Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, August 15, 2020

By Mike Swanger

Lots of action on the track happened Saturday night at Wayne County Speedway on Santmyer Energy night with the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints starting the night off with Wooster’s Dean Jacobs taking the lead from his outside front row starting spot. The action would come to a stop as the field started the second lap when Steve Butler got sideways and collected Troy Kingan and Dylan Kingan both as Dylan rolled over and landed up right. All three drivers were ok but finished for the night. as the race went back to green, Broc Martin would take second from Chris Myers and start his chase after Jacobs. Henry Malcuit would motor past Myers on the next lap for third as fast qualifier Tyler Street would move into fourth on lap 8. A caution flag would wave on lap nine for sixth running Ricky Peterson and before the race would start back up, the red came out for a fan in the stands. Once the race went back to green and stayed green the rest of the way, Jacobs and his B & B Drain Service, Harbaugh Electronics and Gressman Powersports #9 would hold off Martin and start to pull away as Martin tried every line he could to stay with Jacobs but could not track him down. With his fourth win, Jacobs expands his point lead. Malcuit would end up with a season best third place followed by Street with Jason Dolick taking fifth as he got past Myers on the restart after the red flag. Jacobs and Dolick captured the heat wins.

J R Gentry and Larry Bellman would start the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature on the front row but the field would not get a lap in as Brad Malcuit and Bellman tangled in turn three with Malcuit having to be lifted off the nose of Bellman’s car. Both drivers got their spots back with no laps completed. Gentry would grab the lead as the green flag waved with Mike Bores pulling into second. Mitch Caskey would take third on lap three and take second on lap seven on the restart after a caution for Phil Wade. Gentry and Caskey, the fast qualifier, would pull away from the rest of the field with Caskey using different grooves to try and wrestle the lead away from Gentry. At the end of lap 12, Caskey would pull to the infield with mechanical issues and Gentry’s lead was more than a straightaway advantage over Bores as Malcuit and Markham dueled for third place during this time. Working lap 20, Gentry would fly off turn two and into the outside retaining tires thanks to a broken ball joint, stopping his chance at the win. Bores would inherit the top spot as Markham was second ahead of Malcuit. Staying on Bores rear bumper, Markham used the high groove in turn two with three circuits to go and power past Bores for the lead and put the Ashland based Beer Barrel, Hickory Hollow Concrete and Terry’s Towing #5m into victory lane for the first time this season at WCS. Malcuit would finish third as Shane McLoughlin and Bellman rounded out the top five. Malcuit and Gentry took the heat wins as Damon Haught won the Kar Connection/Accu Force Shocks hard charger award.

Mansfield’s Kyle Moore would use the pole position of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock main and lead all the way but several drivers would not make it easy for Moore. Chase Alexander would start along side Moore and stayed with him until the drive shaft dropped from his car on lap 11 bringing out the caution. On the double file restart, Jordan James would line up beside Moore with points leader Tyler Wiles right behind. Wiles’ chance at winning came to a close when a flat tire on the next lap sent him to the pits to get a new one. On the final restart, John Wilson would have a chance at Moore the final two laps but could not get by the Smith Fabricating & Welding, R C Kuhn & Sons and McKenzie Concrete #21d of Moore. Seth Dickerson would get past James with two laps to go to claim third with Brandon Craver taking fifth. Moore would post his third Super Stock win after setting fast time with Alexander and Wilson notching the heat wins.

Moore would come right back out for the Kepling Flooring Modified feature and from his third starting position, would take the lead from Colton Shaw on the second lap and the Moore’s Used Tires, Arnold Motorsports and Kepling Flooring #11* would lead all the way but not without some anxious moments. After a caution at the halfway mark for a spun Larry Jarret, Kasey Bereft, who was a late arrival and started last, was up to second and right on Moores rear end. With both drivers racing up against the guardrail in turns one and two, Moore would bounce off of it in turn two but Bereft could not take advantage of the miscue of Moore and would have to settle for second. Shaw would finish up third with Denny Benjamin and Robbie Ledger filled out the top five. For Moore, he would set fast time and win his heat along with his fifth Modified win at “Orrville’s Historic Oval”, giving him eight wins total. Shaw won the other heat race.

For the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks feature, it was a beat and bang type of race for every position during the 12 lap event. Doug Hensel would set the pace early on with Cory Staley in second as Johnny Bruce Sr. Jordan James, Jolene Voshel and Ryan Carder al  racing for third and changing places on each lap. Staley would receive some damage on lap four and would affect his finish as Bruce and James put pressure on Hensel for the lead. With three laps remaining, James would take second, pull alongside Hensel and take the lead coming out of turn four as the white flag waved. Carder would move past Bruce for third and as the checkered flew for James, Hensel and Carder made contact with each other and both would cross the finish line sideways and finish second and third. Bruce took fourth followed by Voshel. For James of Loudonville, it would be his fourth straight win aboard the Troutman Kutz N Kennel, Brad’s Auto Body and Ugly Duck Bar & Grill #83. Heat winners were Staley, James and Voshel with Bobby Searls pocketing the last chance race.

Along with winning the features, Dean Jacobs won a drum of methanol from Santmyer Energy and both Ryan Markham and Kyle Moore won a drum of race gas thanks to Sunoco Race Fuels.

Racing action continues next Saturday night, August 22 with the OVSCA Sprints returning for their third visit to Wayne County Speedway along with the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks and the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks plus another Kid’s bike races will be held. Gates open at 3 pm and racing at 7pm.


Saturday, August 15, 2020


Fast Qualifier  Tyler Street  15.292 seconds

Heat   1   Dean Jacobs, Tyler Street, Ricky Peterson, Steve Butler, Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Ray Miller, Wyatt Zimmerman

Heat   2   Jason Dolick, Broc Martin, Chris Myers, Henry Malcuit, Troy Kingan, Duane Zablocki, Dylan Kingan, Danial Burkhart

Feature   Dean Jacobs, Broc Martin, Henry Malcuit, Tyler Street, Jason Dolick, Chris Myers, Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Danial Burkhart, Wyatt Zimmerman, Ray Miller, Duane Zablocki, Ricky Peterson, Steve Butler, Troy Kingan, Dylan Kingan


Fast Qualifier  Mitch Caskey  17.015 seconds

Heat   1   Brad Malcuit, Mitch Caskey, Dave Hornikel, Mike Bores, Craig Hartong, Jerry Aber, Hiram Bachmann, Jason Skelly, Damon Haught

Heat   2   J R Gentry, Ryan Markham, Larry Bellman, Shane McLoughlin, Wes Morrison, Jason Henderson, Phil Wade, Keith Tish

Feature   Ryan Markham, Mike Bores, Brad Malcuit, Shane McLoughlin, Larry Bellman, Dave Hornikel, Jerry Aber, Craig Hartong, Damon Haught, J R Gentry, Phil Wade, Wes Morrison, Jason Henderson, Mitch Caskey, Jason Skelly, Keith Tish, Hiram Bachmann


Fast Qualifier  Kyle Moore  19.611 seconds

Heat   1   Chase Alexander, Kyle Moore, Don Baney, Tyler Wiles, Jeff Lanham, Gary McGregor, Justin Lorentz, Virgil Masters, Curt Zimmerman dns

Heat   2   John Wilson, Seth Dickerson, Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Mark Baier, Dave Uhler, Paul McVicker, Andrew Carpenter

Feature   Kyle Moore, John Wilson, Seth Dickerson, Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Don Baney, Gary McGregor, Jeff Lanham, Tyler Wiles, Justin Lorentz, Paul McVicker, Dave Uhler, Virgil Masters, Andrew Carpenter, Chase Alexander, Curt Zimmerman, Mark Baier


Fast Qualifier  Kyle Moore  18.383 seconds

Heat   1   Kyle Moore, Robbie Ledger, Denny Benjamin, Jerry Adkins, Bruce Miller, Cody Basinger

Heat   2   Colton Shaw, Larry Jarrett, Rick Mardis, Jason King, Mitchell Lam, Richard Grogg, Kasey Bereft dns

Feature   Kyle Moore, Kasey Bereft, Colton Shaw, Denny Benjamin, Robbie Ledger, Mitchell Lam, Bruce Miller, Richard Grogg, Jerry Adkins, Larry Jarrett, Jason King, Rick Mardis, Cody Basinger


Heat   1   Cory Staley, Doug Hensel, Kevin Markey, Dustin Bedlion, Stephen Crowe, Bobby Searls, Steven Lester, Clayton Evans

Heat   2   Jordan James, Johnny Bruce Sr., Dakota Graciani, Ryan Carder, Kyle Noel, Brian Butler, Wes Staley, Matt Hensel

Heat   3   Jolene Voshel, Brent Boreman, Anthony Collins, David Keagy, John Louis, Jon Gamery, Zach Myers, Ryan Abel

‘B’Main   Bobby Searls, Jon Gamery, Zach Myers, Steven Lester, Ryan Abel, Clayton Evans, Brian Butler, Wes Staley, Matt Hensel dns

Feature   Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Ryan Carder, Johnny Bruce Sr., Jolene Voshel, Brent Boreman, Dustin Bedlion, Kevin Markey, Dakota Graciani, Bobby Searls, Anthony Collins, Cory Staley, John Louis, Jon Gamery, Ryan Abel, Steven Lester, Kyle Noel, Zach Myers, David Keagy, Stephen Crowe