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Running a feature only, Darek Crodia and David Reed would bring the field of Crozier Welding trucks to the green. Three wide battle off turn four, Travis Hare would take to the outside and edge out to take the lead with one lap down. With Hare out front, last week’s feature winner, Rolly Heyder, would work his way through the field to claim second. Back to back cautions on lap eight and nine would bunch the field up single file back to green. Heyder, now on the bumper of Hare would challenge for the lead ultimately securing on lap ten. Hare would challenge back, however, unable to surpass as it was Heyder once again picking up the win. Third went to Darek Cordia, fourth Chad Squires and fifth David Reed.

Setting fast time among the Holmes Tire late models was Kyle Thomas with a 14.516. Heat race wins would go to Corey Conley and Freddie Carpenter, setting them on the front row for the night’s 25-lap feature event. With the drop of the green, pole sitter, Conley would take a familiar position at the front of the field with Carpenter a close second. Unfortunately, troubles for Conley three laps in on a restart, would cause him to pull into the infield and end his night. Carpenter, now out front while the battle for top five would ensue between Rick Conley, George Lee, and Dave Hornikel, with Hornikel driving his way to third. Thirteen laps down, caution would fly, bunching the field up back to the start. With the green out, Carpenter would retain the top spot as troubles for Thomas would bring the yellow back out and send him to the tail. Single file back to green, Carpenter would begin to work his way to nearly a straight away lead over second of Hornikel as the battle for third would ensue between Lee and twelfth place starter, Rick Mardis. Mardis securing with seventeen laps down. Nevertheless, leading from lap four to the checker to pick up the win was ‘Fast’ Freddie Carpenter. Rounding out the top five was Hornikel, Mardis, Cody Rogers and George Lee.

Next division to hit the track were the Bugs-R-Gone modifieds with a field of twenty-three. Kyle Moore would set fast time with a 15.999, also picking up the win in heat race one. Jesse Wisecarver would pick up heat two and Robin Duston heat three. The last chance race win went to Richard Grogg. With the field set, the green was out and pole sitter, Kyle Moore would take the early lead as Nathon Loney worked his way from fifth to second with two laps in the books. A caution, three laps in, would single the field back to the green. Moore again taking the top spot as Duston looked to the inside of Wisecarver to secure third on lap five. Caution free for the remainder of the race, Moore would begin to work his way through lap traffic at the halfway point, securing his position out front. Thus, as the checkered dropped, it was Kyle Moore sitting in victory lane, picking up another win on the season. Second went to Nathon Loney, third Robin Duston, fourth Jesse Wisecarver, and fifth DJ Cline.

The Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer modlites had a field of twenty-four with Jimmy Smith setting fast time with a 16.229 and picking up heat race one. Heat two would go to Joe Burkhead and heat three Tim Callahan. Smith and Burkhead on the front row would bring the field to the start of their feature event. Taking the early lead and familiar position out front was Smith followed by Burkhead. With a final caution, setting up a green, white, checker finish, the green was back out and Smith would retain the top spot fending off his competitors to pick up another feature win for the season. Joe Burkhead, Darrick Hubbard Jr, Tim Callahan, and Tanner McLoughlin would round out the top five.

Heat race winners among twelve street stocks were David Potts and Jeff Lanham. With a top three redraw after the heats, the field was set for their fifteen-lap feature. Lanham and Brad Hensel setting the pace to the green, where Hensel would take the early lead with one lap in the books. Five laps in the books, David Potts would make his move around Seth Dickerson to claim third. A single caution with six laps down, would bunch the field up to the restart. Back under green, Hensel would again claim the top spot as David Potts secured second and Kevin worked his way to third. Nevertheless, after leading every lap green to checker it was Brad Hensel picking up his first feature win in the street stock division. Jeff Lanham and Tyler Nicely would round out the top five.

Rounding out the night’s events were the Short Track Safety Team mini stocks with heat race wins going to Billy Parsons and Nathan Rhoads. With the redraw set, the green was out, and it was Ed Geary taking the top spot with one lap in the books, Thornsley looking in. Half-way, caution would fly, bunching the field up to the restart. Back under green, Geary would again claim the top spot as last week’s feature winner, Doug Hensel, worked his way past Parsons and Thornsley to claim second. Hensel looking to challenge Geary, would be unable to surpass as it was Ed Geary leading green to checker picking up his season feature win of the season.

Hilltop Speedway

August 21, 2020

Crozier Welding Trucks

Feature- Rolly Heyder, Travis Hare, Darek Cordia, Chad Squires, David Reed, Dwayne Powell, Blake Heyder, Logan Duncan

Holmes Tire Late Models

Fast Qualifier- Kyle Thomas 14.516

Heat 1- C. Conley, K. Thomas, D. Hornikel, C. Rogers, R. Conley, M. Basich, TJ Watson, V. Mardis

Heat 2- F. Carpenter, G. Lee, M. McGinnis, R. Redman, D. Smith, R. Mardis, R. Souders

Feature- Freddie Carpenter, Dave Hornikel, Rick Mardis, Cody Rogers, George Lee, TJ Watson, Mike McGinnis, Dustin Smith, Vernon Mardis, Kyle Thomas, Rick Conley, Mike Basich, Rusty Redman, Ron Souders, Corey Conley

Bugs-R-Gone Modifieds

Fast Qualifier- Kyle Moore 15.999

Heat 1- K. Moore, C. Fritz, DJ Cline, G. Lee, R. Schmitt, R. Grogg, J. Disbennett, T. Siddle

Heat 2- J. Wisecarver, N. Loney, C. Shaw, M. Lam, N. Aronhalt, A. Seelig, C. Coleman, D. Carpenter

Heat 3- R. Duston, J. Hartman, P. Caplinger, G. Hensel Jr., R. Schmitt, S. Smith, T. Morris

B-Main- R. Grogg, J. Disbennett, A. Seelig, C. Coleman, T. Siddle, D. Carpenter DNS-T. Morris, S. Smith

Feature- Kyle Moore, Nathon Loney, Robin Duston, Jesse Wisecarver, DJ Cline, Colton Shaw, Jess Hartman, Casey Fritz, Pete Caplinger, George Lee, Gary Hensel Jr., Mitch Lam, Norm Aronhalt, Ronnie Schmitt, Austin Seelig, John Disbennett, Richard Grogg, Ronnie Schmitt

Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer Repair Modlites

Fast Qualifier- Jimmy Smith 16.229

Heat 1- J. Smith, R. Robey, D. Hubbard Jr, R. Bollinger, C. Snyder, C. Duncil, D. Mayer, S. Wince

Heat 2- J. Burkhead, S. Nairn, J. Pierce, L. Lease, R. Leslie, D. Kolanski, S. Torrens, K. Brooks

Heat 3- T. Callahan, T. McLoughlin, B. Morris, J. Preston, J. Duncil, 22, D. Hubbard Sr. DNS- D. Davis

Feature- Jimmy Smith, Joe Burkhead, Darrick Hubbard Jr, Tim Callahan, Tanner McLoughlin, Reece Bollinger, Ray Leslie, Clint Snyder, Blake Morris, Justin Pierce, Jon Preston, Cameron Duncil, Jason Duncil, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Dustin Kolanski, 22, Darrell Mayer, Ken Brooks, Ryan Robey, Levi Lease, Shawn Wince, Shawn Nairn, Seth Torrens

Street Stocks

Heat 1- D. Potts, B. Hensel, K. Potts, T. Schonauer, A. Bright, D. Shear

Heat 2- J. Lanham, T. Nicely, S. Dickerson, M. Baier, G. Hensel Jr, R. Parker

Feature- Brad Hensel, David Potts, Kevin Potts, Jeff Lanham, Tyler Nicely, Mark Baier, Trae Schonauer, Seth Dickerson, Rob Parker, Denny Shear, Gary Hensel Jr., Austin Bright

Short Track Safety Team Mini Stocks

Heat 1- B. Parsons, D. Hensel, E. Geary, J. Wheeler, E. Johnson, W. Lauvray, D. Thornsley

Heat 2- N. Rhoads, D. Thornsley, T. Wilson, T. Gamble, K. Dewitt, L. Moran

Feature- Ed Geary, Doug Hensel, Darrin Thornsley, Billy Parsons, Erik Johnson, John Wheeler, Nathon Rhoads, Dan Thornsley, Travis Gamble, Wayne Lauvray, Tom Wilson, Layton Moran, Kaden Dewitt