dns


Fast Qualifier   Kyle Moore  18.389 seconds

Heat   1   Kyle Moore, Carl McKinney, Colton Shaw, Mark Gardiner, Brandon Grossman, Pauly Hess, Scott Smith, Jeremy Waite, Richard Grogg, Cody Basinger

Heat   2   Chris Basich, DJ Cline, George Lee, Tristen Bickford, Mark Smith, Dave Bodkins, Denny Benjamin, Todd Rohr

Feature   Kyle Moore, DJ Cline, Carl McKinney, Mark Gardiner, Chris Basich, Denny Benjamin, George Lee, Mark Smith, Colton Shaw, Brandon Grossman, Pauly Hess, Jeremy Waite, Richard Grogg, Tristen Bickford, Todd Rohr, Cody Basinger, Dave Bodkins, Scott Smith


Heat   1   Chaz Dawson, Jolene Voshel, Dustin Bedlion, Travis Hutton, Wayne Newbury, Johnny Bruce Sr., Jim Haefke, Cody Newbury, Kyle Noel dns

Heat   2   Cory Staley, Kevin Markey, Wes Staley, Anthony Collins, Mitch Reichard, Ryan Carder, Dakota Graciani, Ryan Abel, Briana Hensel dns

Heat   3   Doug Hensel, Jordan James, John Louis, Bobby Searls, David Keagy, Brent Boreman, Ashley Evans, Dylan Tanner, Clayton Evans, Coree Boyd dns

B Main   Ryan Carder, Brent Boreman, Johnny Bruce Sr., Dakota Graciani, Cody Newbury, Jim Haefke, Will Rogers, Ashley Evans, Ryan Abel dns, Dylan Tanner dns, Clayton Evans dns, Kyle Noel dns, Briana Hensel dns, Coree Boyd dns

Feature   Doug Hensel, Jordan James, Cory Staley, Brad Hensel, Chaz Dawson, Kevin Markey, Dustin Bedlion, Anthony Collins, Ryan Carder, Johnny Bruce Sr., Cody Newbury, Mitch Reichard, Brent Boreman, David Keagy, Dakota Graciani, Travis Hutton, Jolene Voshel, Bobby Searls, Wes Staley, John Louis


Heat   1   Cody Stillion, David Innes, Joe Burkhead, Colton Shaw, Jon Preston, Ryan Robey, Dustin Kolanski, Jason Duncil, Cameron Duncil

Feature   David Innes, Cody Stillion, Joe Burkhead, Colton Shaw, Jon Preston, Ryan Robey, Jason Duncil, Dustin Kolanski, Cameron Duncil dns