Story credit: Raceway 7 Facebook page

Conneaut, OH (September 12, 2020): The third annual “September Shootout” was contested at Raceway 7 Saturday night with Max Blair (Super Late Models), Joel Watson (E-Mods), Jarod Larson (RUSH Sprints) and Mark Lawrence (Mini Stocks) picking up the prestigious wins. The $100 bonus for fast time, sponsored by Gary and Bonnie Neubauer’s Amsoil, was won by Bob Dorman with a lap of 17.871. The pits were packed with 126 cars signed in for the Four Star Show.

After four groups of time trials, four heat races, and a B-Main, the field was set for the forty-lap feature for the ground-pounding Super Late Models with Max Blair and Dave Hess Jr running side by side through lap one. Hess edged ahead at the line with a .040 lead. Chad Wright, the fastest in Friday night practice with a lap of 18.345 seconds, Michael Norris, and Dutch Davies filled out the top five at one lap completed. Hess was solidly in the lead at the end of two. Wright and Norris were side by side fighting over third at three laps. Hess was opening his lead at four laps in, extending it to .875 seconds and Wright now holding third. At lap eight Blair was staring to close the gap, narrowing it to .522 seconds. The leaders began lapping the backmarkers at lap ten. At eleven laps Jarod Miley entered the top five. The race for the lead heated up at lap thirteen with Blair pulling even with Hess through turns three and four then taking the lead in turn two on lap fourteen. At fifteen laps Blair was extending his lead to just over a second at lap seventeen. At the halfway point it was Blair leading Hess, Norris, Miley, Davies, and Wright. Lap 23 saw the race’s only caution period when Khole Wanzer spun in turn four. On the restart Norris quickly got by Hess for second. With ten to go it was Blair leading Norris, Hess, Miley, and Davies. The leaders again started lapping backmarkers at lap 33 with Blair extending his lead, even in traffic, opening it to 1.682 seconds at lap 35. In the waning laps Norris closed to 1.266 seconds but Blair went on to the win, his second consecutive win in the event. Norris was second followed by Hess, Miley, and Davies.

The E-Mods raced thirty laps for a $2000 winner’s purse with Brian Ruhlman, the 1995 Super Late Model points champion, on the pole and Casey Bowers, the August 7 feature winner, to his right. Row two starter Mike Potosky slid high on the opening lap, falling all the way back to eighth but rallying to seventh at the completion of lap one. Bowers led the first lap with Ruhlman second, then Dan Davies, Troy Johnson, and Eric Reinwald filling out the top five. At lap three Ruhlman was mounting a challenge for the top spot and was slightly ahead at the line. Then Bowers spun in turn four, retiring to the pit with apparent mechanical problems. The top five were now Ruhlman, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Davies, and Joel Watson, the all-time win-leader at Raceway 7. Watson got to third at lap six and was next to Johnson for second at lap seven. At lap eight Watson was next to Ruhlman for the lead, taking over at the front on lap nine. Davies got to third at eleven and was next to Ruhlman for second at thirteen, with Mike McGee getting up to fourth. The top five at halfway were Watson, Davies, Ruhlman, McGee, and Kinney. McGee’s night ended at lap seventeen with mechanical ails but the car came to a stop not far enough off the racing surface, resulting in a caution at lap nineteen. At this point Brent Rhebergen had advanced all the way from 21st at the green to ninth. At twenty laps Rhebergen, the 2020 class champion, was up to fifth! Justin Carlson was now second over Ruhlman, Davies, and Rhebergen. At lap 22 Troy Johnson and Ruhlman were fighting over third with constantly close racing among the top five. At 23 laps it was Watson, Carlson, Davies, Ruhlman, and Rhebergen. At 24 laps Rhebergen was challenging Ruhlman for fourth, having the spot a lap later. With three to go Carlson and Davies were racing second while Watson was pulling away to a 2.777 second lead with two to go when caution was shown for a two-car spin in turns one and two. Kinney spun in turn one after the green. Davies made a stout run for the lead on the final lap but came up .041 second short. Rhebergen wound up third after his magnificent charge through the traffic with Carlson fourth, and Ruhlman fifth.

Next up were the RUSH Sprints, running a twenty lap feature. Shawn Smith led lap one over points leader Jeremy Weaver, Brian Ruhlman, Arnie Kent, and Brandon Blackshear, a former Economod champion at Raceway 7. At two laps Smith and Weaver were side by side for the lead but Jarod Larson was on the move, taking over at the front on lap three. At eight laps it was Larson, Smith, Weaver, Ruhlman, and Nolan Groves leading the way. Weaver tried for second at lap fifteen but Smith held on to the spot. At sixteen laps Kent, Matt Sherlock, and A J Macquarrie spun in turns three and four for the only caution of the race. Only Macquarrie was able to continue. At the checkers it was Larson, Smith, Weaver, Ruhlman, and Groves. During post-race inspection Smith was found to have a technical issue and was disqualified, moving Steve Pedley into fifth.

The final feature of the evening was for the Mini Stocks with the red flag being shown on the opening lap when Mel Bennett flipped on the back straight, rolling at least twice. Pole-sitter Dalton Speer led off-pole starter Shane Shook, third place starter Austyn Richards, fourth-starting Mark Lawrence, and sixth starting Dillon Speer, (a former class champion), through turn four with Lawrence getting the lead at the line over Dalton Speer, Dillon Speer, Shane Shook, and Jacob Wheeler. Shook and Dillon Speer were side by side for third at lap two. At lap four it was Lawrence leading Dillon Speer, Shook, 2020 champion Jessica Harvey, and Dalton Speer. Harvey was third at lap five. Lawrence began lapping the backmarkers at lap six and had a full-straight lead at the halfway point with a half-lap lead over Shook, Harvey, Dillon Speer, and Dalton Speer. Dillon Speer suddenly slowed on the back straight at lap at ten laps with Dalton Speer also having problems and heading pitside. At the checkers it was Lawrence, his fifth win of the season, Shook, Harvey, Wheeler, and Brandon Huffman.

Super Late Models: 34 entries

Time Trials:

Group 1: Dutch Davies 17.880, Larry Bellman 18.085, John Hodgkiss 18.296, Matt Urban 18.349, Chris Hackett 18.405, Andy Boozel 18.411, Howard Farley 18.762, Ryan Markham 18.795, Easton Hedman 19.139

Group 2: Chad Wright 18.019, J R Gentry 18.045, Kyle Knapp 18.162, Shane McLaughlin 18.164, Mitch Caskey 18.185, John Lobb 18.390, Jerry Aber 18.569, Dan Tercho 20.927

Group 3: Bob Dorman 17.871, Dave Hess Jr, 17.930, Darrell Bossard 18.011, Jared Miley 18.135, Steve Kania 18.164, Bump Hedman 18.554, Wendell Pinckney 18.899, Brad Stoeger 21.106

Group 4: Max Blair 17.887, Michael Norris 18.021, David Lyon 18.350, Khole Wanzer 18.697, Breyton Santee 18.762, Tom Denzinger 19.431, Damon Haight 20.192

Heat 1: Dutch Davies, Larry Bellman, Matt Urban, Andy Boozel, Chris Hackett, Ryan Markham, Howard Fraley, John Hodgkiss, Easton Hedman

Heat 2: Chad Wright, Kyle Knapp, J R Gentry, Mitch Caskey, Shane McLaughlin, John Lobb, Jerry Aber, Dan Tercho

Heat 3: Dave Hess Jr, Jared Miley, Steve Kania, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, Wendell Pinckney, Brad Stoeger

Heat 4: Michael Norris, Max Blair, Breyton Santee, Dave Lyon, Khole Wanzer, Tom Denzinger, Damon Haught

B-Main: John Lobb, Ryan Markham, Bob Dorman, Howard Fraley, Wendall Pinckney, John Hodgkiss, Easton Hedman, Jerry Aber, Damon Haught, Brad Stoeger, Dan Tercho

Feature: Max Blair, Michael Norris, Dave Hess Jr, Jared Miley, Dutch Davies, Chad Wright, Matt Urban, Kyle Knapp, David Lyon, Breyton Santee, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Steve Kania, Andy Boozel, Mitch Caskey, John Lobb, J R Gentry, Chris Hackett, Wendall Pinckney, Ryan Markham, Khole Wanzer, Larry Bellman, Bob Dorman, Shawn McLaughlin, Howard Fraley

Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods: 44 entries

Heat 1: Brian Ruhlman, Mike Potosky, Joel Watson, Justin Carlson, Nolan Dalton, Garrett Calvert, Tim Peterson, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle, Bill Cunningham

Heat 2: Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Judson Fell, Jeff Johnson, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Mark Titus, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Bill Taylor

Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Gary Eicher, Dan Davies, Michael McGee, Brent Rhebergen, John Boyd, Steve Rex, Billy Cunningham, Steve Simon

Heat 4: Troy Johnson, Eric Reinwald, Ken Zimmer, Mike Eschrich, Tim Rockwell, Percy McDonald, Justin Sax, Mike Harmon, Tyler Frankenberry

Heat 5: Mitchell Wright, Casey Bowers, Randy Bauknecht, Al Brewer, Brad Keckler, Brandon Grossman, Geoff Conn, Dan McDonald, Denny Benjamin

B-Main 1: Brent Rhebergen, Nolan Dalton, Jesse Gould, Steve Rex, Bill Cunningham, Steve Simon, Dan McDonald, Brandon Grossman, Casey Harmon, Tim Peterson, Chuck Steinle Jr, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Percy McDonald

B-Main 2: Josh McDonald, John Boyd, Garrett Calvert, Tim Rockwell, Justin Sax, Mark Titus, Chris Peterson, Brad Keckler, Jeff Conn, Danny Benjamin, Billy Cunningham, Bill Taylor, Tyler Frankenberry

Feature: Joel Watson, Dan Davies, Brent Rhebergen, Justin Carlson, Brian Ruhlman, Randy Hall, Mitchell Wright, Josh McDonald, Mike Potosky, Mike Eschrich, Troy Johnson, Gary Eicher, Nolan Dalton, Al Brewer, John Boyd, Jesse Gould, Dennis Lunger, Jeff Johnson, Eric Reinwald, Randy Bauknecht, Mike Kinney, Michael McGee, Ken Zimmer, Casey Bowers, Judson Fell

RUSH Sprints: 14 entries

Heat 1: Jeremy Weaver, Shaun Smith, Brandon Blackshear, Steve Pedley, Brian Hartzell, Matt Sherlock, A J Macquarrie

Heat 2: Brian Ruhlman, Arnie Kent, Jarod Larson, Nolan Groves, Andy Feil, Brian Cressley, Amelia Clay

Feature: Jarod Larson, Jeremy Weaver, Brian Ruhlman, Nolan Groves, Steve Pedley, Brandon Blackshear, Brian Hartzell, Andy Feil, Brian Cressley, Amelia Clay, A J Macquarrie, Arnie Kent, Matt Sherlock, Shawn Smith (DQ)

Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks: 34 entries

Heat 1: Dillon Speer, Derrick Randolph, Mike Barr, Andrew Smith, Anna Vassen, Krista Start, Collin Deering, Zack Eller, Dalton Eggleston

Heat 2: Dalton Speer, Shane Shook, Zoey Gill, Brandon Huffman, Alex Siekkinen, Cale Sousa, Steve Campbell, Jim Vancise, Taylor Vancise

Heat 3: Jessica Harvey, Mel Bennett, Austyn Richards, Alan Sousa, Joe Mason, Trisha Jacklett, Emily Stoyer, Tyler Fedorko, Nick Randolph

Heat 4: Jacob Wheeler, Mark Lawrence, Jeremy Start, Charles McClintock, Tristan Start, Dillon Thorne, John Paul Kish, Sean Murphey

B-Main: Cale Sousa, Dillon Thorne, Trisha Jacklett, John Paul Fish, Collin Deering, Krista Start, Tyler Fedorko, Steve Campbell,

Feature: Mark Lawrence, Shane Shook, Jessica Harvey, Austyn Richards, Brandon Huffman, Zoey Gill, Derrick Randolph, Charles McClintock, Mike Barr, Andrew Smith, Cale Sousa, Alan Sousa, Joe Mason, Dillon Thorne, Anna Vassen, Tristan Start, John Paul Kish, Jacob Wheeler, Jeremy Start, Dillon Speer, Dalton Speer, Mel Bennett, Trisha Jacklett, Alex Siekkinen