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Salem, IN (July 30, 2020) – With the recent decisions by the Ohio Governor regarding Covid-19 restrictions, fairs and speedways across the state have been hit with a ban on spectator events by local health agencies. While the Kil-Kare drag strip can go mainly unaffected because a majority of the events are participant driven, racing on the oval is largely dependent on spectator revenues to pay the purses to the participants.  With restrictions on the number of fans, there was no way to fulfill the financial obligations to the participants, and thus the August 2nd event has been canceled.  The Kil-Kare oval event on Sunday was a partnership between Champion Racing Association, Vores Compact Touring Series and Shadybowl Speedway.  Officials have vowed to work with the management of Kil-Kare to review future rescheduling options should the Covid-19 restrictions change significantly.

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