Orrville, Ohio

August 22, 2020

By Mike Swanger

  Over 120 cars in 5 class’ of cars overflowed the pits of Wayne County Speedway Saturday night on White’s Ford and Serpentini Chevrolet night as the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association made their third appearance of the season with Rawson’s Ricky Peterson going flag to flag for his first win. Driving the Fornes Auto & Truck Service, Kears Speedshop and Stan Courtad owned #9x, Peterson out raced fellow front row starter Broc Martin to turn one and would stay out front all 25 laps. Martin, the fast qualifier, would stay a few car lengths behind Peterson until lap 10 when Martin would tag the turn two guardrail and suffer a flat tire to end his chance of winning his second OVSCA feature at WCS. This would put R J Jacobs in second with Hunter Lynch and Dean Jacobs following and as the green flag waved, Dean Jacobs powered past Lynch for third and from that point on, the two Jacobs’ would put on a tight race for second as Dean would try everything he could to get by R J. As they dueled for second, Peterson would extend his lead. With the laps dwindling down Dean Jacobs could slip past R J Jacobs in turn one and two but R J would get back past Dean in three and four. Behind them Lynch and Cory Crabtree were in a battle for fourth place. With checkered flag waving, Peterson won by more than a half a straightaway as R J Jacobs nipped Dean Jacobs at the line for second with Lynch taking fourth over Crabtree. Lynch, Dean Jacobs and Crabtree collected the heat wins as Jason Dolick topped the last chance race.

  Orrville’s Mitch Caskey would also start on the outside front row of the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature and he would beat Justin Chance into turn one for the lead and would never give it up for his second win of the season. Chance would hound the Dan Weaver Trucking, Millersburg Tire and A & K Welding #18 of Caskey for the ten circuits when Chance would hit the guardrail in turn two, get on top of it and then roll back on to the track upside down to bring out the red flag and end his race.  As the race resumed, Caskey would pull away with Brad Malcuit in second followed by J R Gentry with Todd Brennan, Larry Bellman and Jerry Bowersock racing for fourth. Malcuit would hold off Gentry and in the closing laps, Gentry tapped the wall in turn two and would hang on to take third as Malcuit finished a season best second. Brennan would win the three car race for fourth over Bellman, the Accu Force Shocks/Kar Connection Hard Charger, and Bowersock. Heat winners were Caskey and Brennan with Drown the fast qualifier.

  The Modifieds were back in action once again as Kyle Moore would also start on the outside front row with Travis Dixon on the pole with Moore popping into the top spot at the drop of the green flag but Dixon would stay right with Moore, who was seeking his 6th straight win at “Orrville’s Historic Oval” and had a bounty on him if any one could beat him while he was still running at the finish. With the two leaders going at it early on Jess Hartman, Kevin Morehouse and Jesse Wisecarver was going back and forth for third and Nathan Loney joining in. After caution flags on laps nine and ten and with the double file restarts, Loney would motor past Hartman, Morehouse and Wisecarver into third and take second from Dixon on the next circuit and put the pressure on Moore for the lead. Moore would hold off Loney until lap 15 when Moore would slow coming out of turn two and stop in turn four with a broken front end. Loney, of Danville would inherit the lead and hold of Dixon to the finish line and park the Tru Form Racing Products, GDN Welding and Rich’s Body Shop #10 in victory lane for the first time. Dixon would take home second place with Hartman, Wisecarver and Morehouse filling out the top five. Dixon, Moore and Loney claimed the heat races while Bruce Miller won the last chance race. Pete Caplinger set the fast time in qualifying.

  Tyler Wiles used the pole position of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature and would set the pace for the opening ten laps as it was a wild scramble for positiong behind him. Don Baney would give up second place on lap four to Chase Alexander who would pressure Wiles for the lead as John Wilson and Mansfield’s Michael Amick would join Baney for third place. Amick would work his way to third on lap seven and with Wiles leading, Amick and Alexander would bump together on lap nine in turn two and that would slow Alexander down and bring out the yellow flag. On the double file restart, Amick and his Smith Fabrication, United Concrete and Met’s Machine Shop #18d would out hustle Wiles going into turn one for the lead and never look back for his second win of the season at WCS. Wiles would end up second as Wilson held off Doug Drown, who moved into fourth on the last caution with Alexander coming back to take fifth from Baney with two laps to go. Amick and Drown posted the heat wins as fast qualifier was Brandon Morrow.

  Pole sitter Anthony Collins set the pace for the opening three circuits of the JoyRide Transport Mini Stock main and then it was Wooster’s Doug Hensel taking over aboard the Bad Boyz Tree Service #18 and go then leading the rest of the way for his fourth victory of the season. Johnny Bruce Sr. would get by Collins for second on lap seven and finish a season best second. With two laps to go, Dustin Bedlion moved past Collins for third and on the last lap, Bobby Searls took fourth from Collins. Winning the heat races were Cory Staley, who had to change cars and run the last chance race that he won, Hensel, Collins and Bedlion.

  Next Saturday night, August 29 at Wayne County Speedway will be Season Championships for the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints, the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks and the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks and it will be the ‘Summer Series’ for both the Super Stocks and Mini Stock. Gates will open at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm.


Saturday, August 22, 2020


Fast Qualifier  Broc Martin  15.229 second

Heat   1   Hunter Lynch, Nick Patterson, Broc Martin, Trey Jacobs, Max Stambaugh, Jason Dolick, Mark Imler, Brian Benson, Wyatt Zimmerman

Heat   2   Dean Jacobs, Chris Myers, Ricky Peterson, Jordan Ryan, Wayne McPeek, Troy Kingan, Danny Mumaw, Dave Dickson, Andy Fike

Heat   3   Cory Crabtree, R J Jacobs, Henry Malcuit, Jamie Myers, Lance Webb, Ray Miller, Eric Martin, Dylan Kingan

‘B’Main   Jason Dolick, Troy Kingan, Danny Mumaw, Mark Imler, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson, Ray Miller, Wyatt Zimmerman, Eric Martin, Andy Fike, Dylan Kingan

Feature   Ricky Peterson, R J Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Hunter Lynch, Cory Crabtree, Chris Myers, Trey Jacobs, Max Stambaugh, Jordan Ryan, Jason Dolick, Jamie Myers, Wayne McPeek, Danny Mumaw, Troy Kingan, Lance Webb, Dave Dickson, Nick Patterson, Broc Martin, Mark Imler, Henry Malcuit


Fast Qualifier  Doug Drown  17.419 seconds

Heat   1   Mitch Caskey, T J Watson, Jerry Bowersock, Brad Malcuit, Cody Rogers, Larry Bellman, Doug Drown, Jason Skelly, Craig Hartong, Phil Wade

Heat   2   Todd Brennan, J R Gentry, Justin Chance, Kevin Smith, Chuck Kimble, Ryan Markham, Jerry Aber, Jasn Henderson, Tom Denzinger

Feature   Mitch Caskey, Brad Malcuit, J R Gentry, Todd Brennan, Larry Bellman, Jerry Bowersock, Cody Rogers, T J Watson, Jerry Aber, Craig Hartong, Kevin Smith, Jason Skelly, Justin Chance, Chuck Kimble, Phil Wade, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Jason Henderson, Tom Denzinger


Fast Qualifier  Pete Caplinger  19.190 seconds

Heat   1   Travis Dixon, Kevin Morehouse, Scott Peltz, Colton Shaw, Pete Caplinger, Denny Benjamin, Alec Harris, Chad Coleman, Richard Grossman, Tristen Bickford

Heat   2   Kyle Moore, Jess Hartman, Kenny Johnson, Jesse Wisecarver, Mark Gardiner, Bruce Miller, Jason King, Richard Grogg, Dave Bodkins

Heat   3   Nathan Loney, Dennis Lunger, Jerrod Willis, Austin Seelig, Mitch Lam, Randy Bauknecht, Michael McGee, Leighton Wetzel, Clint Jamison

‘B’Main   Bruce Miller, Jason King, Michael McGee, Richard Grogg, Tristen Bickford, Alec Harris, Denny Benjamin, Chad Coleman, Leighton Wetzel, Clint Jamison, Dave Bodkins, Richard Grossman, Randy Bauknecht dns

Feature   Nathan Loney, Travis Dixon, Jess Hartman, Jesse Wisecarver, Kevin Morehouse, Colton Shaw, Kenny Johnson, Jerrod Willis, Tristen Bickford, Jason King, Richard Grogg, Austin Seelig, Mitch Lam, Kyle Moore, Bruce Miller, Scott Peltz, Pete Caplinger, Dennis Lunger, Mark Gardiner, Michael McGee


Fast Qualifier   Brandon Morrow  19.927 seconds

Heat   1   Michael Amick,Brandon Morrow, Tyler Wiles, Curt Zimmerman, Dave Uhler, Don Rutt, Brandon Craver, Luke Sprouse, Matt Shroyer dns

Heat   2   Doug Drown, John Wilson, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Seth Dickerson, James Alleman, Gary McGregor, Virgil Masters, Austin Bright

Feature   Michael Amick, Tyler Wiles, John Wilson, Doug Drown, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, James Alleman, Gary McGregor, Virgil Masters, Seth Dickerson, Austin Bright, Curt Zimmerman, Don Rutt, Dave Uhler, Brandon Morrow, Brandon Craver dns, Luke Sprouse dns, Matt Shroyer dns


Heat   1   Cory Staley, Dakota Graciani, Kevin Markey, Steven Lester, John Louis, Dewey Powell, Kenny Coe, Eugene Arkenburgh, Matt Short

Heat   2   Doug Hensel, Bobby Searls, Mitch Reichard, Chaz Dawson, Jon Gamery, Brian Butler, Zach Myers

Heat   3   Anthony Collins, Ryan Carder, Jolene Voshel, Will Rogers, Ryan Abel, Wes Staley, Kyle Noel, Anthony Short

Heat   4   Dustin Bedlion, Johnny Bruce Sr., David Keagy, Clayton Evans, Kevin Hook, Justin Hall, Jordan James

‘B’Main   Wes Staley, John Louis, Jon Gamery, Zach Myers, Travis Hutton, Dewey Powell, Ryan Abel, Brian Butler, Kyle Noel, Kenny Coe, Kevin Hook, Matt Short dns, Jordan James dns, Justin Hall,dns, Wes Staley dns, Anthony Short dns, Eugene Arkenburgh dns

Feature   Doug Hensel, Johnny Bruce Sr., Dustin Bedlion, Bobby Searls, Anthony Collins, Cory Staley, Kyle Petit, David Keagy, Ryan Carder, Jolene Voshel, Chaz Dawson, Dakota Graciani, Kevin Markey, John Louis, Steven Lester, Will Rogers, Jon Gamery, Zach Myers, Clayton Evans, Mitch Reichard