Story credit: Raceway 7 Facebook page

Conneaut, OH (September 5, 2020): In a night of racing that involved no points, but regular payouts, 97 cars signed into Raceway 7 with five veterans, including two 2020 champions, going to Victory Lane. Nate Young, the 2020 Economod Champion was in victory Lane for the third time this season and Brent Rhebergen, the 2020 E-Mod champion, was also a winner, the third time this season. Mark Lawrence won his fifth feature of 2020, Breyton Santee captured his second RUSH Late Model win of the season, and Joe Stajnrajh got his second Street Stock win of the season.

Gary Young was the pole-sitter for the RUSH Late Model feature with first-time Raceway 7 competitor Kyle Murray outside front row. At the end of lap one Murray led former champion Darrell Bossard, August 7 winner Breyton Santee, July 3 winner Jason Genco, and Collin Burke. On lap two former champion Kyle Zimmerman and Burke got together in turn two with Burke winding up spinning. On the green flag Dennis Dellinger was penalized five positions for “jumping” the start. Murray led Bossard, Santee, Genco, and Zimmerman after green but Joe Howell spun in turn four. Santee was second after green. Three cautions were displayed during lap eight, two for Howell and one for Tyler Allison, spun in turn four. Another caution at lap nine was for D J Krug. At halfway it was Murray, Bossard, Zimmerman, Genco, and Bill Holmes. At six laps remaining Santee took over at the front Bossard was second at seventeen laps with Genco also getting by Murray on the final lap. The top five were Santee, Bossard, Genco, Murray, and Zimmerman.

2020 champion Brent Rhebergen started on the pole position for the E-Mod feature with Zack Johnson to his right. Jeff Johnson spun in turn four on lap one, which was led by Rhebergen, many time champion Joel Watson, Zack Johnson, Randy Hall, and 2019 champion Mike Kinney. Hall and Zack Johnson were side by side for third at two laps with Hall firmly second at three. Rhebergen built up a 1.467 second lead at lap six when Jeff Johnson again spun, this time in turn four, erasing Rhebergen’s lead. After green Hall and Watson were side by side for a lap until Hall dropped a driveshaft in turn three. It was then Rhebergen, Watson, Kinney, Steve Rex, and Zack Johnson as the top five. Zack Johnson then spun sideways in turn one and was clipped by Steve Sornberger, Garrett Calvert, and Judson Fell. At this green Rhebergen again led, followed by Watson, Kinney, Rex, and now Casey Bowers. That was the order At halfway when Fell slowed and collected Bill Taylor on the backstretch. Fell retired to the pit. Bowers was fourth at eleven laps and fifth at twelve laps, then spun in turn one on lap thirteen, collecting Steve Sornberger, Troy Johnson, and Chuck Steinle Jr. Yellow appeared at lap thirteen when Bowers and Taylor got together for a spin in turn one. Mike Eschrich, on his first visit to Raceway 7, entered the top five at this point. At the finish it was Rhebergen, for the third time this season with Watson second, Eschrich third, Rex Fourth, and Nolan Dalton fifth.

The Street Stock feature started with June 26 winner Joe Stajnrajh on the pole and David Baker outside. The field only got to turn two when Tom Teed spun. Stajnrajh led lap one with former class champion Rusty Wheeler, Baker, 2020 champion Paul Davis, and July 24 winner Jason Black second through fifth. Baker was second and Davis was third at two laps. At two laps Baker and Ed Bolyard got into the front straight wall with Baker retiring pitside. At three laps it was Stajnrajh, Black, Davis, Larry Kugel, and Gary Miller. Kugel slowed to a stop at turn two at lap three with Pat Fielding advancing to fifth. At the halfway point Stajnrajh had a 1.212 second lead over Black, with Fielding now third, Miller fourth, and Cody Dean fifth. Yellow was shown at lap eight for Mark Hopkins, stopped in turn two. Coming through turn two with five to go the race was three-wide for the lead among Black, Davis, and Stajnrajh, with Stajnrajh emerging the leader at the end of the lap. Black and Davis were side by side at lap twelve for second. At the white flag Black had second by half a car-length over Davis. Stajnrajh went on to the win, his second of the year, over Black, Davis, Fielding, and Wheeler.

The Economod feature started with 2020 Champion Nate Young and Matt Alexander on the front row. At the end of one lap Young held a comfortable .689 second lead over Alexander with Mitchell Wright, Jarett Young, and Bill Cunningham the rest of the top five. A lap later Young was leading by just over a second, and nearly two seconds at lap four. His lead was gone at lap five when Hayden Loomis spun in turn two. After green, Loomis again spun, again in turn two. At seven laps Percy McDonald slammed the front straight wall with Justin Sax, Loomis, Todd Miller, and Mike Harmon getting caught up in the wreckage. At this point only nine of the eighteen starters were left on the track. Miller slowed to a halt in turn four as green was again shown. At lap eight Bill Cunningham got to fourth and by eleven laps Young had again sped away, this time to a 3.073 second lead. At lap twelve Alexander slid high in turns one and two, falling back to sixth. At the finish it was Nate Young, his third feature win of the season, over Wright, Bill Cunningham, Jarett Young, and Justin Chaddock.

The final feature of the night was for the Mini Stocks and started with Mark Lawrence and Body McClintock leading the way. Lawrence quickly assumed the lead after the green flag with Pete Blazczak, Joe Campbell, McClintock, and Jacob Wheeler filling out the top five through the first lap. As the field completed lap one caution was needed as Alex Siekkinen got into the inside rail on the main straight and Jeremy Start came to a halt further up the straight. Start was able to continue but Siekkinen needed towed from the scene. Just one more lap was complete when 2020 Champion Jessica Harvey slowed to a halt at the pit entrance, unable to enter. Former champion Joe Campbell got up to second at lap three with Jesse Armstrong now fourth and Shane Shook fifth. Blaczak and Campbell were side by side for for second at lap five headed up the back stretch with Blaczak holding the spot at the end of the lap. Campbell’s night came to an end at lap six when he headed to the infield with unknown issues. At seven it was Blazczak and Shook even for second but Shook also had problems, retiring to the infield at lap eight. With two to go Lawrence had a full half lap lead over Blazczak, Armstrong , Mike Barr, and and Charles McClintock. That was the top five at the checkers.


Heat 1: Nate Young, Vincent Depizzo, Billy Cunningham, Todd Miller, Dale Reiser, Andrew Pisarchick

Heat 2: Mitchell Wright, Bill Cunningham, Justin Chaddock, Brian Toto, Jamie Sax, Hayden Loomis

Heat 3: Jarett Young, Matt Alexander, Mike Harmon, Percy McDonald, Chris Runyon, Garrett Calvert

Feature: Nate Young, Mitchell Wright, Bill Cunningham, Jarett Young, Justin Chaddock, Matt Alexander, Vincent Depizzo, Dale Reiser, Todd Miller, Andrew Pisarchick, Garrett Calvert, Percy McDonald, Mike Harmon, Brian Toto, Justin Sax, Hayden Loomis, Billy Cunningham, Chris Runyon

Street Stocks

Heat 1: Paul Davis, Joe Stajnrajh, Tim Burns, Gary Miller, Jonathan Davis, Scott Gill

Heat 2: Pat Fielding, Jason Black, Ed Bolyard, Mike Horton, Tom Teed, , Kyle Couchenour

Heat 3: Rusty Wheeler, Larry Kugel, David Baker, Cody Dean, Mark Hopkins

Feature: Joe Stajnrajh, Jason Black, Paul Davis, Pat Fielding, Rusty Wheeler, Gary Miller, Jonathan Davis, Ed Bolyard, Cody Dean, Tom Teed, Scott Gill, Mark Hopkins, Larry Kugel, David Baker, Mike Horton, Tim Burns (DNS), Kyle Couchenour (DNS)


Heat 1: Zack Johnson, Steve Rex, Casey Bowers, Josh McDonald, Brandon Grossman, Nolan Dalton, Jeff Johnson

Heat 2: Joel Watson, Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Troy Johnson, Dan McDonald, Mike Eschrich

Heat 3: Brent Rhebergen, Judson Fell, Mark Titus, Steve Sornberger, Bill Taylor, Chuck Steinle Jr

Feature: Brent Rhebergen, Joel Watson, Mike Eschrich, Steve Rex, Nolan Dalton, Dan McDonald, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Chuck Steinle Jr, Brandon Grossman, Steve Sornberger, Bill Taylor, Casey Bowers, Mark Titus, Zack Johnson, Judson Fell, Randy Hall, Jeff Johnson, Josh McDonald (DNS)

RUSH Late Models

Heat 1: Collin Burke, Gary Youngs. Steve Hollabaugh, Tyler Allison, Joe Howell, Joe Howell

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Kyle Murray, Kyle Zimmerman, D J Krug, Dennis Dellinger

Heat 3: Breyton Santee, Jason Genco, John Watson, Bill Holmes, Lon Emrick

Feature: Breyton Santee, Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, Kyle Murray, Kyle Zimmerman, Bill Holmes, John Watson, Steve Hollabaugh, Gary Youngs, Lon Emrick, Tyler Allison, D J Krug, Dennis Dellinger, Collin Burke, Joe Howell

Mini Stocks

Heat 1: Mark Lawrence, Pete Blazczak, Body McClintoch, Collin Deering, Alexis Vogt, Devin Haefke, Cale Sousa

Heat 2: Mike Barr, Charles McClintock, Andrew Smith, Tristan Start, Anna Vassen, Alex Siekkinen, Austyn Richards

Heat 3: Joe Campbell, Shane Shook, Jesse Armstrong, Alan Sousa, Derrick Randolph, Tyler Fedorko, Trisha Jacklett

Heat 4: Jacob Wheeler, Jessica Harvey, Nick Eck, Dave Harding, J R Glover, Jamie Lamp

Feature: Mark Lawrence, Pete Blaczak, Jesse Armstrong, Mike Barr, Charles McClintock, Derrick Randolph, Alan Sousa, Austyn Richards, Andrew Smith, Jacob jWheeler, Nick Eck, Cale Sousa, J R Glover, Alexis Vogt, Anna Vassen, Collin Deering, Body McClintock, Shane Shook, Jamie Lamp, Joe Campbell, Trisha Jacklett, Jessica Harvey, Alex Siekkinen, Tristan Start, Devin Haefke (DNS), Tyler Fedorko (DNS)