Story credit: Hilltop Speedway Facebook page

After a couple weeks off, Mother Nature finally cooperated to see some racing on the Hill.

The Holmes Tire late models were the first to see action for the night. With the field set, the green was out for their 25-lap feature event. Fast qualifier, JR Gentry, would look to challenge Doug Dodd for the lead. Eight laps down, leaders up to lap traffic. Gentry would use them to his advantage off turn four claiming the lead with nine laps in the books. Cautions on lap eleven and again on twenty-two would single the field to the green. Gentry would maintain the lead as dash winner, Vic Hottinger, and Dave Hornikel would work their way around Dodd for second and third. However, unable to surpass Gentry as he would pick up the feature win. Fifth went to Allen Baker. A single heat race win went to Lance Elson.

The Bugs-R-Gone modifieds were the next to hit the track with Kyle Moore sweeping the night, setting fast time, 16.024, picking up heat race win and leading green to checker to pick up the feature win. Heat race two winner, Chris Basich, would run second with DJ Cline looking in. Thirteen laps down, Cline would drive under Basich to claim second off turn four. Looking to break into the top three, Colton Shaw, would work the low line going into turn two to take the position, driving to the bumper of Cline. Unfortunately, caution would come out with one to go. Back under green, Moore would retain the lead followed by Cline, Shaw, Basich and Robin Duston who would come back to finish top five after restarting tail with an early race caution.

Pulling double duty, Kyle Moore, would pick up back to back feature wins on the night after sweeping the Evan’s Elite Paving street stock division. Moore would lead green to checker claiming the feature win. Kevin Potts would work his way through the field from his sixth place starting position to claim second with ten laps in the books. Third would go to Jimmy Humphrey, fourth to Mark Baier and fifth to Jeff Lanham.

Heat race winners, Carson Hubbard and Chris Robinson, would sit on the front row of the night’s Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer Repair modlite feature event. With the drop of the green, Blake Morris would take the lead off of four with one lap in. However, Robinson would charge back to secure the lead on lap two. Meanwhile, Reece Bollinger and Darrick Hubbard Jr would make their presence known as as they would take third and fourth. Hubbard would look to crack into top three, passing Bollinger with six laps down. Nevertheless, once claiming the lead on lap two, it was Chris Robinson picking up the feature win. Morris would finish second followed by Hubbard Jr, Bollinger and Justin Pierce.

The CPR mini stocks would be the last feature of the night with Kevin Markey and Doug Hensel sitting on the pole after redraw. Green flag in the air, Hensel would take the early lead as Billy Parsons would work to the inside securing the lead off four with three laps down. Hensel, undeterred, would challenge back as the front runners would come up on lap traffic six laps down. Caution on lap seven would double file the field back to the green with Hensel reclaiming the top spot. Back and forth, Hensel and Parsons would battle it out for the lead. With the checkered flag waving, Parsons would hold off Hensel to pick up the win. Third went to heat race winner Ed Geary, fourth Dakota Graciani and fifth Andy Parsons.

Hilltop Speedway

May 14, 2021

Holmes Tire Late Models

Fast Qualifier- JR Gentry 14.362

Heat- L. Elson, A. Baker, P. Crum, M. Basich, M. McGinnis, R. Abel, V. Mardis, J. Wages, J. Henderson DNS-D. Smith

Dash-V. Hottinger, D. Dodd, JR Gentry, R. Mardis, D. Hornikel, C. Endlich

Feature- JR Gentry, Vic Hottinger, Dave Hornikel, Doug Dodd, Allen Baker, Cody Endlich, Mike McGinnis, Jason Henderson, Vernon Mardis, Ryan Abel, Rick Mardis, Pete Crum, Jeff Wages, Lance Elson, Mike Basich DNS- Dustin Smith

Bugs-R-Gone Modifieds

Fast Qualifier- Kyle Moore 16.024

Heat- K. Moore, DJ Cline, R. Duston, J. Smith, J. Waite, R. Grogg

Heat- C. Basich, C. Shaw, B. Jacobs, J. Hartman, B. Keckler, C. Butler, J. Waite

Feature- Kyle Moore, DJ Cline, Colton Shaw, Chris Basich, Robin Duston, Jess Hartman, Brad Keckler, Richard Grogg, Josh Waite, Jeremy Waite, Austin Seelig, Casey Butler, Barry Jacobs, Jimmy Smith

Evan’s Elite Paving Street Stocks

Heat- K. Moore, T. Nicely, J. Humphrey, J. Lanham, M. Baier, K. Potts, G. Hensel, T. Schonauer, D. Potts

Feature- Kyle Moore, Kevin Potts, Jimmy Humphrey, Mark Baier, Jeff Lanham, Tyler Nicely, Brad Hensel, Gary Hensel, David Potts, Trae Schonauer

Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer Repair Modlites

Heat- C. Hubbard, B. Morris, R. Bollinger, D. Mayer, J. Pierce, T. Morris, S. Nairn, B. Daugherty, C. Bishop

Heat- C. Robinson, J. Burkhead, D .Hubbard Jr., C. Snyder, L. Lewis, B. Chilcote, J. Duncil, B. Wilson

Feature- Chris Robinson, Blake Morris, Darrick Hubbard Jr., Reece Bollinger, Justin Pierce, Joe Burkhead, Clint Snyder, Logan Lewis, Bob Chilcote, Shawn Nairn, Tim Morris, Darrell Mayer, Brandon Daugherty, Jason Duncil, Carson Hubbard, Braxton Wilson, Chad Bishop

CPR Mini Stocks

Heat- E. Geary, T. Hutten, D. Graciani, J. Wheeler, Z. Hershey, C. Boyd, J. Ramirez, T. Mendiola, K. Hook, W. Newbury, R. Lapp

Heat- B. Parsons, D. Hensel, K. Markey, B. Berger, J. Gamery, A. Parsons, R. Parsons, R. Aronhalt, J. Reihl, J. Newll

Feature- Billy Parsons, Doug Hensel, Ed Geary, Dakota Graciani, Travis Hutten, Andy Parsons, Robert Aronhalt, John Wheeler, Jon Gamery, Josh Ramirez, John Reihl, Kevin Hook, Wayne Newbury, Brice Berger, Zack Hershey, Kevin Markey, Thomas Mendiola, Roger Parsons, Robert Lapp