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DeGraff OH (9/5) Shady Bowl Speedway held its biggest event of the year for the Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts Saturday. The 100 lapper is an annual event, with this years event paying $2500 to win. A field of over 40 cars timed in. Devin Glessner carried the checker for the “B” main that send the top six into the “A”. A field of twenty six cars took the green to start the main.The race was a three car battle with Mike Wintrow leading Nick Barrett and Josh Sage . The race only had one yellow for a minor spin on lap forty four. On the restart Barrett, Sage and Wintrow renewed their battle. When the checker flew Sage was in the lead in his Jason Doolin backed Cavalier. Wintrow finished second and Barrett third. Austin Eaton and Alex Young rounded out the top five. Austin Eaton set fast tine.

The Outlaw Pro Compacts made their debut with fourteen cars on hand. The win went to West Liberty driver Gary Eaton Jr with Terry Eaton Jr second. Tom Gosser, Bill Hounious and Bo Hoelscher rounded out the top five. Austin Eaton was fast qualifier. Hoelscher and Ron Sagers were heat winners.

The Pines Home Solutions Thunder Cars took to oval next. The $500.00 to win the feature was won by Buck Purtee in his Loretta’s Country Kitchen Chevy. Andy Pine was second, with Frankie Oakes third, Bob Coppock and Curtis Noble fifth. Purtee was fast qualifier.

The Wootens Automotive Modifieds were also on the schedule . When the checker flew it was Bellefontaine’s Brad Yelton in his Meyer’s Drive Thru backed open wheeler . The win was his first win of the season for Yelton. Chris Parker was second, with Chad Poole third, Jerry Stapleton fourth and Ross Klinglehofer fifth. Parker was fast qualifier with Klinglehofer winning the dash. Brian Brandberry was the heat winner.

Purtee continued his great evening, as he followed up his Thunder Car win

with a win in the Heath and Sons Farms Street Stocks. Purtee was driving a Ford backed by Bryce Realty. Rodney Roush, Jamie Sites, Phil Gussler and Chad Small II filled second thru fifth. Rodney Roush was fast qualifer with Parker taking the dash win and Terry Purtee winning the heat.


Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds

Fast Qualifier: Chris Parker 13.688

Dash Winner: Ross Klinglehofer

Heat Winner: Brian Brandyberry

Feature: 1. Brad Yelton 2. Chris Parker 3. Chad Poole 4. Jerry Stapleton 5. Ross Klinglehofer 6. Daniel McPherson 7. Logan McPherson 8. Scott Jones 9. Lance Young 10. Buddy Townsend 11. Hayden Wren 12. Brian Brandyberry 13. Mike Carroll 14. Rob Bryant

Pro Compacts

Fast Qualifier: Austin Eaton Jr. 15.196

Dash Winner: Gary Eaton Jr.

Heat Winners: Bo Hoelscher and Ron Sagers

Feature: 1. Gary Eaton Jr. 2. Terry Eaton Jr. 3. Tom Gossar 4. Bill Hounious 5. Bo Hoelscher 6. Ron Sagers 7. Alex Bube 8. Dusty Harding 9. Jacob Gustafson 10. Jake Albright 11. Adam Krzykowski 12. Clayton Oliver 13. Nicholas Meade 14. Austin Eaton

Heath and Sons Farms Street Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Rodney Roush 14.781

Dash Winner: Chris Parker

Heat Winner: Terry Purtee

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Rodney Roush 3. Jamie Sites 4. Phil Gussler Jr. 5. Chad Small II 6. Jacob Heckman 7. Jason Drummond 8. Robert Roush 9. Rob Schaeff 10. Terry Purtee 11. Richard Roush 12. Trey Gregory 13. Chris Parker

Pines Home Solutions Thunder Cars

Fast Time: Buck Purtee 15.194

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Andy Pine 3. Frankie Oakes 4. Bob Coppock 5. Curtis Noble 6. Scottie Marquis 7. Scott Drake 8. Josh Owens

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast Qualifier: Austin Eaton 16.494

Consi Winner: Devin Glessner

Feature (100 lap): 1. Josh Sage 2. Mike Wintrow 3. Nick Barrett 4. Austin Eaton 5. Alec Young 6. Justin Pope 7. Eric Johnson 8. Aaron McDole 9. Keven Baggett 10. Rob Tayler IV 11. Tony Heath 12. Bill Ramey 13. Chris Prater 14. Ben Cartwright 15. Tylan Coppock 16. Devin Glessner 17. Charlie Hoepker 18. Ryan Barrett 19. Aaron Jewell 20. Damien Weigel 21. Josh Foltz 22. Carlos Williams 23. Andrea Swink 24. Jimmy McElfresh 25. Corey Plunkett 26. Bill McElfresh